Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop Setup & Troubleshooting

acer cb5 132t c8zw configure

Acer cb5 132t c8zw Specs

The Acer Cb5 132t C8zw laptop is splendidly designed as a stylish touchscreen Chromebook. This laptop has a dual-torque hinge which lets your touchscreen to rotate on the way to 360 degrees and stay wobble-free when you tap and scroll. This becomes more or less like a tablet fun. You can configure it as a stand-up display or a tent-shaped display so that you can place it on a window sill wherever you want to watch videos on the wide-angle screen.

  • DDR3L 4 GB standard memory
  • Intel Celeron N3060 1.6 GHz dual-core
  • 3-cell 3490 mAh Li-om battery
  • 11.6” HD resolution multi-touch screen

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

System RAM has plenty of DDRL 4GB standard memory runs with the operating system Chrome OS.

intel processor

Intel Celeron N3060 1.6 GHz dual-core processor integrated with HD Graphics with the storage of 16GB flash drive.

laptop battery

36 Wh, 3200 mAh Lithium-Polymer, 3-cell battery with a good build quality and easy serviceability.

best laptop display

11.6 inch HD, 1366 x 768-pixel resolution multi-touch screen with IPS technology and glossy finish.

Laptop Configuration Support

Acer Chrome OS Download

The Chrome OS is specially made for Chromebooks. These Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop are constructed to be in a lightweight, and simple and gets regular updates straightly from the Google. Chromebooks are nothing but they are a total package of the simple operating system with Chrome OS. All computer’s hardware might not work properly but the Chromebook hardware works fine with Chrome OS. This OS has built on an open-source project called Chromium OS. You can install the Chromium OS by yourself on your computer. The Neverware company make use of this open-source code and creates Neverware CloudReady.

Switch on your Chromebook and set your language settings. Connet it to the wireless network for the Internet connection and accept the term of service. Create a new Google Account if you don’t have. If not, browse as a guest. Enter the username and password to sign in to the Google account. Click the Launcher icon and select All Apps or type Web Store. Click on the Web Store. Select the apps that you want to download and click Add to Chrome. This opens a verification window. Click Add to download and install the app.


Acer Chromebook Manual

If you want to check the user guide to get quick help or tips, you can join the Chromebook community on Google. Both Chrome OS as well as Chromebooks, are concepts where you can find more about the operating system and the device. Some people get stuck with new features during their first few hours with a new Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop. Use your Google account to operate the Chrome OS. Our Chromebook manual provides you information about the first time setup and clear description of the Chrome OS desktop. This manual also contains Tips and Tricks on various apps that are installed in Chromebook.

Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop

Sometimes you might want to do a factory reset for certain unsolved issues. This process removes all your personal information and settings. The complete resetting of your Chromebook is termed as “Powerwashing”. When you finish the powerwashing process, your Chromebook looks like as if you are newly purchased including the pre-installed apps. In your Chromebook, if you want to powerwash, select Status in the in the lower-right corner of the screen. Go to Settings and select Powerwash. Click Restart. Remeber powerwashing erases all the data and settings from your hard drive. Backup your data on the external hard drive or move it to Google Drive and wait to sync.

acer cb5 132t c8zw factory reset

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

The Chromebook does not turn on or the screen appears blank even when you press the power button. Check your Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop whether it runs out of battery. Plug the charger into the outlet and confirm whether all the plugs are secured well. Touch the bottom of your computer and check whether it is overheated. By default, the heat produced won’t turn on the Chromebook. Or else, try a hard rest. Hold the refresh button and simultaneously press the power button.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

If the laptop shows a black screen, light the bright flashlight on the screen. Check whether you can see anything. If you are able to see, then the backlight might be disconnected or burned out. When you see the screen completely black, try to press the Brightness_up key or F7 key for several times. Make sure it doesn’t stuck the F8 or the Brightness_down keys in a pressed position. If this happens, press Ctrl+full_screen key or F4 key. Plug and check the HDMI cable into other devices.

how to restart acer laptop

how to reboot acer laptop

how to reset password

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

how to restart acer laptop

To restart the Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop, you can sign out from the Google account or put it to sleep and turn off. Tap on your account photo and click Sign out. This lets you sign out from the Google account. Or else, go to Settings and enable the option Sleep when the lid is closed. When your Chromebook is on, save the battery power by closing the lid to put it to sleep. Press the power button when the Chromebook is converted into a tablet. First, to turn off your Chromebook click on your account photo and then press the power button. Second, again tap on your account photo, select Sign out and then click Turn off. Third, press the power key and hold it at least 3 seconds to turn off the Chromebook.

how to reboot acer laptop

Shut down your Chromebook. After few minutes, press the power button to switch on your Chromebook. Once the Acer laptop begins, press an F8 key repeatedly until the boot-up screen appears. Select the start-up option using the arrow keys. This option might vary from Standard Boot, Boot in Safe Mode, and Boot from CD. However, you can reboot your computer to a Standard method or Safe Mode depending on the requirement. Safe Mode runs the minimum required hardware to keep your computer awake. It is helpful when you are trying to remove files that are lock-protected. Click Enter when you select the reboot format. The Acer laptop begins boot in the method you have selected.

how to reset password

The Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop is already protected with your Google account password. To reset forgotten Chromebook password, you need to reset your Google account password first. Log in to your account. Under the security section, select Update recovery options. From the drop-down list, select your country and click Save. Open the password assistance page from the Google website and enter your username. After you verify, select the option to receive the password through text message and tap Continue. Check your mobile and enter the recovery code. Click Submit and type your new password. An alternate method is you can try a factory reset to your Chromebook using Powerwash option.

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

Turn on your Chromebook and click on the status area. Check the Wi-Fi icon is switched on to verify whether the Chromebook is connected to the network. If the Wi-Fi icon is not in on position, it proves your Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop is not connected. Turn on your Wi-Fi router. Now click on the Wi-Fi icon and select No network. Again click on the Wi-Fi On symbol or enable the Wi-Fi icon. Your Chromebook automatically searches for available network and displays in a list. Whenever you turn on the Wi-Fi your Chromebook looks for a network to connect to. If you see the Wi-Fi still not connected, you have to check your Wi-Fi signal source. Maybe you need to contact the staffs of network company.

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How to Screenshot on Acer Chromebook

To capture a screenshot of everything that you see on the Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop screen, hold the Ctrl key and press the Switch window key. The latter button is situated in the top row between the Full-screen button and Brightness down button. Press both the buttons. This displays the notification in the bottom corner of the screen. The screenshot image is stored in the Downloads folders by default. To capture a partial screenshot, hold the Ctrl + Shift button at once and then press the Switch window button. Select and drag across the image you want to save.

how to record video on acer cb5 132t c8zw

Acer Chromebook Hard Reset

Acer Chromebook supports a hard reset in two ways. First, do a hard reset using the keyboard shortcut keys. Log out of your Chromebook. Press and hold the key combinations Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R. Select Restart option to restart the Chromebook. This opens a dialog box. Select Reset button and sign in to your Google account. Follow the instructions that appear in the box. Second, do a hard using the Settings menu. Log in to your Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop and tap on the status area on the account picture. Go to Settings and click Show advanced settings. Under the Powerwash section, select Reset. Tap Restart button in the box and sign in to your Google account and follow the instructions in the box.

How to Record Video on Acer Chromebook

Acer Chromebook supports video recording using the webcam. Just select the Record via Webcam button and enable the access to your webcam. Or else, go to Chrome Web Store and enter Clipchamp in the search box. You can also visit the website Select the app and click Add to Chrome. Install the ClipChamp and launch the app. Sign in to your Clipchamp account and Click Record with Webcam. Enable Clipchamp access to your camera. Select the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the recording screen and select the recording quality. The recorder will open and you can start recording. After recording, click Save to save the video you have downloaded.

How to Print from Acer Chromebook

Make use of the Google Cloud Print Service to send requests to the printer. You can set your printer either using USB cable or wireless network enabled with Cloud Ready printers. Open the Google Chrome app and go to the menu button. Select Settings option and click Manage Cloud Print devices. Select Add printers, and click on the name of your printer from the menu on the left. Select the document that you want to print. Or else, access the Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop Help to find the detailed information about setting the printer. On your keyboard, press the search key and click All Apps. Tap the Get Help icon and select Printing option. You can also print using Google Print available in the menu icon of the Chrome Web browser.

how to print from acer cb5 132t c8zw laptop

How to Connect Printer to Acer Chromebook

Make a note of your printer’s IP address, protocol, and queue. Tap on your account photo and select Settings. Click Advanced option at the bottom. In the Printing dialog box, select Printers. Click Add Printer option and select Add Manually. This option lets you add a printer to your Chromebook manually. Now enter the printer information. In the Name box, type the name of your printer. Enter your printer’s IP address in the Address box. Type the connection protocol as IPP in the Protocol box. Enter the queue as ipp/print in the Queue box. After finishing, click Add button. Select the name of your printer manufacturer and model in a dialog box. Download the printer driver on your laptop and click Add.

Acer Chromebook Antivirus

Acer Chromebook uses the principle called “defense in depth” to give multiple layers of protection. Take precautions to protect your data. The Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop has certain built-in security features. First, one of the most effective ways to protect against malware is Automatic software updates which have the latest security fixes. Second, when you open an application or a web page it runs in a restricted environment called Sandbox. Third, if the malware tries to escape the sandbox, the Chromebook does a self-check called Verified Boot. Fourth, when you are using the web apps, all the data is stored safely in the cloud on a Chromebook. Fifth, use a quick keyboard combination to enter the recovery mode.

How to Install Linux on Acer Chromebook

  1. Save all your important data to Google drive. If you don’t want to lose any file, back them up to the cloud or to another system. After installing the Linux OS, you can put all the files back to the Acer Chromebook. Put your system into developer mode.
  2. Keeping your device on hold the Escape and Refresh keys together and then press the power button. It opens the recovery mode when the Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop turns back on. Hold the Ctrl button and press the D key to open the OS verification menu. Delete all the data and enter into developer mode.
  3. Download the Crouton file from the website and enter the following into the Chromebook terminal and click Enter: sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -e -t unity. If you want to install command-line Linux, enter the following: sudi sh ~/Downloads/crouton -e -t cli-extra.
  4. The command line works on installing the Linux OS. This process takes about 30 to 40 minutes. It asks for three different passwords. First, to set the root password for your laptop. Second, an encryption password for Linux install. Third, username and password for Ubuntu account.

How to Change Language on Acer Chromebook

Adjust the language settings for the device screen and menus and for viewing web pages. Sign in to your Chrome device and select the status area in the lower-right corner on your account picture. Go to Settings menu and select Show advanced settings found at the bottom of the page. Under the Language section, select Language and Input Settings. Tap Add button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window. Click on the language that you prefer and tap OK.

acer cb5 132t c8zw language change

How to Download apps on Acer Chromebook

To download the new app on your Acer Cb5 132t C8zw Laptop, tap the Launcher icon on go to the Web Store. In a new tab, enter the app name and locate the app you want to install in the Search box. View the detailed information by moving the mouse pointer over the app. Select the app you want to download and click Add to Chrome. Again select Add the app to install the selected apps in the Confirm New App window.