Acer Predator Ag3 710 Uw11 Laptop Setup Support

Acer Predator Ag3 710 Uw11 Laptop

Acer Predator ag3 710 uw11 Specs

Acer Predator is an innovative and powerful platform that is ready to play powerful games. The Processor contains the easy swap expansion bay ,accessible ports and headset cradle ready for victory. The easy swap expansion improves efficiency by uninstalling and installing drivers without shut down the system. Share a single driver among different systems. Place your headset on the convenient pop-out cradle to avoid damage. The Sound Blaster Cinema 2 for glorious and epic audio system.

  • Intel Core i5- 6400 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1060 with 3GB
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 1 TB HDD

Tech – Specifications


64 GB RAM which increases the system memory and performance.


6th Generation Intel Core processor with 64 bit Quad Core processor for a splendid gaming experience.

battery icon

128 GB storage space with 7200 rpm to store more data and information.

Lap display

Connect the system with Ethernet, LAN and Bluetooth for easy connection process.

Configuration Support

Driver Support

A laptop uses various types of drivers starting from device drivers to installed drivers. A driver acts as a communication bridge between the system and operating system. When you install a new device on the laptop, it prompts to install the updated driver. Installation of a driver is necessary for availing the latest features and avoiding the system bugs. Click the link below to start the installation process. Based on the operating system, the setup file format varies. The file format for Windows system is .exe and for Mac ,it is .dmg. Do not turn off the system during the installation process. Unstable internet connection may lead to the corrupted files.

Select the Custom option to avoid the download of unnecessary applications. By following the instructions mentioned on the screen, complete the installation process. After a passage of time, check for driver updates. If yes, update it with the help of the stable internet connection. After updating, install it whenever necessary. Try to update it automatically as it reduces the system bugs and new features are available instantly. For more details regarding the system , scroll down the page and check out for the issues and its solutions.


Manual Support

Acer Predator AG3 710 UW11 user manual contains all details regarding the laptop starting from the system features to its troubleshooting. The second page of the user manual contains the user manual index. Search for the required topics from this page. It has the topic and its respective page number. Refer to the topic with the help of the page number. When you are unable to connect the system to any network, check the manual for the steps regarding it. The manual is available as a soft and hard copy. Avail the hard copy when you purchase the laptop. If you have lost it, click the link on this website below to download the soft copy.

Download the manual in the PDF format. After downloading, go to the Downloads folder . Locate and double-click on it to open the file. The instructions in the manual as pictorial and written description. It contains the safety measures on how to use the laptop in any situations. If you are unable to open the manual, examine if the required application is installed in the system. Download and install the application. Install it based on the on-screen commands. After installing, open the manual and refer to it as an easy process.

acer predator ag3 710 uw11 laptop Top issues


acer laptop black screen

Defective power cable may be the cause of the black screen issue. Examine and replace it with a new one. Disconnect the cable from the power supply. Turn off the laptop by pressing the power button. Open the lid of the laptop. Press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. It turns on and off continuously . After a while, release the button. Later, connect the power plug to the wall socket. Switch on the laptop to examine if the issue is resolved. If not, move to the next solution.

Unscrew the panels and remove it. Locate the RAM chip inside it. It is located between the pull out chords. Remove the chip out of chords without any damage to it. The laptop contains a removable battery with a lock switch. Unlock the battery and remove it out of the slot. After a while, connect the power plug of the laptop to the wall socket. Press and hold the power button till the fan stops. Reinstall the RAM chip and battery. Turn on the laptop using the Power button. The other method is to run a malware software in the system. If the data stored not required, run the software. Restore to its default settings to resolve the black screen issue.

acer aspire one factory reset

Use the Acer’s eRecovery System to restore the data in the system to its default settings. A factory reset deletes all data and information in the system. Prior to doing the process, create a back up of the information to a CD or USB drive. Begin the restore process by starting the system from the eRecovery Partition. Switch on the laptop. When the logo appears, press the ALT and F10 key simultaneously. Use the arrow keys to either move to the factory backup , an Recovery . Choose the option based on your choice. Open the software and click Yes to begin the process. Select Restore-> Completely Restore System to Factory Default Settings. After the process gets completed, type the credentials to set up the Windows Initialization process.

Acer Predator Ag3 710 Uw11 Laptop not connecting to wifi

acer laptop wont turn on

Examine if the battery pack is inserted properly into its compartment. Turn the laptop and locate the battery cover on top of it. Remove the cover on top of it. Uninstall the battery from it. After a while, insert it. If the solution does not fix the issue, check if they are pins or rips of paper in its slot. If any, remove it. A Drained battery can be the reason for the issue. Connect the power cable to the system and wall socket to charge the battery. A red light on the side of the laptop indicates charging status. Wait till green light appears as it indicates fully charged. Press the Power button to turn on the system.

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

Reboot the laptop . Go to the Device Manager. Click the Network Adapters option. Examine if there are any hardware changes in the settings. If yes, reconfigure the settings to resolve the issue. If you are unable to solve the issue, navigate to the Control Panel. Select the Network and Sharing option under the Internet menu. Click the Change wireless adapter on the top-left corner of the screen. Click the Network adapter and type the properties screen and select the Configure option to apply to the settings.

 acer predator scan line issue

Scan line issue may occur due to hardware or software problems. Identify the software and resolve the issue. Go to the BIOS settings on the laptop. There is no connection between the BIOS and operating system. So scan lines do not appear in the BIOS screen. The basic cause of the issue may be due to the outdated drivers. Identify the driver version to examine if it is updated. If not, update all device drivers to its latest version. If the scan lines display on the BIOS screen, the issue is with the hardware. Check for any interior damage to the laptop. Locate the ribbon cable on the laptop as it connects the motherboard and display. If there is an issue with it, replace the cable with a new one.

 Acer Predator Scan Line Issue

 how to reset password

  1. Open the Start option in the Windows system. Enter Recovery Manager in the search bar. Wait for the list of icons to display. Locate the User Accounts icon. Select and double-click on it. The laptop displays to confirm the access. Click the setup file and select Yes on the pop-up message.
  2. Insert a USB drive into the slot. Click the Recovery Disc creation option. Examine if the disc contains a 4 GB free space. Wait till the recovery files display and then initiates the process. The files in the system copies to the flash drive. Secure the driver for future use.
  3. Reboot the laptop- Select the Reset password option on the set up page. Wait till the system prompts to insert the recovery disc. After a while, reinsert the drive. Go to the CD drive. Select and double-click on it to open the drive to run the file. The laptop identifies the file to start the process.
  4. After completing the reset process, the system urges to type a new password and confirm it by retyping. Select the Save Changes option and press the Enter type. Log in with the help of a new password. After opening the laptop, store the current files to a new recovery disc for future use.

 acer Predator wireless connection issues

Examine if the wireless icon is in on state. Old routers are not compatible with the latest printer models. So, configure the router to the new settings. If it is incompatible, replace with a new one. Set the router’s frequency band to 2.5GHz and avoid frequency band of 5GHz as it stops the connection with the rest of the networks. Keep the metal objects away from the router as it interrupts the connection process. Connect the laptop and router to the same wireless network. As the network credentials are case-sensitive, type the network name and password properly. Disable the Airplane mode in the system as it does not detect the surrounding networks.

The outdated drivers can be the reason for the issue . The driver is the medium of communication between the system and operating system. So updating it is necessary to avoid system bugs and connection issues. As a last resort, reboot all devices such as system and router to resolve the issue.

Acer Predator Ag3 710 Uw11 Laptop Wireless Connection Issues