Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop Setup & Troubleshooting

aspire a315 51 51sl configure

Aspire A315 51 51sl Specs

Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop is a sleek design laptop with a slim display. Enjoy a comfort zone when working with this laptop which filters out the eye-straining blue light. With the Full HD screen, view crisp and vibrant colors. Get a consistent wireless signal with the help of the 802.11 ac wireless antenna. Store large amount of your confidential data using the 1TB hard drive space. Due to the light-weight, it can be easily portable.

  • Intel Core i5-7200U
  • 2-cell 4810 mAh Li-ion
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 1TB hard drive

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

It comes with a 6GB RAM and extends the SRAM up to 12 GB.

intel processor

It has an Intel Core i5-7200U processor with the 2.5GHz speed.

laptop battery

2-cell Lithium-ion battery offers more than 6 hours of battery life.

best laptop display

Enjoy the 15.6” inch display with 1366*768 resolution.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

A driver acts an intermediate between the system and the operating system. Most peripheral devices connected to the system require a driver to function properly. When you install the driver, examine whether it is compatible with the operating system. In case it is incompatible, the issue occurs. You can download the driver based on the version of the operating system. While downloading, ensure that the internet connection is stable. An unstable connection can lead to corrupted files. Keep a note that you do not turn off the system during the download process. It is suggested to keep the driver up to date when they are available.

Enable the notification icon in your Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop to get the updates. After downloading, the downloaded file is stored in the Downloads folder. Click the Download file to start the installation process. In case the installation fails, do the process again. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process again. In case you need any remote assistance or guidance, get guidance from our experts. Our technical experts will surely guide you about the installation process and driver information.


Manual Support

The User Guide or manual provides relevant information regarding the Aspire 315 laptop. It provides on how to set up the laptop without any assistance. You can get the hard copy of the manual along with the shipment box. A brief description of various components is provided in it. Get the specifications regarding the laptop on the hard copy. If you have lost it, don’t worry, download the soft copy from our website. Move to our website. Find the user manual link for the Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop by providing the model number. Click the link to get the manual to get downloaded. View the manual in the downloads folder.

Most manuals are available in the PDF format. Ensure that you have installed the application to open the manual. In case you have not installed it, try to install it. At the same time, make sure that do not turn off the system while downloading. You can get the step by step instructions about the laptop from this manual. In case you need any assistance regarding the download process, get support from our technical support team. They provide you detailed information about the download process.

Acer Aspire a315 51 51sl laptop Top Issues

acer a315 51 51sl wont turn on

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

Verify whether the battery is installed properly into its slot. If not, install it properly. Make sure that the pins are not bent while installing the battery. In certain cases, it is best to do a battery reset. Unplug the power cable adapter. Find the battery pin hole on the computer’s bottom. Wait for 4 seconds by holding the reset button. Connect the adapter and turn on the system. Check whether there is any physical damage to the laptop.

Acer Aspire Laptop Black Screen

When you are turning on the Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop, it suddenly shows a black screen after the Acer logo is displayed. This happens when the system is virus infected. To remove the virus, install the licensed antivirus software in the system. After the installation, it automatically removes the virus. Try to update the BIOS if any available. Power on the laptop by pressing the Power button. Press the F8 key continuously for a while. You can view a menu on the display screen. Click Repair -> OK. Choose the Recovery Management option to back up your files. In case you do not do so, data stored in the device gets deleted.

How to Restart Acer Laptop

While you are facing problems with your laptop, restarting the system is one of the best option to solve the issue. Turning off the device may result in data loss or corrupted files. In case you mouse is not working properly, use the keyboard buttons to power down. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. In case you do not have a Windows logo button on your keyboard, press type the CTRL +ESC button at a time.

Press the R key to choose the Restart option. Press the OK button to confirm the choice. After pressing the Enter button, restart process gets started. Another method is to press the Alt and F4 button at a time to close the running programs. Press the button again on Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop. You can view the display menu. Use the down arrow to choose the Restart option and then press the Enter key. The last option is to press the ALT+CTRL+DELETE button at a time. You will be able to see a screen. Press the down arrow to select the Restart option. Press the Enter button to initiate the restart process.

How to Reboot Acer A315 51 51sl laptop

Save and store all the data in the system to an external device such a disk, flash drive or hard drive. Ensure that all the programs are closed and then shut down the laptop by accessing the Start menu. Unplug all the external hardware in the system such as a printer or an external hard disk. After unplugging them, press the Power button to boot the laptop. To start the Boot up process, press the ALT+F10 buttons simultaneously . View the Boot up screen. Wait a while for the Windows to load the reset files.

Choose the Restore System from factory default option in the Acer eRecovery Management window. Click the Next option to continue. Select the Next option in the destination window. You will receive a notification from the system that by resetting the Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl laptop, all data gets erased and restore the data to its original factory settings and configuration. Press the OK option to move to the resetting your laptop. Wait for a moment for the laptop to reset to factory settings.

Other Related Laptop Models

Acer Aspire one Factory Reset

The Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop contains a software to create a back up of the hard drive and to reinstall the operating system. You can format the hard drive and move back to the factory settings option. Make use of the Acer eRecovery Management application to wipe all data from the drive . It is also used to restore the operating system when the Windows is corrupted. On the Windows, press the Start button->All Programs-> Acer Empowering Technology. On the screen, press Acer eRecovery Management. Select the Restore option. Choose the Restore System to Factory Default.The system starts the rebooting process. Press Yes twice to return to the factory state.

acer aspire a315 51 51sl reset

How to Reset Password

In case you have an account with admin privileges, you can easily reset the password on Windows operating system. It has an inbuilt or default admin account in the system. Sign in into the system with the help of the Acer account and password. On the Start menu, type the lusrmgr.msc in the Run and Press the Enter key. On the Users, right-click a user account where you intend to reset the password and choose the Set password option . Enter the new password and confirm it again by pressing OK.

How to Reset Acer Aspire Without Password

THe Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop Recovery disc is one of the unique methods to reset the system without the help of the password. As the method suggested, a disc is usually used for this process. An external optical drive is necessary for this method. Connect the drive to the USB port. Press the F2 button to enter the BIOS. Use the Arrow option to move to the Boot or Advanced BIOS feature. Insert the disc. Press F10 to store the changes made. Using the Recovery disc you can reboot the laptop by pressing the Enter option.

Acer Aspire changing Hard Drive Issue

After changing the hard drive, you may not be able to recognize it. In certain cases, the system starts to hang or booting process stops in the middle of the process. This issue occurs due to the manufacturers. They may have sold it without testing it. In such cases, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. Ensure that the disc is still under the warranty period. In certain cases, overheating in the system results in hard drive issue. Ensure that sufficient cooling is available in the Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop.

acer aspire a315 51 51sl hard drive

Acer Aspire Overheating Issues

  1. Overheating of the system may lead to slow performance and hard disk failure. The main reason for the issue is the dust accumulated in the ports or fan. The performance is decreased due to the reduce in CPU clock speed. This is because the system wants to escape from the excess heat pressure.
  2. The most important solution to do is to clean the fan that offers cooling to the CPU and graphics card. When the dust is accumulated, it slows down and blocks the airflow. Prior to cleaning, shut down the system, remove the battery from its slot and unplug the charger from the AC adapter.
  3. Dip a cloth in alcohol. Use the clean and damp cloth to clean the fan. Before reconnecting the fan, make sure that the alcohol is completely evaporated. You can also make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the fan. Ensure that you place the laptops on a flat or even surface.
  4. After doing all the above steps, place the battery in its slot. Turn on the system by pressing the Power button. In case the is not charge in the Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop, pug in the charger and then connect to the AC adapter. In case the issue still continues, get guidance from our technical experts to fix it.

 Acer Aspire Wireless Connection Issues

Verify whether the network name and password entered are proper. In case any issue in the credentials may lead to the wireless connection issue. Keep all metal objects away from the router to attain the maximum signal strength. Ensure that the system is not connected to the guest network on Acer Aspire A315 51 51sl Laptop.

Acer Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

In case the Airplane mode is enabled in the system, it does not detect any wireless network in surroundings. Disable it to view the networks. An outdated driver can lead to connection issues. Update the driver which helps to solve the issue. In case the issue persists, get guidance from our technical team to fix it.