Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop Setup

aspire s3 391 6448 configure

Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Specs

The Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop includes many features that suit your needs. Its elegant design will amaze you. You can easily carry it anywhere and it fits any workplace. The connectivity options include Bluetooth and wireless network. It supports Windows 8 Operating System. The laptop provides all the new experiences in a pocket-friendly budget. Further specifications about the RAM, processor, laptop display and battery is given below.

  • A 13.3″ screen display
  • Intel Core i3 (2nd Generation) Processor
  • RAM has a 4GB memory
  • A 3-cell lithium-ion battery

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The storage capacity of the RAM helps to handle huge tasks and multimedia works.

intel processor

The speed of the processor is 1.5 GHz that lets you surf the net, watch videos and more

laptop battery

The laptop can stay without charge for 5.5 hours without interrupting your task.

best laptop display

It has an integrated graphics. The display is comfortable to watch videos, complete your projects and more.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

An appropriate driver helps in the smooth functioning of your laptop. It forms a major source of communication between your laptop and hardware. The compatible driver helps webcam to properly function on your laptop. If you do not have the driver, download it for your laptop from this website at free of cost. If you do not know the model number of your laptop, search for it in the manual or behind your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop. Another method to find the model number is to go to Start menu, click Accessories and select System Information. This will show the information about your laptop including the model number.

To download the driver from this website, go to the Download section and search for the driver. Make sure it is the correct driver based on the model number of your laptop. Follow the prompts that appear on the screen to install the driver properly. After the download process completes, the hardware will function properly. Go to the downloads folder of your laptop to access the driver. For Windows, you will find the driver file in .exe format.


Manual Support

There are basically 3 set of guides in using your Acer laptop without any difficulty. Refer the Setup Guide to set up your laptop for the first-time. Refer the Quick Guide to know the about the basic features and functions of your laptop. The User Manual will have numerous topics. It includes information on system utilities, configuring the network connection, data recovery, downloading the software and troubleshooting guidelines for your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop. The user manual is beneficial to all users. The manual also includes the general regulations and safety precautions to be taken before setting up your laptop.

Check if you have the manual that came with your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop. If you do not have, download it from this website. After downloading the manual, search for the topic to complete the task. We have provided solutions for various issues on this website. The instructions are easy to understand and simple to follow. Read them thoroughly before calling a technician if you face any issue. If the issues occur frequently, call us on the Toll-free number. Our support team is here to help you.

Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop Top Issues

acer aspire won't turn on

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

The first step is to check if a dead battery is not the reason for the issue. Connect the AC adapter on both ends if your Acer laptop is only running on battery power. Unplug any external devices such as a mouse or a USB device. This is to ascertain that they are not the cause of the issue. Unplug the power cable and remove the battery from the laptop. Wait for sometime and place the battery back into the laptop. Connect the power cable and try turning the laptop on again.

Acer Aspire Laptop Black Screen

When you start your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop and it shows a black screen, it denotes that you may have a virus. Run malware software if you do not require the data that is stored on your laptop. Make sure the laptop is on and continue tapping the F8 key. This will display a menu. Click the Repair option and select OK and Next until you get to a screen where you choose Recovery Management. This make sure that you restore the system to factory defaults but it also deletes all your data.

How to Restart Acer Aspire Laptop

In certain conditions, restarting Windows is automatic. A prompt Would you like to restart Windows now? displays. Select the Yes button. In case you are unable to restart automatically, the first step is to save your work and close all your programs and select the Start button. If you have a Windows Vista version, click the triangle next to the Padlock icon and click Restart from the pop-up menu. If you have a Windows XP version, select the Turn Off Computer button and then click the Restart button in the window.

If you have a Windows 8 and 10 version, press F8 to enter Safe Mode. Press the F4 key to enable Safe Mode. In order to enable Safe Mode with Networking, press the F5 key. Note that the F6 key will start Windows in Safe Mode with a Command Prompt window instead of the Windows interface. To sign into your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop, type the account name and password. Exit Safe Mode after the troubleshooting process completes.

How to Reboot Acer Aspire Laptop

One of the first steps to troubleshoot if you face any issue with your Windows is to boot into Windows Safe Mode. This mode will usually load the essential files and drivers of the OS. In short, this is an easy way to eliminate as many variables as possible and to make sure that the issue does not originate at the most basic level. Click Start and press the Power button. Ensure you hold down the Shift key when you click Restart. Select Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Startup Settings.

In the Startup Settings screen, select the Restart button to reboot your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the Enable Safe Mode or Enable Safe Mode with Networking option. In case you are unable to go to the login screen, it shows that you need a Windows 10 Recovery Drive. Once you boot the Recovery Drive and select your keyboard layout. Now, click Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Command Prompt. Make sure you press and release F8 until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.

Other Related Laptop Models

Acer Aspire one Factory Reset

Prior to formatting the hard drive, backup your files. Use the Acer eRecovery Management application prior to selling the netbook or restoring the OS if Windows has been corrupted. On resetting the Acer Aspire One, it will remove all the files on the drive. Before restoring the Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop, backup all critical data. Open Start –> All Programs –> Acer Empowering Technology and select Acer eRecovery Management. Make sure you select Restore and click Restore System to Factory Default. The laptop will restart and boot into the recovery utility. When prompted, click the Yes option. Click the Yes option again to change the Acer Aspire One to its factory state.

acer aspire s3 391 6448 factory reset

How to Acer Aspire Reset Password

Do you want to reset the password on your Acer laptop? To reset Acer password easily on your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP using another administrator account, first, login Acer laptop with a user account that has admin privileges. Now, click Start and type lusrmgr.msc in the Run box. Press Enter and go to Users, right-click a user account for which you want to reset the password and select the Set password option. Type a new password. To confirm, enter it again and select OK.

How to Reset Acer Aspire without Password

If you have a Windows 7 version on your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop, use the Acer eRecovery management. This will permit you to restore Acer Aspire to factory defaults. Turn on your laptop and press F2 when the initial screen shows to enter BIOS. With the help of Arrow key, navigate to the Main tab and enable D2D Recovery. Press F10 to save the changes you made and exit. Hold Alt key and press the F10 key repeatedly after exiting BIOS. Click the Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults option.

Acer Aspire changing Hard Drive issue

If you find the files and folders becoming corrupt, it can prevent you from accessing it. It will also cause the complete system to freeze. Sometimes, a virus attack can erase hard disk data or make the system files corrupt. This can ultimately contribute to mechanical failure. The solutions to fix the issue are to update your OS on a regular basis, run the new version of antivirus program and replace the hard drive after 3-4 years of use etc.

acer aspire s3 391 6448 laptop changing hard drive

Acer Aspire Overheating Issues

  1. Generally, to stay cool enough to operate, laptops need to blow out hot air and suck in cool air. Always keep your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop on a completely smooth, firm surface, like a desk or table. This will permit your laptop to regulate its temperature naturally.
  2. Clean the fans in your laptop to make sure that they don’t stop working. Before cleaning your laptop, turn it off completely, unplug it from the charger and remove the battery. Wipe the laptop with a clean, lint-free cloth to remove any dust or debris.
  3. Your laptop will overheat when it is overworked. Always close the applications or tabs that you are not currently using. To check what processes are using up resources, press Control, Shift and Escape on a Windows laptop. If anything is using an inordinate amount of resources, close it down.
  4. If you need to consistently run multiple processes, add some cooling power. Laptop stands help to keep the laptop cool by increasing ventilation and additional fans. If the above solutions fail to resolve the overheating issue, get your laptop repaired.

Acer Aspire Wireless Connection Issues

If your Acer Aspire S3 391 6448 Laptop faces any wireless connection issues, check the basic connections, i.e., check the cable connection or Laptop settings. Sometimes missing or corrupt or outdated drivers lead to this issue. In such cases, download the latest driver. Also, try to connect using another device.

Acer Aspire Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

When you face this issue, press the wireless LAN communication button or slide its switch to the On position. Select the network icon in the notification area on Windows. Choose your wireless network and select the Connect option. Type the Wi-Fi password and click Enter to connect to the network.

acer aspire s3 391 6448 laptop wont connect to- wifi