Best Acer Laptop Models

The Acer laptop models range from Chromebooks to high-end gaming predators. The Swift models are ultra-thin, stylish and have all the power to satisfy your mobile needs. The Spin printer series are the revolutionary convertible computers that include powerful innovation features. The Switch series are a perfect blend of tablet and laptop with a mode that fits into every situation.The Aspire series handle all your works from computing to tough professional workload. The Nitro series is a new level of gaming laptops for the casual gamer. Enjoy solid everyday performance and useful features with the Aspire E series. Acer One laptops are flexible, powerful and offer good features.

Compare Acer Chrome VS Aspire Vs Predator

chrome laptopAcer Chrome Laptop aspire laptopAcer Aspire Laptop predator laptopAcer Predator Laptop
Display 15.6” 13.3” 15.6”
Processor 1.1Ghz Intel Pentium Processor N4200 Intel Corei5 Processor Intel Core i7-7700HQ
Battery 12 hours 13 hours 7 hours
Storage 32GB eMMC 256GB SSD

Acer Chromebook Laptop

acer chromebook cb3 532-c47c

Acer cb3 532 c47c

Available at an affordable rate with a 15-inch screen and a long battery life.


acer chromebook cb3 131 c3kd

ACER cb3 131 c3kd

It provides high performance and has an impact resistant body.


acer chromebook 14 cb3 431

Acer 14 cb3 431

Completely embedded in aluminum alloy and has enhanced wireless speeds.


acer chromebook cb3431c5fm

ACER cb3431c5fm

Operates with Chrome OS and is manufactured with a 32 GB flash memory.


acer cb5 312t k8z9

acer cb515 1ht p39b

A Chromebook with built-in virus protection, the device gets updated automatically.


Acer cb5 312t k8z9

ACER cb5 312t k8z9

It is light and flexible. The Acer cb5 312t k8z9 Laptop is highly portable.


acer cb5 132t c9kk

ACER cb5 132t c9kk

Designed with LED display and has a hard drive capacity of 32 GB.


acer cb3 431 c5ex

ACER cb3 431 c5ex

Built with 32 GB internal memory, battery lasts up to 12 hours.


acer cb5 132t c8zw

ACER cb5 132t c8zw

The laptop offers versatile functions and is provided with enhanced storage capabilities.


acer cb5 571 c4g4

ACER cb5 571 c4g4

Has a beautiful design with a 27% larger screen and intense multimedia features.


acer  cb3 131 c3sz

Acer cb3 131 c3sz

The laptop is available at a low cost and reliable with 2 GB Memory 16 GB Internal storage SSD.


acer cb5 312t k8z9

Acer 15 cb5 571 c09s

Full HD resolution with 15.6-inch display and longer battery duration.


Acer Aspire Laptop

acer aspire e5 575 72n3

ACER e5 575 72n3

Built with tons of multimedia features and provided with High Definition (HD) web camera.


acer aspire a315 51 51sl

ACER a315 51 51sl

With a screen size of 15.6 inches and has a processor speed of 2.5 GHz.


acer aspire 5 a515 51 563w

Acer 5-a515-51-563w

Full-size laptops available in best budgets with a decent keyboard and modern hardware.


acer e5 571 563b


Lithium ion is the technology used and supports both wired and wireless communications.


acer a315 51 380t


The size of the screen is 15. 6 inches. The brand name of the processor used is Intel.


acer e5 571p 59qa

ACER e5-571p-59qa

The laptop is easy to configure and has a decent battery backup.


acer s3 391 6448

Acer s3 391 6448

It has a powerful second generation processor and is outfitted with immediate response and consistent connectivity.


Acer Predator and Swift Laptop

Acer 17 g9 791 78ce

Acer 17 g9 791 78ce

Featured with Hyper Threading technology, has a hard drive capacity of 1 TB.


acer g357272yf

Acer g357272yf

A gaming laptop which is highly cost-effective, provided with 6 GB Dedicated memory.


acer xb241h

Acer XB241H

A full HD 24 inches wide screen with Twisted Nematic Film technology.


acer predator xb241yu

Acer XB241YU

The laptop is built with Flicker less technology which decreases the annoying screen flickering.


acer predator xb252q


The laptop provides cutting-edge performance with modern touches and functionality.


acer predator xb271hu


The viewing angle of the laptop is decent, it is highly responsive and fits most of the environment.


acer xb271hu 27


The overall image quality is excellent and the panel is fantastic for gaming.


acer xb272 hdr


The Quantum dot technology used in the laptop provides the users with an enhanced color palette.


acer predator xb321hk


It has a low latency rate and a smooth G-Sync performance.


acer xb281hk


Using this laptop you can experience extreme resolutions and can create your own gaming experience.


acer swift 1 sf113 31 p5ck

Acer swift 1 sf113 31 p5ck

The laptop is compact, is budget friendly with attractive features.


acer predator ag3 710 uw11

Acer predator ag3 710 uw11

It is capable of handling many software applications continuously and can store many data files.


We Give Support For

Software Download and Installation in Acer

A correct driver helps in the smooth functioning of your Acer laptop models. Check if you have the installation CD that came with the laptop to download the driver. We provide assistance to install the driver software with the CD you have. If you do not have the CD, download the driver for your laptop from this website at free of cost. Check if you know the model number of your Acer laptop. If you do not know, search for it in the manual or behind your laptop. To download the driver software from this website, go to the Download section and search for the driver. Download the correct driver based on the model number of your laptop. Reach our experts to get assistance to install the driver properly.

software download and installation in acer
acer network issue

Wireless and Wired network issues in Acer Laptop

In certain conditions, the networks either wired or wireless are subjected to some problems, failures and faults. The problems that tend to arise or occur are not too complicated and you can easily troubleshoot them if you know the reason for the issue. Sometimes, you need to follow specific steps in the course of troubleshooting. Few common network symptoms that can call for network troubleshooting include A Network Cable is Unplugged, IP Address Conflict, Limited or No Connectivity, Unable to Establish the VPN Connection, Wi-Fi randomly dropping out and more. Our experts are here to assist you on various network issues. To resolve your network and laptop woes instantly get guidance from our Technical Experts.

Operating system installation support

Before installing a new OS on your Acer laptop models, update the firmware to benefit all the features. Your laptop will have a built-in OS. To update your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 OS, go to Start, type Update in the search box and in the list of results select Windows Update or Check for updates. To check for the software updates on your Mac, go to the App Store, click Updates in the toolbar and use the Update buttons to download and install any updates. The Update Manager on your Linux is a nearly 100% automatic tool that provides the available updates. We also provide assistance to fix the OS installation issues such as BSOD, compatibility error and more.

acer os install

shattered screen of Acer laptop

If you have a dying or cracked display screen on your Acer laptop models, inspect the laptop thoroughly to check if the screen really needs replacement. Check if the graphics card on the motherboard is dead as you may be wasting your time and effort on replacing a perfectly good screen. If the laptop has been recently dropped or otherwise physically harmed, double-check for the other damages as well. If you have only display issues, reach our experts to fix it immediately.

We Provide support for

  1. Backing up data keeps the files safe if anything goes bad with your Acer laptop models. There are various ways in which the files can be lost unexpectedly such as crashes, virus infection, hard drive failure, physical damage and more. Crashes occur when you least need it and can lead to data loss. Malicious viruses can corrupt files on your laptop. Sudden hard drive failure can lead to irreplaceable files. Laptops are sensitive and get easily damaged if you spill anything over them. There are numerous ways to backup data. Backing up data to an external hard drive is the simplest way to back up files from your laptop. Connect a USB hard drive or flash drive and use Windows Explorer to copy files from your laptop to the removable drive. Reach us to backup and transfer data from your Acer laptop to another laptop or PC. We also provide assistance to back up to the Cloud.

  2. Malware is a term for malicious software that is designed to do damage or unwanted actions a laptop. Malware includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware and rogue security software. Spyware can install on your laptop without your knowledge. It can change the configuration of your laptop or collect advertising data and personal information. To remove the virus or spyware from the laptop without the help of malicious software removal tools can be difficult. To remove the virus and other malicious software on your Windows laptop, install the latest updates from Microsoft Update. Set the Automatic Updates service to run automatically so that the laptop does not miss any important updates. To protect your Windows 7 laptop against malware, turn on the firewall. Click Start –> Control Panel, type firewall and click Windows Firewall –> Turn Windows Firewall on or off –> OK.

  3. Configuring the firewall software helps to keep your Acer laptop models more secure. A firewall restricts the information that comes to your laptop from other laptops and gives you more control over the data on your laptop. The firewall protects against viruses and worms that try to connect to your laptop without invitation. To examine and configure your firewall settings on your Windows PC, click Start –> Run, type wscui.cpl and click OK. In Windows Security Center, click the Windows Firewall option. The General tab in the Windows Firewall includes the settings such as On, Don’t allow exceptions and Off. On selecting Don’t allow exceptions, Firewall blocks all requests to connect to your laptop, including requests from programs or services that are listed on the Exceptions tab. The software blocks the discovery of network devices, file sharing and printer sharing.

  4. The first step to factory reset is to backup the files before formatting the hard drive. Before selling the laptop or restoring the OS if Windows has been corrupted, use the Acer eRecovery Management application to delete all company data from the drive. When you reset the Acer laptop, it removes all the files on the drive. Back up any important data before restoring the laptop. Click Start –> All Programs –> Acer Empowering Technology and click Acer eRecovery Management. Click the Restore option and select Restore System to Factory Default. The laptop will restart and boot into the recovery utility. If prompted, select the Yes option. Click the Yes option again to revert the Acer laptop to its factory state. For further information or assistance, do not hesitate to reach us on the Toll-free number. Our technical team is here to resolve all your Acer laptop models woes.

  5. Make sure the battery is not completely dead. Assuming your battery still works, remove the battery from your Acer laptop models. Disconnect the power adapter from the wall from the laptop. If your Acer laptop does not power up, the problem could be worsened by leaving it plugged in. Hold down the power button for 45 seconds and press it several times for the next 45 seconds. Do not use the laptop for 20 minutes. Connect the battery and adapter to the laptop and check if the issue is resolved. The static buildup is a big problem in various Acer laptops that does not allow it to turn on. The above process may help to discharge static electricity by eliminating the remaining amount of electricity stored in the laptop (capacitors). If the above steps did not fix the issue on your Acer laptop, reach our technical team to resolve the issue immediately.

  6. If you view a black or blank screen error after upgrading to Windows 10 and you haven’t signed in yet, temporarily remove the laptop from the docking station. Check if the external monitor is switched on and plugged in. Try to remove or update third-party antivirus software. Perform a clean boot of your Acer laptop models. Search for msconfig. in the Start menu an select System Configuration from the search results. On the Services tab, select the Hide all Microsoft services check box and select the Disable all option. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, select the Open Task Manager option. On the Startup tab in Task Manager, choose the item and select the Disable option. Close Task Manager and on the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, select the OK option and restart the laptop. To fix the Black screen error in other versions of Windows or Mac, get guidance from our Technical Experts.

  7. If a prompt Would you like to restart Windows now? displays, select the Yes button. If you are unable to restart automatically, save your work and close all the programs and click the Start button. To restart on a Windows Vista version, select the triangle next to the Padlock icon and click Restart from the pop-up menu. To restart on a Windows XP version, click the Turn Off Computer button and select the Restart button in the window. To restart on a Windows 8 and 10 version, press the F8 key to enter Safe Mode. Press to enable Safe Mode. To enable Safe Mode with Networking, press the F5 key. The F6 key starts Windows in Safe Mode with a Command Prompt window instead of the Windows interface. To sign into your Acer laptop, type the account name and enter the password. Once the troubleshooting process completes, exit Safe Mode.

  8. Booting into Windows Safe Mode loads the essential files and drivers of the Windows OS. Select the Start option and press the Power button on your Acer laptop models. Remember to hold down the Shift key when you click Restart. Click Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Startup Settings. In the Startup Settings screen, click the Restart button to reboot your laptop and use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Choose the Enable Safe Mode or Enable Safe Mode with Networking option. If you are unable to go to the login screen, it denotes that you need a Windows 10 Recovery Drive. Once you boot the Recovery Drive, choose your keyboard layout. Select Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Command Prompt. Press and release the F8 key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu. To reboot Acer laptops running on Mac or Linux OS, Reach our Technical Experts.

  9. If your laptop is running a Windows 10 version and you forgot the password or suspect someone has your password, Windows 10 gives you three different options to go about changing the password. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols with at least eight characters long. To Change or set a password, click Start –> Settings –> Accounts and click the Sign-in options from the menu. Click the Change icon in the Change your account password option. To change your password, sign in with your current Microsoft account, type your password in the box and click Sign in. Microsoft will send you a new code to change the password through the phone number linked to your account. Type the last four digits of your phone number for verification and enter the code you receive. Type your old password and enter a new password. To change your password into a pin or picture, get guidance from our Tech-Experts.

  10. The first step is to restart the Acer laptop models. Go to the control panel or press Windows key and type Device Manager. Select the Network adapters option and scan for hardware changes. Try to update the Acer laptop wireless adapter. Go to the control panel and select Network and Internet –> Network and Sharing Center –> Change Adapter Settings. You will see Ethernet (local network ) and WiFi (wireless) connection. Select the WiFi connection option, click Properties and select Configure. A box with many options may appear. Select Power Management, apply the settings and click Driver Section. Select Update Driver and click Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software. Once the driver updates, click Finish and restart the laptop. Check if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, try uninstalling Acer wireless adapter software.

  11. The keyboards come with a specific key that can take a snapshot or screenshot of the objects shown on an Acer laptop models. Take a screenshot of the entire screen or of just one window and save the screenshot as an image file such as JPG, GIF or PNG. Use a photo-editing application such as Paint. After saving the image to your laptop, share the picture with others. Press PrtSc to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Go to the Start menu, select All Programs –> Accessories –> Paint. Press the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously to paste the screenshot into Paint and press Ctrl and S keys simultaneously to save the file. Name the screenshot, choose a location to save and click the Save option to save the screenshot to the Acer laptop. Our experts also provide assistance to take a screenshot of just the active window and to take a screenshot of a specific part of your screen.