Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup

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Acer Predator XB271HU Specificat]ions

The monitor includes many features such as good resolution, fast refresh rates, IPS1 technology and more. It comes with an Acer ErgoStand. The stand lets the monitor pivot, tilt, swivel and move up or down so that you can adjust it at a comfortable angle. The sleek design helps to fit in even in tight spaces. The Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup comes clocked at 144Hz, but when overclocked, it can reach 165Hz

  • A 27-inch screen display
  • Resolution 2560 x 1440
  • NVIDIA G-SYNCTM technology
  • 3 Interfaces

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The display improves your gaming experience with IPS panel that supports 144Hz refresh rate.

intel processor

The intense resolution shows all the details and wrapping you in a world of entertainment.

laptop battery

This technology eliminates screen tearing with a built-in eye protection and ergonomics.

best laptop display

It has three interfaces or ports. They are HDMI, USB and Display port.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

Energy distractions, infections and other issues can damage the driver. Only an appropriate driver can help your monitor to function properly. The driver forms a major source of communication between your monitor and hardware. If you do not have the driver, download it for your predator from this website at free of cost. The model number of your predator will be located on a label on the back of your monitor. These numbers can help to locate downloads and other resources for your monitor. They also help to properly identify the specifications and warranty. The SNID numbers are 11 or 12 digits and do not contain any letters.

Search the driver for your Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup in the Download section of this website. Check if it is the correct driver based on the predator’s model number. Follow the guidelines that appear on the screen to complete the download process properly. After the download process completes, access the driver from the downloads folder of your monitor. The driver file for your Windows system will be in the .exe format.


Manual Support

Check if you have the guides that came with your predator. Refer the Quick Guide to know the about the basic features and functions of your predator. The User Manual covers various important topics. The manual includes information and general tips for comfortable use. It also has the information about the predator, prompts to set up and install, user controls and troubleshooting guidelines. The manual is a good reference guide for all the beginners. It also includes the general regulations and safety precautions to be taken before configuring the predator.

If you have lost the Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup guide that came with your predator, download it from this website. After downloading the manual, search for the topic to accomplish the task. On this website, we have provided topics on how-to and solutions to fix various issues. The instructions are precise and easy to follow. Before you send your predator to service, read them thoroughly to check if you can self-diagnose the problem. If the issues occur frequently, reach our experts on the Toll-free number to fix it.

Random Blinking on Acer Predator XB271HU

A flickering monitor screen can cause inconvenience in work and result in decreased productivity in a firm. This is because you will require frequent breaks to reduce the possibility of eyestrain and headaches. The basic step of Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup is to change the refresh rate to match the capabilities of your monitor and update your graphics card drivers. If your predator randomly blinks, turn off G-sync. Disconnect the DP cable from your computer with the monitor turned on. Reconnect the DP cable and turn on G-sync. Use the standard DP cable that was shipped with the monitor.

predator xb271hu overclock

How To Overclock Acer Predator XB571HU

Go to the menu screen on your monitor and select Settings. Search for the Overclock option. Select the Overclock option and enable it to the On position. Change the max refresh rate to 165. Select the Apply and Reboot option. Right-click on your monitor and select Video Control Panel. Go to 3D Settings, click Adjust Image Settings with Preview and select Use the advanced 3D image settings. Go to Display and select Change resolution. Choose your refresh rate from the list of options and click Apply.

Acer Predator XB571HU Calibration Problem

Alter gamma, color temp, and color saturation to check if it resolves the calibration issue while Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup process. Try to lower the contrast control. Few other adjustments will bring the monitor to a good standard. To achieve the best-desired starting point on your monitor try to set the Standard Profile. Change Brightness to 28, Contrast to 50, Gamma to 2.2 and Color Temp to User Mode. Leave the 6-axis color at default settings and do not change it. Check if the issue is resolved.

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Firmware Update

The first step to check the firmware version of your monitor is to turn it off. Press and hold the Empowering and Power button simultaneously for some time. Release the Power button when you notice the desktop and immediately release and press the empowering button again. You will notice the firmware version listed at the bottom of the screen. To know about the firmware update for your Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup, reach our Technical Exxperts.

acer predator xb271hu firmware update

Vertical Line Issues

  1. There are numerous reasons to view vertical lines on your monitor. When the issue occurs, switch off your monitor and unplug all peripherals. Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds. Reconnect everything and turn the monitor on to check if the lines are gone.
  2. Disconnect the monitor from the back of the PC and wait until it displays a message indicating No signal. If the no signal message also has vertical lines, the problem is in the monitor and not in your PC. Select the Menu button on the screen and use the other buttons to browse for a Factory Settings mode.
  3. The factory mode resets the monitor to its original settings. If the line issue persists, the monitor may have been dropped or exposed to a magnet that cannot be fixed. Reconnect and turn the PC on and look for the lines at boot up.
  4. If the lines appear before Windows loads, the issue is either with the video card, the video connection cable or the monitor itself. If the lines only appear in Windows, the issue is due to a Windows setting for Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup process. Select Screen Resolution –> Advanced Settings –> Monitor and lower the refresh rate.

How To Install & Setup Acer Predator XB271HU

When you unpack the box, check if you have the monitor, Quick Start Guide, Power Cord, HDMI cable, DP Cable (Optional) and USB Cable (Optional). Place the monitor on an even surface. Firmly attach the stand arm and the base to the monitor. Check if the base is screwed tight to the monitor stand arm. To optimize the best viewing position, adjust the height of the monitor. Check if you are using the correct power cord. Connect one end of the power cord to the AC inlet and plug in the other end to an AC outlet.

To install the monitor on your host system using HDMI Cable, check if both the monitor and computer are turned off. Plug in the HDMI cable to the host system to start Acer Predator Xb271hu Laptop Setup process. Use any button, except the Power button, to trigger the I/O port source. When using a DP Cable to install the monitor, turn off both the monitor and host system and connect the DP cable to the host system. Connect the Audio Cable if any. Connect the monitor power cable to the power port at the back of the monitor. Plug in the power cords of your host system and your monitor to a nearby electrical socket. Press the USB charge ON/OFF button to enable/disable Power-off USB charge function.