Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop Configuration

Acer Cb3 131 C3kd Setup

Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Specs

Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop is a 2 in 1 laptop which satisfies the needs of students and professionals. It is a stylish and compatible laptop that supports for an educational purpose. It is easy to share the content. It is scratch and drop resistant which are the notable features in the laptop. It has USB ports, microphone and HDMI ports. Due to its automatic updates and protective feature, it is easy to secure the laptop from virus attack. As it is mainly used by students, it is kid-proof.

  • Inbuilt Chrome operating system
  • 16 GB hard drive
  • Intel Celeron processor
  • 2 GB RAM

Tech – Specifications


It has 2GB RAM with high-performance speed.

intel processor

Intel Celeron processor with a Processing speed of 2.16GHz

laptop battery

6-cell Lithium-ion battery with a battery life up to 6 hours.

best laptop display

11.6 inch display with an IPS anti-glare display.

Laptop Configuration Support

Acer Chrome OS Download

Acer Chromebook is pre-installed with generic drivers. Updating and securing the laptops is done for the security reasons. Updating the drivers is done automatically when the laptop turns on automatically. A stable internet connection is required for the driver update. The unstable connection leads to corrupted files. In the background, driver files are updated automatically. Examine the OS updates. Once the OS is updated, driver files upgrades automatically. Click the manual link on this website. Refer to the driver configuration in the manual. Examine the updates on your Chromebook. Switch on the laptop by pressing the Power button.

Sign in to the Chromebook account. Choose the account picture. On the settings menu, move to the About Chrome option. Select the Check for updates button. An Update is unavailable, select Yes to proceed. Download and update the driver automatically. After the driver update, reboot the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop. The laptop detects the update and configures new drivers.


Acer Chromebook Manual

Get the manual as a soft copy and hard copy. Avail the manual for the Chromebook CB3 131 C3KD from the shipment box. The soft copy of the manual is available on this website. Click the Download option to begin the download process. After downloading, locate the manual in the Downloads folder. Click the manual to open it. In most cases, the manual is available on the PDF format. Check if the application is available in the laptop. If not, download the compatible app in the system. Install it based on-screen prompts. If you need any reference regarding the laptop, refer to the manual to get instant steps and solutions for the issue.

Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop

Factory reset deletes all the information on the Chromebook’s hard drive. Create a back up of the files and folders on the laptop. Insert an external hard drive into its slot. Ensure that the hard drive has a 16 GB free space. Factory Reset restores the settings to its default one. Reset the Chromebook when issues occur with the user profile or settings or laptop won’t turn on. There are two ways to reset the Chromebook. Resetting a personal Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop and Reset using the Settings menu is the methods. Log out of Chromebook account. Press and hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R. Select the Restart option. Select the Reset option and log in to the Google Account. For the second method, move to the Settings-> Advanced-> Powerwash. Restart the laptop

How To Factory Reset Chromebook Cb3 131 C3kd Laptop

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

Hard reset is the fundamental solution to solve the issue. Hard Resetting does not delete any files in the system. To do the hard reset- Switch off the laptop by pressing the Power button. Hold the Refresh and Power button for at least 5 seconds. Release the buttons after a while. Rebooting is done automatically. Issues with the battery and charger is also a reason for the issue. Check for any physical damage to it. Replace them with a new one to solve the issue.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

When the system is turned on, the logo appears and suddenly black screen displays. Examine if the battery is fully charged. Using a different DP cable, alter resolution settings to unsupported formats and outdated display drivers are the reasons for the issue. Examine if the drivers are outdated. Update the drivers manually. On the Start menu, select System Properties. Examine if the OS updates. Update it and reboot the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop. This resolves the issue.

How to Restart Acer Laptop

How to Reboot Acer Laptop

How to Reset Password

Acer Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

When you are rebooting the Chromebook, sign out from the laptop. Click the account photo and select the Sign Out option. To save battery power, put the laptop to the sleep mode by closing the lid of the device. Convert the Chromebook into a tablet by pressing the Power button. Restart the Acer laptop in various ways. Press the ALT and F4 button at a time. On the screen, move to the Restart option to do restarting. On the power menu, select the Restart option. The laptop restarts automatically. Do a hard reset for a restart. Keep a note that the hard reset does not delete the system files and folders.

Rebooting is similar to restart the laptop. Press the Escape, Refresh and Power button at a time. On the screen displays, press Ctrl and D at a time. This reboots the system. Do the booting from the USB device. Press the CTRL + ALT+F2 button at a time . Wait for a black screen displays. Type Chronos sudo bash cross system dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1 on the screen. Again type sudo reboot. This reboots the system automatically. If you need any clarifications regarding the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop rebooting process, refer to the user manual on this website.

Change or reset the password of Google Account password by signing in to My account. Select the Signing into Google option below the Sign-in and Security option. Select the password to enter a new one and select the Change Password option. Resetting the password is done by answering some questions to confirm the account and receive an email from Google for your email. Type the new password that is not used for the account. Select the Settings option in the status area of the taskbar. Choose Show Advanced Settings-> Powerwash-> Restart to reset the Chromebook. Use the Google Account Recovery software to reset the password with an Internet access.

Examine the network status- Check if the network is working properly. Move the laptop close to the router to attain maximum signal strength. Connecting the laptop to a guest network can cause the connection issue. Due to advanced security features, the connection is not established. So try to avoid the connection to the guest network. Examine the connectivity of other devices to the Wi-Fi network. If it is unable to establish the connection, the issue is with a router. Restart the router-turn off the router for a while. Power up it again. Deactivate and activate the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop Wi-Fi for a while. Check if the network name displays. If yes, the issue is solved.

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How to Screenshot on Acer Chromebook

There can be various ways to take a screenshot of Acer Chromebook. Take the screen shot of the entire page by holding the CTRL and overview mode key. View the notification in the lower right-hand corner of the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop. Press the CTRL and V keys at a time to paste it on the document or presentation. If you wish to take the screenshoot of a part of the screen , hold the CTRL+SHIFT and Overview mode key at a time. After a while, view the screen shot saved notification pop-ups on the screen. Certain extensions also helps to take screen shot.

How To Record Video On Chromebook Cb3 131 C3kd Laptop

Acer Chromebook Hard Reset

Unable to use the Acer Chromebook and update it , then perform a hard reset. In most cases, pressing the Refresh and Power button at a time performs the hard reset. Hard resetting does not delete the files on the laptop. The other method to do the process is to turn off the laptop by pressing the Power button. Remove the battery from its a compartment. Wait for a while and reinsert it . When the battery is not charging, hard reset resolves the issue. After doing, plug in the power cable to the charging port on the USB port and to the wall socket. Examine the battery. If it charges, the issue is resolved. If not, the issue is with the battery. Replace it with a new one.

How to Record Video on Acer Chromebook

Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop is pre-installed with a webcam that is available with recording simple screencasts, Use the Screencastify app that permits to take a shot of their entire screen or just an individual browser. It contains a video box that records your talking. Download the app from the Google Web Store. After installing it, view a strip of film on the upper right corner of the screen. Choosing the link for the first time, configure the microphone and camera. This app will send the short video that includes the basic of the process. Select the Screencastify icon in the upper right corner. Configure the basic parameters such as audio, webcam and preview window. Start recording of the screen. Use certain tools to adjust the recording.

How to Print from Acer Chromebook

Use the Google Cloud Print to connect the printer to the Chromebook. Connecting the printer directly to the Chromebook is not preferred. Additional drivers are not supported by Chrome OS. Download and Install the Chrome browser on the laptop. Log in into the Google Account. In the Chrome Settings, navigate to the Google Cloud Print-> Manage-> Add printers. View the printer’s name on the list. Click the name.Select the Print option on the screen to start printing.

Print From Acer Chromebook Cb3 131 C3kd Laptop

How to Connect Printer to Acer Chromebook

Google Cloud Print is free service that allows printing from the printer. Establishing a printer connection to the Chromebook is not possible as additional drivers are not compatible. Examine if the laptop supports Google Cloud Print. If yes, download and install the Google Chrome browser in the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop. Open the browser and log in to the Google Account. In the Settings menu, scroll down and select the Manage option. Select the Add printers option. Examine if the printer’s name displays. If not displayed, click Register to enroll the printer’s name. If it is already registered, the printer’s name is displayed in the My devices folder.

Acer Chromebook Antivirus

Chrome OS is a secure operating system with the security feature of process isolation. Virus or malware attack is minimal as the OS does not allow the download or run the corrupted files. Files are stored in the cloud where it cannot be attacked. Due to frequent updates and multiple layers of protection, Chromebook is highly secured. All software are up-to date. Automatic updates help to run the latest and most secure versions. Webpages and applications run in a protective environment called sandbox. This does not allow for the virus attack. If the virus jumps out of the sandbox, the Chromebook is still secured. It starts up and a self-check called Verified Boot.

How to Install Linux on Acer Chromebook

  1. Prior to installing Linux system, create a recovery USB drive. Power up the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop and sign into the Account details. Insert the USB drive into its slot. Use the flash drive less than 2 GB. Open the Chrome browser. Move to the chrome://imageburner. Based on the instructions to download it.
  2. Turn off the laptop. Press and Hold the Escape, refresh and Power button at a time. Wait till the system displays the recover screen. Press the CTRL and D. Press Enter. The system restarts automatically. Choose the mode of connection based on the system’s requirements.
  3. Select the Continue option. Choose the EULA option by selecting the Accept and Continue option.After reaching the Google Account, do not enter to it. Press the CTRL+ALT+->. During the log in process, type chronos and press Enter. Start the ready option to start the installation process.
  4. On the command prompt, configure the size for Linux installation. Use the basic steps to install the Linux operating system. By following the on-screen instructions complete the process. For further doubts or issues regarding the process, refer to the user manual available in this website.

How to Change Language on Acer Chromebook

Changing the language on Acer Chromebook is done by clicking the status bar in a lower corner of the screen. Select the Settings option. Navigate down and select the Show Advanced settings at the bottom of the screen. Click the Language and input settings option. On the windows, a list of language displays. Select the Add near the bottom. Choose your language from the list.Click OK to save the changes and to confirm your choice. Changing the keyboard input to the selected language can also be done. Select the Change keyboard option. Sign out from the account and use the Acer Chromebook cb3 131 c3kd Laptop in your language.

Chromebook Cb3 131 C3kd Language Change

How to Download Apps on Acer Chromebook

Navigate to the Google Play Store app. Download and install it the Android apps on your Chromebook. Install the app based on the on-screen instructions. The app should be compatible with the laptop and Chrome OS version. After installing, update or update all. Click Launcher-> Up Arrow. Click Play Store-> Update your apps. Locate the specific app you wish to update and touch Update all.