Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop Setup and Troubleshooting

Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop

Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Specs

The Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop supports Google Chrome OS. It is a 64-bit computing processor that resides on the laptop. Laptop works both on the keyboard as well as the touchpad. It supports SD Memory card and the MultiMediaCard flash memory. The Intel HD Graphics supports the Graphics Processor. It is completed with the latest 802.11ac wireless featuring MIMO technology and experience 3 times faster performance when your Chromebook is connected to an 802.11ac router.

  • RAM access 4 GB.
  • Intel Pentium processor 1.10 GHz.
  • 15.6-inch screen with Blacklight.
  • Standard Battery of 3270 mAh.

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

Random Access Memory is a computer memory that speeds up-to 1600 MHz randomly.

intel processor

It is a first chrome book with the latest Intel processor based on Broadwell micro-architecture.

laptop battery

The laptop includes 1 Lithium Polymer batteries. A 4 -cell Li-on battery that lasts up to 12-hours for a day.

best laptop display

It is a full HD and a wide screen display. The display featured with the anti-glare a rear-view mirror.

Laptop Configuration Support

Acer Chrome OS Download

The Google Chrome OS is not a standard operating system to download from an internet or buy a disc to install. The only way to get Google Chrome OS is to buy a Chromebook that has a Google Chrome OS installed by the OEM. This OS is developed to run on current machines to increase the security and performance of the system. The Chrome OS updates automatically silently in the background while using the Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop. The system will not make you wait till the updates complete. The Chrome OS upgrades frequently when compare to the other Operating System. Follow the below steps to update the Chrome OS in your Chromebook.

A small arrow icon displays in the lower-right corner of the screen to update the OS. Open the icon to update it immediately or it will update in the background while you use your chromebook. To update manually switch ON your Chromebook and connect it to Wi-Fi. Click Settings. Select Menu and click About Chrome OS. Under Google Chrome OS Click Check for Updates if your chromebook identifies any update it will download automatically. Check the current version under Google Chrome OS.


Acer Chromebook Manual

The Acer Chromebook manual help the users to understand the basic setup to turn ON the Chromebook, sign in to Google account or create a new Google account. Manual guides to set the account picture of your choice. It also explains how to install and remove an app from Chrome OS. Chromebook supports Google Cloud Print service to send the print request to your printer if the printer has Google Cloud Print option. General tips and tricks help the user to create and share documents, start the video chat. Troubleshoot guide helps to resolve all the problems faced in the Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop. To know more in detail refer the manual provided along with your Chromebook.

Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 laptop Top issues

how to factory reset acer laptop

A factory reset deletes all the files on your Chromebook’s hard drive. Before you reset back up all the files to your Google Drive or an external hard drive. Follow the below steps to reset your Chromebook. Sign out the Chromebook. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R. Click Restart. A dialog box opens now. Click Reset and sign in to your Active Google Account. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset. Another step to reset your Chromebook is, sign in to your Chromebook and tap on your account photo. Click Settings and select Advanced menu. In the powerwash section, click Powerwash to open a dialog box. Click Restart and sign in with the Google account. After resetting, check if the problem is fixed.

acer cb5 571 c4g4 factory reset

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

Make sure the battery pack is fixed correctly. If not, remove the battery from your Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop and fix it again. If this solution, do not fix the problem check whether bet pins are placed near the battery. Sometimes, due to the laptop’s internal connections battery fail to detect. In this case, it is best to change the laptop. If the battery is connected correctly and if it does not turn on, connect the power cord to charge the battery. After few minutes, turn on your laptop to check whether the battery holds the charge.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

When you switch ON the laptop the power light flashes but the screen remains black. First, to power off the Chromebook press and hold the power button till the power light switches off. If you are unable to power off wait till the battery runs out and it automatically powers off. If this does not work, switch off the Chromebook and insert a paperclip into the reset hole that is available on the underside of the Chromebook. Press the paperclip in and press power the button.

how to restart acer laptop

how to reboot acer laptop

how to reset password

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

how to restart acer laptop

To sign out your Chromebook click your account photo and click Sign out. If the Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop is not in use for the particular time you can put it into sleep mode to save the battery power. To turn it on again press the power button. To awake your Chromebook, when you are not using click your account photo and select Settings. In the Device section click Power. Choose Keep display on from the drop-down list next to When idle. To wake your Chromebook, open the laptop lid and press any key or swipe the touchpad. To turn off the Chromebook completely click your account photo and press power button. Another method is to click your account photo and click Sign out. Press Turn off.

how to reboot acer laptop

A reboot is a process to restart your laptop after installing a software program, operating system updates, to recover from an error, applications are not responding, and to re-initialize drivers or any hardware device. Follow the below steps to reboot your Chromebook. First, reboot into a recovery. Press ESC + Refresh + Power button. In the recovery, press Ctrl + D to turn off the OS verification. Press Enter to confirm. Wait till you hear two beep sounds then your Chromebook will start to reboot. It erases all the process and reboots one more time. OS verification screen opens, you can wait 30 seconds to move into Chrome OS or press Ctrl + D to skip it.

how to reset password

If you forgot the password or not able to access the Chromebook then resetting the Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop is the only solution to access it again. Press Shift+ Ctrl + Alt button Powerwash command opens. Select Powerwash and click Continue to confirm. Wait for 3 minutes till the laptop resets. Choose the network options and click Continue. Read the Google Chrome’s OS terms and condition. Click Accept and Continue. It takes time to check the latest upgrade and it updates automatically. A box appears to sign in to your Chromebook type your email address and click Next. Type a strong password and click Next. Home screen appears on the laptop. To check the password again lock your Chromebook and sign in with your new password.

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

First, switch on your Chromebook. In the home screen, on the bottom right corner check if the Wi-Fi icon is available. If Wi-Fi is on, then your Chromebook is connected to the network. If the Wi-Fi icon is off, click your account picture and click your Wi-Fi network. Disable the Wi-Fi icon and after few minutes turn it on. Chromebook automatically searches for the available network. Select your Wi-Fi name from the list of the result and type the network password. click Connect. If the Wi-Fi is still not connecting, check your router connection. If still the problem continues resolve it with the connectivity diagnostics toll to determine where the issue occurs.

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How to Screenshot on Acer Chromebook

A screenshot is a digital image that is visible on your Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop. Follow the below steps to take the screenshot in the Chromebook. Taking a screenshot with the keyboard is one of the easier way. To capture the whole screen, press Ctrl+ window switch key that is located in between the full-screen and brightness down button. If using external keyboard press Ctrl + F5. The screenshot saves in the Download folder. To capture the part of the screen press Ctrl + Shift + window switch key. Click and drag the cursor from the screen you wish to capture. For the external keyboard, Press Ctrl + Shift + F5.

screenshot on acer cb5 571 c4g4

Acer Chromebook Hard Reset

If your Chromebook does not reboot then a hard reset is the best solution. A hard reset does not delete any file or document on the Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop and it does not act like restore. To perform hard reset, switch off your Chromebook. Hold the refresh and the power button concurrently for about five seconds. Release the button once the laptop starts to restart. If it does not restart, check the battery in your laptop. Using shortcut keys you can reset your laptop. First, Sign out your Chromebook. Press Ctrl+ Alt + Shift + R and click Restart. A dialog box appears, click Reset. Sign in to your Google account and follow the on-screen instructions in the box to complete the hard reset.

How to Record Video on Acer Chromebook

The Chromebook do not come with a pre-installed recording app. Download clipchamp app from the Chrome web store. This app allows you to record directly in the browser using your Chromebook’s webcam. Follow the below steps to record videos on Chromebook. Open the Chrome web store, download and install the clipchamp app in your Chromebook. Select Record with Webcam. In addition to the recording, the app also has video compression and conversion technology. Log into the app account. Access your camera and microphone to the clipchamp. Change the video resolution and start recording. Save your video to your Chromebook or share it in the YouTube or any other social media.

How to Print from Acer Chromebook

In your Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop, open the file or document to print. In the menu bar, select File and click Print. Another method to select print option is to press Ctrl + p on your keyboard to print. A printer box opens on the left side of your screen. Select Change. The destination box opens, in the recent destination or local destination select your printer. Set the page type, number of copies, page layout/ orientation, margins, and color. Check all the settings in the print box and click Print. If you do not have the Wi-Fi connection, connect your printer to the chromebook via USB cable and print.

print from acer cb5 571 c4g4

How to Connect Printer to Acer Chromebook

Turn ON your printer. Connect the printer to a network. Switch on your Chromebook and make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. When using printer for first time add the printer to your chromebook. In chrome OS, Click your account photo and select Settings. A dialog box opens, scroll down to select Advanced. In the printing section, click Printers. Click Add Printer. Choose your printer from the list and click Add. If your printer name is not displayed add your printer manually. Click Add Manually and enter the printer’s name, address, protocol, queue and click Add. A box displays, choose your printer model name and click Add.

Acer Chromebook Antivirus

The Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop antivirus comes with the built-in malware and virus protection. The best way to protect against malware is to ensure that all the software is updated and has the latest security fixes. On the Chromebook, each web page and application runs in a restricted environment called the standbox. If the Chromebook affects one page it does not affect the other tabs or apps on your laptop. When using web apps on your Chromebook, all the data are stored safely in the cloud. Certain files are presents on the laptop the Chromebook encrypts those files using tamper-resistant hardware and make difficult for others to access it. If anything goes wrong in your Chromebook reset the laptop.

How to Install Linux on Acer Chromebook

  1. Before installing the Linux to your Chromebook enable the developer mode in the laptop. Make sure to back up all the files stored in local data. Press and hold Esc + Refresh key and press the Power button to reboot into Recovery Mode. A recovery mode opens press ctrl+ D to turn on the Developer Mode.
  2. Download crouton and open the file in the download folder. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal on your Chromebook. The terminal box opens type shell to run an Ubuntu shell. To install Crouton run sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce. Your Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop starts installing Crouton.
  3. After installation completes, the system prompts to enter your username and password for the new Ubuntu installation. To start the new desktop environment run sudo startxfce4. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward to switch between your Chrome OS and Ubuntu.
  4. In the Ubuntu desktop, many programs are not installed. To install in your desktop use apt-get. If using XFCE, disable the screensaver because it causes graphics issues in Chrome OS. To remove Linux desktop and go back to Chrome OS, reboot the Chromebook and press Spacebar.

How to Change Language on Acer Chromebook

Sign in to your Chromebook. Click the status area in the lower-right corner of your home screen. Click Settings. A dialog box opens scroll down the page and click Show Advanced Settings. In the languages section, click Language and Input Settings. To select a new keyboard layout for the current language, under the input method click the check box. The language and input box displays if the language you want to select does not appear in the list, click Add in the bottom left-hand corner. Choose the language to use for Acer Cb5 571 C4g4 Laptop menu and spell-checking. Click OK. To remove language from the list, move the mouse pointer over the language and click X.

acer cb5 571 c4g4 language change

How to Download Apps on Acer Chromebook

To download a chrome app, open the Launcher icon and click Web Store. The Chrome web store opens in a new tab. Enter the app name in the search app box or scroll the page to select the app. Move the mouse pointer over an app to view its information and reviews. Select the app name and click Add To Chrome to install the app. The confirm new app box opens, click Add app to install the app.