Acer A315 51 380t Laptop Setup Guidance

acer a315 51 380t configure

Acer a315 51 380t Specs

Acer A315 51 380t Laptop is a suitable choice for home as well as professional purpose. The stylish and compact design grabs the eyes of the customer. The matte finish display makes it convenient to view photos and movies. Use the laptop in comfort zone that filters out the blue-light from the system. Achieve your working and other requirements using this laptop. This compact design and light weight make it easily portable.

  • Intel Core i3-7100U
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 15.6”inch display
  • 1TB hard drive

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

Standard 4GB RAM is used and extend the RAM size to 12 GB.

intel processor

Use the Intel Core i3-7100 U processor with a 2.4GHz high speed.

laptop battery

Use the 2-cell Li-ion battery with more than 6 hours of battery life.

best laptop display

Connect the system to either Wireless or Wired network.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

A driver is a software that allows to communicate between the system and operating system. Connect the peripheral device to the system and then install the driver for it. In case the driver is not installed, the system notifies to install the driver immediately on Acer A315 51 380t Laptop. In certain cases, downloading the driver from the website can be done. In case the installation stops abruptly, download the suitable driver for the system depending on the OS version. While downloading, do not turn off the system. Maintain a stable internet connection to complete the download process. Ensure the download process is done properly. Get the files from the Download folder.

Prior to installing the driver, make necessary changes in the configuration and driver settings based on the user’s requirement. Choose the Custom option . This is done to avoid the installation of unwanted apps in the system.Click on the file to start the installation process. Make sure that you update the driver . Enable the notification icon to get the update details. Updating the driver fixes the bugs in the system and increases the system performance.


Manual Support

A Manual contains the instructions and specifications about the Acer Aspire A315 laptop. These instructions help to set up the laptop with ease and troubleshoot the system related issues. Avail the hard copy in the shipment box. In case you have lost the manual, get the soft copy of it from this website. Find the Manual Download option from this website. Click on it to get the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop manual downloaded. Once the manual is downloaded, move to the Downloads folder to access it. In case you are unable to open it, examine if the supported application is installed in the system. If not, install the updated version of the application in the system.

The user manual has all sorts of information about the laptop. The information is the specification, set up and maintenance. In the manual, it contains safety precaution section. After the downloading process, search for the required topic in the manual. The types of guide are available setup guide and quick guide. Choose the guide based on your requirement. In case you have certain issues while downloading or setting up the system, feel free to call our technical support team.

Acer A315 51 380t Laptop Top Issues

acer a315 51 380t won't turn on

Acer A315 51 380t Won’t Turn ON

Examine if the battery is dead. If so, charge the battery with the help of the AC adapter. It is advised to use the charge cable that came with the printer’s shipment box. Third party charge cable can result in system issues. In case the battery is full, uninstall the external devices connected to the system. This is to examine if they are the reason for the issue. Unplug the power cable and take out the battery from the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop. Wait a minute and then connect the power cable to turn it on again.

Acer A315 51 380t Laptop Black Screen

In case the laptop displays a black screen, this implies that the system is virus infected. Download and run the antivirus software on the system. This removes the virus in the system. Ensure that all data in the system are not corrupted. After a while, examine if the laptop is in on state and press the FR key continuously until you observe a menu on the screen. Choose the Repair option under the menu. Click the OK button and then select the Next option until you view a screen. On the screen, choose the Recovery Management option. This option offers to revert to the factory settings.

How to Restart Acer A315 51 380t Laptop

Restarting the Windows is done when the system is not responding to the applications. Press the Restart button for a while on the CPU. After a while restart process starts automatically. In certain cases, due to system issues restarting is done without your knowledge. But, the system displays a message on the screen “Would you like to restart Windows now? ”. Press the Yes option to start the process . In case you are unable to do so, follow the methods given below.

Prior to doing the restarting, save all the data in the system. Click the Start button on Acer A315 51 380t Laptop. View the Shutdown button on the menu. On the menu, select the Restart option from the pop-up menu. Press the ALT+DELETE+CTRL keys at a time. View a window that displays Shut down option . Press the Down arrow to move to the restart option. Click on it. Press the OK button on the screen to confirm your choice. After a while, the restart process starts again. For more details, call our customer support team.

How to Reboot Acer A315 51 380t Laptop

If you are experiencing any issue with the Windows system, one of the main solutions is to boot the Windows in safe mode. It is advised to boot up the operating system in safe mode to load the important files and drivers of the system. This is one of the ways to examine if the issue is originated from the basic level. Click the Start button. View the Power button on the left corner of the screen. Click on it. Press and Hold the Shift key while restarting. Select Troubleshoot-> Advanced options-> Startup settings.

Select the Restart option under the Startup Settings menu. This is done to make sure that the system restarts. With the help of the up and arrow keys, select the Enable Safe mode with Networking. In case you are not able to sign into the screen, it is suggested to use a Windows 10 Recovery Drive. Boot up the recovery drive. Select the Troubleshoot option. Under the Troubleshoot option, choose the Advanced options. On the Advanced options, press the F8 key continuously to boot up the system again.

Other Related Laptop Models

Acer Aspire One Factory Reset

It is suggested to store your files in an external hard drive prior to formatting it. If you are attempting to change the OS or the files are corrupted, make use of the Acer eRecovery Management application to erase all confidential data from the drive. In case you configure the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop system, delete all files on the drive. Move to the Start option. Under the Start menu, click the All Programs option. Select the Acer Empowering Technology-> Acer eRecovery Management. Click the Restore option. On the Restore screen, select the Restore System to Factory Default. Wait for the system to restart and to start the Recovery Utility. This is done to return to the factory settings.

acer a315 51 380t reset

How to Reset Password

There are various ways to reset the password for your system without any miss in your data. To reset the Acer password for your Windows operating system, so it via another administrator account.Ensure that all account details about the administrator are known. Click the Start button. Key in lusrmgr.msc on the Run box and then click Enter. Under the Users, right-click on your user account which you intend to reset the password. Click Set password. Type a new password and then press OK.

How to Reset Acer Aspire without Password

In case you do not have a repair disc, press the ALT+F10 buttons to reset the laptop without the help of password. Press and hold the Power key for a while to turn off the system. Press the ALT+F10 keys simultaneously until the Acer logo appears on the screen. Wait for the option screen to display. Click the Troubleshoot option. In case you are using a Windows 10 OS, select the Reset your Acer A315 51 380t Laptop. Select the Remove everything option to wipe all the data. Then click Restart to start the laptop.

Acer Aspire changing Hard Drive Issue

When you have installed a non-functional hard disk in the system, it prevents the system to start the boot up process. It does not respond to the associated programs. Turn off the laptop by pressing the Power button. Unplug the connection cable. Take out the battery from its slot. You can find a small panel at the right of the battery. Unscrew them and take out the hard disk from it. Insert the functioning hard disk into the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop.

acer aspire hard driver change

 Acer A315 51 380t Aspire Overheating Issues

  1. When you are using the Acer laptop for a long period of time, the overheating issue occurs. Using multiple tabs while browsing can lead to this issue. We have to find out the cause of the issue. Examine if there are constant air flow and heat transfer in the laptop. Locate the air vents on the laptop.
  2. If there is any dust in the air vents, clean it with the help of a clean and damp cloth. The dust blocks the air flow. So, make sure that you clean it regularly. The internal fans can also be the reason for the issue. The internal fan reduces the heat in the system. Dust or debris in it slows down the performance.
  3. Clean the fan and then examine if the issue still continues. If the issue persists, check if the battery is faulty. These issues reduce the lifespan of the system components. The faulty battery should be replaced with a new one. Move to the other components .Check the dusty hard drive in the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop .
  4. In certain cases, the issue occurs when there is no major load in the CPU. Try to clean the hard drivers, processor and RAM to get rid of the dust or debris in them. If the issue is overloading the CPU, reduce the load. This solves the issue immediately. For more assistance, get guidance from our technical team.

 Acer Aspire Wireless Connection Issues

In case the system encounters wireless connection issues, start with the basic solution. Examine if the wireless icon is turned on. Move the system and the router close to attain the strong signal strength. Corrupted files in the system lead to connection issues. Remove them and connect the laptop to the wireless network.

 Acer Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

Check if the Airplane mode is enabled. If so, disable it. Type the network name and password properly in the respective fields. Mistakes in it lead to the Acer A315 51 380t Laptop issue. Make sure that the system is not connected to a public network. Uninstall and reinstall the updated driver to fix the issue.

acer a315 51 380t wireless connection problems