Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop Configuration

acer cb515 1ht p39b configure

Acer cb515 1ht p39b Specs

The Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop webcam delivers natural images with improved color that provides clear video chats and photos. Transfer text, data files, photos and movies using a USB cable. The wireless data transfer rates are up to three times faster. With the two full-sized upward facing speakers bring movies to life and enjoy the gaming experience. Bend the Chromebook 180 degrees backwards to lay it completely flat. It provides the best viewing perspective. The Chromebook includes anti-glare and wide-viewing-angle technology.

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Google Chrome OS
  • 15.6″ Full HD Widescreen
  • 802.11ac wireless network

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

It has an inbuilt 4GB RAM & supports up to 32 GB extended storage capacity

intel processor

It has an Intel Pentium N4200 Processor with a turbo speed of 2.5 GHz.

laptop battery

Do not worry about the battery life as you can stay without charge up to 12 hours.

best laptop display

It provides vivid, sharp and legible texts or photos. The laptop has a resolution up to 1920×1080.

Laptop Configuration Support

Acer Chrome OS Download

You cannot download Chrome OS as it is not a conventional Operating System that you can download or buy on a disc and install. Chrome OS automatically updates with no delays or notifications in the background while you are using your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop. Neither the system displays a prompt to reboot nor it makes you wait for 20 minutes except the first time you power up and sign into a new Chrome OS device. A small arrow icon displays in the lower-right corner of the screen when a new update downloads. To manually check for updates, go to the Help screen (chrome://help). But this is not necessary as the updates always show up.

The upgrades arrive every two to three weeks and in some cases even more frequently. Look for the posts that involve the Chrome OS channel you use. The Chrome OS devices receive upgrades for a minimum of five years from their launch dates. In some cases, the window will end up being even longer. Google maintains a page that lists exactly when each Chrome OS device stops receiving OS updates. Click the link below to update the OS on your Laptop.


Acer Chromebook Manual

The manual for the Chromebook laptop includes information about the basics to get started that includes the prompts to choose your language, connecting to a network and signing into Google account. Read the guidelines to manage the apps on your Chromebook. You can also follow the instructions to create documents. When using the laptop for the first time, the manual can be beneficial. Thoroughly read the manual before using the laptop. To know about the features of the laptop and to have a clear vision of how the laptop works, download the manual from this website.

Acer Cb515 1ht p39b Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop

To factory reset your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop using the shortcut keys, sign out of your Chromebook and press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r. Select the Restart option and in the box that appears, choose Reset and sign in with your Google Account. Follow the guidelines that appear. After resetting your Chromebook, set up your Chromebook again and check if the problem is fixed. To reset using the Settings menu, sign in to your Chromebook and click your account photo. Click Settings –> Advanced –> Powerwash. In the box that appears, select the Restart option and sign in with the Google Account. Follow the guidelines that appear.

factory reset acer cb515 1ht p39b

Acer laptop Won’t Turn ON

Check if a dead battery is not the reason for the laptop to turn off. If your Acer laptop is only running on battery power, connect the AC adapter on both ends. Disconnect any external devices such as a mouse or a USB device to ensure that they are not the cause of the issue. Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery from the Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop. Wait for few minutes and place the battery into the laptop. Plug in the power cable and try switching on the laptop again.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

If the screen goes black, check the monitor or the cables connecting the monitor to the PC. Make sure the cable connections at both ends are not loose. Check if the drivers are updated as it may lead to the black screen issue. Change the resolution to check if it resolves the issue. Use an external monitor to determine if that resolves the problem. You can also try updating the video drivers and check if the issue is resolved.

how to restart acer laptop

how to reboot acer laptop

how to reset password

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

To let someone else use your Chromebook or switch accounts, choose your account photo and click Sign out. Turn your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop into sleep mode. To keep your Chromebook awake when you aren’t using it, select your account photo and click Settings. Scroll to the Device section, click Power, select the Down arrow next to when idle and choose Keep display on. To keep your Chromebook awake when the lid is closed, choose your account photo, select Settings, scroll to the Device section and click Power. When the lid is closed, turn off the Sleep mode. You might not be able to change your sleep settings when using the Chromebook at work or school.

When the battery is dead the laptop may not stay on when the power adapter is unplugged. A possible solution is to reboot the Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop. Press the Esc, refresh and Power button to reboot the Chromebook. Press Ctrl + D to power off OS verification. Click the Enter option to confirm. Factory reset the laptop. Wait for a while and reboot again. Erase the process and once it completes, reboot one last time. You will notice the OS verification screen. Wait for few seconds or press Ctrl + D to skip it. To boot from USB, press Ctrl + Alt + F2.

To reset the forgotten Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop password, reset your Google account password. To enable the text message recovery option, sign in to your account and in the Security section, click Update recovery options. Choose your country from the drop-down menu and enter your mobile phone number. Enter the number with or without the country code and click Save at the bottom of the page. To send a recovery code, open password-assistance page and enter the username. Choose the option to receive your password via text message and click Continue once you complete the word verification.

Restart the laptop, go to the control panel or press Windows key and type Device Manager. Choose the Network adapters option, scan for hardware changes and try to update the Acer laptop wireless adapter. On the control panel, click Network and Internet –> Network and Sharing Center –> Change Adapter Settings. Choose the WiFi connection option, click Properties and select Configure. Click Power Management, apply the settings and select the Driver Section. Choose Update Driver and select Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software. After the driver updates, select the Finish option and restart the laptop. Check if the issue is fixed.

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how to Screenshot on Acer Chromebook

There are options to take a screenshot of the entire screen or of just one window and save the screenshot as an image file such as GIF, JPG or PNG. Once you save the image to your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop, share the picture with others. Use the PrtSc key to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Click Start, select All Programs –> Accessories –> Paint. To paste the screenshot into Paint, press the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously and press Ctrl and S keys simultaneously to save the file. Name the screenshot, select a suitable location to save and click the Save option to save the screenshot on the Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop.

how to screenshot on acer cb515 1ht p39b

Acer Chromebook Hard Reset

Power on your Chromebook. Move the local files you wish to save to your Google Drive. Select the user picture in the lower right corner of the screen and click Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the Show advanced settings option. Select the Powerwash button. You will notice a dialog box that prompts to restart the device. Select restart to accept. A Reset this Chrome device dialog box appears. A warning that indicates all your accounts and local data will be removed from the device, appears. Select the Powerwash option if you still want to proceed. The laptop is restored to its factory state. Log in to your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop.

How to Record Video on Acer Chromebook

Once you download Screencastify from the Chrome Web store, click the Add to Chrome button. Select the Screencastify icon in the upper right corner. The app will send a short video that explains the basics of the process. Set up the basic parameters like audio, webcam and preview window. Start recording using the tools. Use the focus mouse to highlight the pointer on-screen, making it easy for viewers to track the movement. Select the option to turn the embedded webcam on or off in the film. When you click the Screencastify icon to stop the recording, it will take you to a video preview screen. Select the video title to rename your video.

How to Print from Acer Chromebook

Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the internet. After checking the network settings, ensure that the Chromebook is connected to the same wireless network as the printer. Choose your account photo, click Settings to begin, scroll down and click the Advanced option. Select the Printers or Google Cloud Print option and locate the Add Printers or Manage Cloud Devices option. The window displays any new devices that the Chromebook is aware of with the ability to Add new devices. After choosing the printer, add it to your Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Chromebook.

how to print from acer cb515 1ht p39b

How to Connect Printer to Acer Chromebook

Open your Chrome browser and power on the printer if it is not already running. Navigate the browser and once the page loads, select the Add Cloud Ready Printer button. You will notice a list of Cloud Ready Printers. Select your printer’s manufacturer in the left menu pane. You will notice a list of supported models on the right-hand side of the page. Before proceeding, check if your printer model appears. Choose the appropriate link in the center of the page and follow the steps accordingly. You will view your new printer in the list. Select the Details button to view the detailed information about the Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop.

Acer Chromebook Antivirus

Due to the fact that there are no virus attacks on Chrome OS, you do not need an antivirus. Google has designed a secure system for Chrome OS that allows the OS to protect itself from exploitation. Isolation is an important security feature of Chrome OS. Though hackers can compromise one tab, they can’t see other information on the laptop. Ransomware or malware, viruses do not affect Chrome OS because it does not let them download or run. If ransomware exists for Chrome OS, the damage would not be maximum. Create strong and unique passwords for every site. Avoid opening spam emails and clicking links in emails.

How to Install Linux on Acer Chromebook

  1. Before enabling Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop in Developer Mode, backup the important data or file. Press and hold the Refresh and Esc keys simultaneously and press the Power button to reboot the Chromebook into Recovery Mode. Press Ctrl+D when the Recovery Mode pop up displays. You will notice a prompt to turn on the Developer Mode.
  2. Press the Enter key, reboot and wait for sometime until it wipes the local information. After the process completes, it will return to the screen with the red exclamation point. Download Crouton and save it in the Downloads folder of your laptop. To bring up a terminal on the Chromebook, press Ctrl+Alt+T. Encrypt the OS with a password for extra security if required.
  3. Enter the username and password when prompted once the installation completes. Use Ctrl+Alt+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Forward or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward to switch back and forth between Chrome OS and Ubuntu. To close the Linux desktop, log out of it as you would normally do on any laptop.
  4. You will find the Downloads folder in Chrome OS similar to the Downloads folder on the Linux desktop. Since the Chromebook is in Developer Mode, it will take an additional 30 seconds to boot up. To skip the Developer Mode message, press Ctrl+D. To remove the previously installed Linux desktop and return to Chrome OS, reinitiate the Chromebook and press the spacebar key.

How to Change Language on Acer Chromebook

To change the language, click your account photo and select Settings –> Advanced. In the Languages and input section, select the Language option. Choose the language you want and click Add. Select the More option next to the language you want. To show menus in this language, click Display Google Chrome OS in this language and select the Restart option on Acer Cb515 1ht P39b Laptop. The next time you sign in, the menus will appear in the language you chose. To show web pages in this language, click Move up until the language is at the top of the list. To translate web pages, click Offer to translate pages in this language.

acer cb515 1ht p39b language change

How to Download Apps on Acer Chromebook

Use the Google Play Store app to download and use Android apps on your Chromebook. Update the Chromebook software to get Android apps on your Chromebook. Check if the Acer Cb515 1ht P39b laptop runs on Chrome OS version 53 and up. Select your account photo and click Settings. Turn on Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook in the Google Play Store section. Select Get Started in the window that appears. Accept the Terms of Service.