Acer Predator 1 Sf113 31 P5ck Laptop Setup Guidance

Acer Predator 1 Sf113 31 P5ck Laptop

Acer Predator 1 sf113 31 p5ck SPecs

Acer Swift 113-31-P5CK is an ultra-thin laptop works all day without compromising in the system performance. Its vogue look grabs the eyes of the customer. The thin design makes it easily portable. Get this laptop with different color options in a metal body. Work in dark light with the help of the backlit keyboard. Connect any external device with the different ports available in the device and increase the functionality of the laptop.

  • 13.3” inch full HD with IPS technology
  • Intel Pentium N4200 processor
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 3-cell Lithium-ion battery

Tech – Specifications


It comes with 4 GB standard memory and can be extended up to 64 GB.


Use the Intel Pentium N4200 quad processor with 1.1GHz speed

battery icon

3-cell Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 hours

Lap display

13.3”inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920*1080.

Configuration Support

Driver Support

A driver is essential for a laptop to work efficiently without any issue. The driver contains a set of instructions that allows the laptop to communicate between the operating system and the hardware. To avoid the system bugs and to enhance the system performance, install and update the driver. Install the driver with the help of the CD provided while purchasing the system. Place the CD on the disc drive. Click the setup file to start the installation process. Based on the on-screen prompts, complete the installation process. If the CD is lost, download the driver from this website .

Make sure that the driver is compatible with the operating system. After downloading the driver, view the setup file from the Downloads folder. Click the setup file. Updating the driver is necessary to avoid system bugs. The outdated driver can cause system issues or crashes. Get the driver and operating system version details from our technical support team. In case you have any issue while downloading or installing, call our toll-free number.


Manual Support

The Manual for a laptop contains all information starting from the specifications till troubleshooting. It comes in soft copy as well as hard copy. A hard copy is shipped along with the system. Read the step by step instructions to get the set up the laptop. If the manual is unavailable, download it from this website. Search the manual by typing the laptop model number in its tab. Click the link to start the download process. Once it is downloaded, move to the Downloads folder. View the manual and click on it to open. Most manuals will be in . PDF format. If you are unable to open it, download the compatible application.

After installing it, open the PDF file. It provides safety measures while setting up the laptop. When the system encounters issues, use the troubleshooting steps provided in the manual. It solves the issue easily. You can get two types of manual from this website. It can be the quick guide or user manual. Choose the manual based on your requirements. If you face any issue while downloading the manual, call our toll-free number. Our technical team provides solutions to solve it.

acer predator 1 sf113 31 p5ck laptop Top issues

Acer Predator 1 Sf113 31 P5ck Black Screen Problem

acer laptop black screen

While working in the system, the system automatically displays a black screen. After a while, rebooting the system starts. In certain cases, when turning on the system, the logo appears and a black screen displays. It can be due to various reasons. The existence of a virus in the system , malfunctioning of the operating system or outdated drivers or BIOS are certain reasons for the issue. Many users think it is a hardware issue. In most cases, solving this issue is simple. To solve the issue, follow the solutions below.

Download and install a licensed antivirus software on the system. Install it based on the on-screen prompts. Ensure that you download it from a trusted website.After installing, scan the system in Safe mode. This removes all virus in the system. The initial scanning process takes several hours to complete. Update the drivers as well as BIOS in the system. Examine if any updates are available. Enable the notification icon in the system. This displays if there are any updates available. Update the drivers as well as BIOS. This solves most issues related to the operating system too. In case the issue persists, call our technical support team. They solve the issue within a fraction of seconds.

Other Related Laptop Models

one factory reset

Before doing the factory reset, it is suggested to create the back up of all files and folders in the system. The factory reset wipes all the files on the hard disk. After the factory settings, the settings are set to its default one. To do it, turn on the system. Navigate to the Start menu. Click it and select the All Programs option. On the drop-down list, select the Acer eRecovery Management software option. Run the program and choose the Recovery option in it. Click the Confirm option to start the process. It creates a complete back up of all data in the system. After the process, restarting process is done automatically. The system restores to its default settings.

acer laptop wont turn on

A drained battery might be the reason for the issue. Charge the battery with the help of the charger cable . It is suggested to use the cable that came with the system’s shipment box. Defects in the cable can lead to the system issue. Examine if the cable is in proper working condition. Try connecting the cable to a different system. If it works, the issue is with the battery or the AC adapter. Examine whether adequate power supply is available for charging. If yes, replacing the battery is the last resort to clear the problem.

acer laptop wont connect to wifi

If you are unable to connect the system to WiFi, examine if the Wifi icon in the system is enabled. If not, enable it. Check if the system is connected to a different network. If yes, connect the system to your network. It is suggested to use a unique name to avoid the confusions. If any configurations are done in the wireless settings, it stops the connection between the system and the router. Change the configurations again for a proper network connection. Even if the issue is not solved, call at our toll-free number to fix the issue.

acer predator scan line issue

You may face the scan line issue when there are any defects in the hardware or software. With the help of the BIOS, you can identify the software issue. There cannot be any means of communication between the BIOS and the operating system. If you do not view any lines in the software, the issue is with the software. Outdated drivers can be the reason. Update the driver to solve the issue. Horizontal lines in the system indicate a hardware issue. It can be due to a physical damage in the components of the system. Replacement of the component can solve it. Replacing the ribbon cable should be done if the issue persists. It connects the system, and the display. For more details, call our toll-free number.

how to reset password

  1. Most people set a login password on the Windows screen. To open the start menu, it is necessary to type the password. When you type the wrong one for 5 times, a Reset password link appears in the bottom of the login box. Click on it.
  2. Install the previously created password disk to the system. Wait till the system opens the Password Reset Wizard. Choose the disk from the drop-down list and then type a new password. Type the password twice to confirm it.
  3. You can access the Windows system with the new password. If the Windows recovery disk is unavailable, download and install Windows Password Recovery software in the system. After the installation, open the software.
  4. Create a bootable Password Recovery Disk with USB Drive. After storing all files in the disk. After a while, the back up process starts automatically. Insert the USB drive in the system. Now, change the password. After doing it, restart the device.

wireless connection issues

Wireless connection issue occurs when the system is connecting to the network or the connection drops in the middle. Maintain a stable network connection by moving the system and router close to each other. Connecting the system to a public network is not advisable. There are certain restrictions while connecting the system to a public network. Do not connect the system to a guest or public network. While typing the credentials , error should be avoided. The credentials contain the network name and password. Keep a note that they are case-sensitive. Examine if the Airplane mode is enabled in the system. If enabled, disable it.

The Airplane mode does not detect the available network names in the surrounding. Resetting the router to its default settings can be done to make a new wireless connection. This can be done when none of the above methods are working. If the issue persists, call our technical support team.

Acer Predator 1 Sf113 31 P5ck Network issue