Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop Setup & Configuration

acer e5 571p 59qa configure

Aacer E5 571p 59qa Specs

The Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop is a perfect choice for all your computing needs. This notebook has a graphics card that manages the graphical functions. The CineCrystal glossy screen technology provides better color reproduction and contrast ratios than matte displays, making it convenient to view photos and movies.The laptop has a built-in SuperMulti DVD burner that helps to create and burn your own CDs and DVDs and also watch movies. The hard drive has the capacity to store volumes of photos, videos, music files and more.

  • A 15.6-inch touchscreen display
  • 7 hours long-lasting battery
  • RAM has a 4GB memory
  • Intel Core i5(4th Generation) Processor

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The RAM provides smooth and efficient performance for a wide range of tasks.

intel processor

The processor provides smooth and efficient performance for a wide range of tasks.

laptop battery

The battery lasts long that you can go cordless all day at school or work.

best laptop display

The Laptop display provides big, bright views. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768 (HD).

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

For smooth functioning of your laptop, you need to install the correct drivers. The driver forms a source of communication between your laptop and hardware. You need a compatible driver to let webcam work on your laptop without any trouble. You can download the driver for your laptop from our website at free of cost. Check if you know the model number of your laptop. Look for the model number in the manual or on the bottom of your Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop. You can also go to Start menu, click Accessories and select System Information. The information about your laptop displays including the model number.

On our website, go to the Download section and search for the driver. Check if it is the correct driver based on the model number of your laptop. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver properly. Once the process completes, the hardware on your laptop will work properly. Access the driver from the downloads folder of your laptop. The driver file format for Windows is .exe and for Mac, it is .dmg.


Manual Support

To use your Acer laptop with great ease, there are a set of 3 guides. The Setup Guide is the one that helps to set up your laptop. The Quick Guide gives you the information about the basic features and functions of your laptop. The User Manual covers various other topics. It gives detailed information on system utilities, data recovery, configuring the network connection, downloading the software and troubleshooting solutions. If you are a beginner, the user manual will be of great benefit. The manual also contains the general regulations and safety precautions for your Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop.

You can download the user manual from our website free of cost. It will be in the .pdf format. After the download process completes, search for the topic to complete the task. We have provided steps for various how-to topics on our website. Check if it is beneficial for you. You will find the instructions on our website easy to read and simple to follow. Read it before calling a technician if you face any issue. If you are unable to fix the issue, get guidance from our technical support team to fix the issue instantly.

Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop Top Issues

acer e5 571p 59qa wont turn on

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn ON

Make sure that a dead battery is not the reason for the issue. If your Acer laptop is only running on battery power, connect the AC adapter on both ends. Disconnect any external devices or peripherals such as a mouse or a USB device. This is to ensure that they are not the cause of the issue. Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery from the laptop. Wait for a minute and place the battery back into the laptop. Plug in the power cable and try turning the laptop on again.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

If your Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop shows a black screen when you start, it indicates that you may have a virus. Run malware software. This is in case you do not need the data that is stored on your laptop. Check if the laptop is on and continue tapping the F8 key. You will notice a menu. Select the Repair option from the menu. Select OK and Next until you get to a screen where you choose Recovery Management. This will restore your system to factory defaults but it also deletes all your data.

How to Restart Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop

In few cases, restarting Windows is automatic. You may receive a prompt Would you like to restart Windows now? Simply click the Yes button. If you are unable to restart automatically, first, save your work and close all your programs. Select the Start button. If you use Windows Vista, click the triangle next to the Padlock icon and select Restart from the pop-up menu. If you use Windows XP, select the Turn Off Computer button and then select the Restart button in the Turn Off Computer window.

If you use Windows 8 and 10, press F8 to enter Safe Mode. To enable Safe Mode, press the F4 key on Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop. To enable Safe Mode with Networking, press the F5 key. The F6 key starts Windows in Safe Mode with a Command Prompt window instead of the Windows interface. To sign into your PC, type the account name and password. Once the troubleshooting process completes, exit Safe Mode.

How to Reboot Acer Laptop

If you face any issue with a Windows PC, one of the first steps to troubleshoot is to boot into Windows Safe Mode. This mode loads only the most essential files and drivers of the OS. It is an easy way to eliminate as many variables as possible and to ensure that the issue does not originate at the most basic level. Select Start and press the Power button. Make sure you hold down the Shift key when you select Restart. Click Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Startup Settings.

In the Startup Settings screen, click the Restart button. This is to ensure that the PC reboots. With the arrow keys on your Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop keyboard, click Enable Safe Mode or Enable Safe Mode with Networking. If you are unable to go to the login screen, you will need a Windows 10 Recovery Drive. Boot the Recovery Drive, select your keyboard layout and click Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Command Prompt. Press and release F8 until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.

Other Related Laptop Models

Acer Aspire One Factory Reset

Backup your files before formatting the hard drive. Prior to selling the netbook or restoring the OS if Windows has been corrupted, use the Acer eRecovery Management application to delete all company data from the drive. If you reset the Acer Aspire One, it will remove all the files on the drive. Back up any critical data before restoring the PC. Go to Start –> All Programs –> Acer Empowering Technology and click Acer eRecovery Management on your Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop. Select Restore and click Restore System to Factory Default. The computer will restart and boot into the recovery utility. Select the Yes option when prompted. Select the Yes option again to revert the Acer Aspire One to its factory state.

acer aspire factory reset

How to Reset Password

There are numerous methods to reset the password on Acer laptop without losing anything. To reset Acer password easily on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP via another administrator account, login Acer laptop with a user account that has admin privileges. Select Start, type lusrmgr.msc in the Run box and press Enter. Go to Users, right-click a user account for which you want to reset the password and click Set password. Now, type a new password and enter it again to confirm and click OK.

How to Reset Acer Aspire Without Password

If you do not have the repair disc, press the Alt + F10 keys to reset the laptop without password. Press and hold the power key for few seconds to power off the Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop. Start the laptop and press Alt and F10 keys at the same time when the Acer logo appears. Wait till Choose an option screen appears. Click the Troubleshoot option. If you use a Windows 10 version, click Reset this PC. If you use a Windows 8/8.1 version, click Reset your PC. Click Remove everything and select Restart.

Acer Aspire Changing Hard Drive Issue

If your laptop has a bad hard drive, it would prevent the computer from being able to boot the OS and associated programs. Turn off the laptop and unplug the connections. Turn the laptop over such that the audio jacks face you. Remove the battery and locate the small panel at the right of the battery. Remove the two screws that secure the panel. Hold the right side of the hard drive and pull towards the right side of the PC.

acer e5 571p 59qa hard drive issue

 Acer Aspire Overheating Issues

  1. Overheating issues can affect the performance of your Acer Aspire Laptop and the hard drive’s lifespan. There are numerous reasons for the issue to occur. Few of them are listed below. However, you can fix all these issues, though some jobs will be tougher than others.
  2. The first reason is that the Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop is often being overworked. To check if this is the cause of the issue, close any open programs and restart the laptop. Wait for a while. If the noise of the fan decreases, it denotes that the issue is resolved. If your laptop overheats, try the following solutions.
  3. The most common cause of overheating is that the fan does not function. To check if this is the case, turn off the laptop, flip it over and then turn it back on. If you do not hear the fan working, it denotes that the fan processor is not functioning and you need to replace it.
  4. Due to the accumulation of dust, in few cases, the fan may get clogged and stop functioning. To fix this issue, first, disconnect all cables and remove the plastic cover. Carefully blow compressed air into the fan and remove all the dust. Replace the cover back and reconnect all the cables.

 Acer Aspire Wireless Connection Issues

If you experience wireless issues with your Acer Laptop, first, go with the basics such as checking the wireless connection or Acer E5 571p 59qa Laptop settings. Missing/ corrupt or outdated drivers may also lead to wireless connection issues. You can try to connect using another device.

 Acer Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

The first step is to press the wireless LAN communication button or slide its switch to the On position. Click the network icon in the notification area on your Windows system. Select your wireless network and click Connect. Enter the Wi-Fi security passphrase and select Enter to connect to the network.

acer aspire wireless connection issues