HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop Setup and Configuration

spectre 13-v111dx configure

HP Spectre 13-V111DX Specs

Experience the elegant and spectacular HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop. With the stunning and ultra-thin FHD display. Swipe your fingers on the display to move to the apps with the help of the touchscreen display. Use the system in dark room with the help of backlit technology. Due to its slim display, it is compact and easily portable.

  • Intel Core i5-8250U processor
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connection
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Energy star certified laptop

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

It comes with 8GB onboard memory and can extend up to 16 GB.

intel processor

Use i5-8250U processor with 1.6GHz speed and with 6MB cache.

laptop battery

4 cell Li-ion polymer battery can be used up to 11 hours and 15 minutes.

best laptop display

13.3”inch diagonal FHD display with micro-edge WLED.

Driver Download & Configuration Support

A Driver is necessary for a system. When you install the driver, it is mandatory to check if the driver is compatible with the operating system. Updating the driver should be done it avoids the frequent bugs in the system. You can do the update if any notification is available in the system. Enable the notification icon to get the updates about the HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop drivers. While installing, ensure that the connection is stable. In case you need any details regarding the driver, get our technical support.


HP Spectre13-V111DX Laptop top issues

laptop bios recovering

 Recovering the BIOS

Recently launched laptops contain an emergency BIOS recovery feature. It permits to recover and install the used version of the BIOS from the hard drive. But the hard disk should be in good working condition. Try to download a replacement BIOS file. After downloading the file, get the downloaded file from the Downloads folder. Make use of the HP BIOS Update and Recovery to transfer all stored files to the recovery flash drive. In case of further information, connect with our technical support team.

 Updating the BIOS

Prior to updating the BIOS , it is necessary to deactivate the BitLocker. In case you do not do so, you may loss certain data or reinstall the operating system . Gather the product number of the system. Make sure that the system has an active internet connection. To start the update process, search the current BIOS version and processor type. Download the HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop BIOS updates from our website. Once you have downloaded, click on the file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

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 About UEFI and the Startup Menu

  1. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface(UEFI) is firmware code that is inbuilt on your motherboard to provide extra functionality.
  2. You can work or do things with the computer before the operating system is fully loaded. The features work in graphics menu.
  3. To access the UEFI application, start up menu is required. Switch on the system. To open the Startup menu, press the ESC key repeatedly.
  4. The startup menu contains the system information, Boot Device options, BIOS Setup, System recovery, Network Boot options for HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop.

HP Product Recycling

  1. The HP-designed products can be easily upgraded and recycled. It recycles the packaging materials and final products.
  2. You can return and recycle programs are available with the HP products. Based on the country/region, recycling process varies.
  3. You can recycle toner and ink cartridges, monitors, printers,e tc. This process is available in various countries.
  4. Return the used HP products to the authorized retailers or to the collection sites or mail to HP for recycling.

 Installing the Latest Version of Windows 10

Installing the Windows operating system can be done automatically as well as manually. Using the Windows Update, installation is done automatically to its latest version. You can download it manually with the help of the Windows Update software for HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop setup. On the Windows Update screen, select the Check for Updates option and click OK. Once the download is completed, select the Restart Now option. While downloading, make sure that the internet connection is stable .

spectre 13 windows 10 install

 Windows 10 Product Activation

The operating system is pre-installed in the HP Spectre 13 laptop. You need to activate it and then start working in the laptop. To start the activation, connect the laptop to the internet connection. Once the connection is established, activation starts automatically. In certain cases, you need to do the activation process again, at that time, key in the activation key provided. For more details about the activation, call our customer support team.

 Understanding and Using Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the latest version of the operating system launched by Microsoft. It has a user-friendly interface which makes the users work without paying attention to the surroundings. While using the Windows 10 on HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop, you need certain guidance on how to use all menus in it. All these are provided in the Get help app. There are certain inbuilt apps which is very helpful for the users.

 Creating And Using A Microsoft Recovery USB Drive (Windows 10)

Use the Recover USB Drive to start the system in case you have any issue with the operating system. It contains Windows system recovery tool that recovers the operating system when it encounters any issues. You need to connect the USB drive to the system. In the system, find the Create a recovery drive option and select it. Make sure that the USB drive has enough space to copy all the recovery files. Insert the USB drive in the Windows to reset your HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop.

spectre 13 usb flash drive

 Computer Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware (Windows 10, 8)

  1. When you are using the system, it suddenly shows certain files in different file formats. It indicates that the system is virus-infected. This virus slows down the system performance. Unresponsive screen is one of the indications. To remove the virus, you need to install the antivirus software.
  2. It is best to use a licensed software. In case you are downloading a free software, ensure that you have downloaded it from a trusted website. For a Windows 10 or Windows 8, it has a pre-installed Windows Defender software.Do not run any programs in case the installation is in progress.
  3. Once you have installed the software, try to reboot the system. When you turn on the system , enable the safe mode. Scan the system in the safe mode. This is done to avoid the loss of data in the HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop system. In case you do it in normal mode, a hidden virus cannot be removed . After scanning, viruses are removed.
  4. It takes several hours for the initial scan process based on the files in the system. Update the virus frequently if any notifications are available on the screen. After updating, various new features will be available . This makes the scanning process efficient and provides better performance for the system.

Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Special Keys (Windows)

When you are using a system , try to use the shortcut keys available. These keys make your work easy and simple. When you want to switch between the applications, press the ALT+TAB button simultaneously. Maximize the screen with the help of Windows +Down arrow key. Get quick access to the keys.

Keyboard and TouchPad or ClickPad Troubleshooting

When the keypad or touchpad in the HP Spectre 13-V111DX Laptop does not respond to your clicks, an issue has occurred. Restarting the system can solve the issue. Upgrade the keyboard driver. Do a component test, if the test fails, an error code appears. Call our technical team to get the solution for the error code.

Laptop Trackpad Issue