Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup and Troubleshooting

alienware 13 laptop setup

Alienware 13 Laptop Features

Alienware 13 is a compact gaming laptop with an OLED display. This display produces rich colors and black look when compared to LCD display. The display is thinner and lighter than the previous versions of the laptop. With all built-in features, provides you a marvelous gaming experience from any location at any time. Due to its light-weight, it is easily portable. Use the Cortana software for getting any information required for the gaming process. Get guidance from our technical experts for Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup and Installation process.

  • Intel Core i7 5500 u processor
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Operates on Windows 8.1 OS
  • I6 GB Dual Channel DDR 3L

Tech – Specifications


Use the 8GB RAM in your system which offers more space to install extensive games .

intel processor

It permits you to use the Turbo Boost Technology which provides better performance when required.


Use the Wireless as well as the Bluetooth connection for your system which offers high speed and intelligence for your gaming.

lap display

Experience the 13.3” OLED display with a stunning clarity and clear graphics in any location.

Alienware 13 Configuration Support

Driver Support

For any systems or peripheral devices, drivers are mandatory. When you install a new device to the system, the driver is required. Without a driver, you cannot operate the system. While installing the driver, it is necessary to check whether it is compatible with the operating system. Incompatible driver results in system issues. At the same time, you are supposed to update it frequently. Update drivers reduce the bugs and driver issues. To get further details about the driver, call our technical support team.


Manual Support

Prior to using your system, go through the manual available in the shipment box. It contains details on how to use the system and also connection process. Use the tips provided in the manual to avoid the system issues. You can use the hard copy as well as the soft copy of the system. If you have lost the manual, download the manual from our website. When you face any issue with the laptop, refer to the manual. Call our technical support team to get more details about Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup.

Support for Alienware 13 Laptop Top issues

Alienware 13 optimization

Alienware 13 Support for OS Issues

It is suggested to update the operating system when it is available. After the updating process, you may face various issues such as flickering of the display screen or slow running of the system. When these issues occur, examine whether all drivers installed in the system are updated. If not, update them immediately. Prior to updating, examine whether the driver is compatible with the OS. Then, start the update process. To get detailed information about the Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup Operating system, call our technical team.

Alienware 13 Laptop Optimization

When you are using the Alienware 13 laptop, it displays an incredible visual which is suitable for modern games. When new games are launched and the complexity of installing them increases, many opt for a new one. It is not necessary to move on to the advanced model. Use the latest games in the current model by performing certain updates in the system. Update the driver which automatically enhances the graphics card and processor. So the necessary adjustments in the Settings which provide a boost to the system performance. Try to extend the memory space. This allows installing large memory space gamers in the system. If you need more details regarding the update process, call our techncial support team.

Slow running of Alienware 13 Laptops

  1. The slow performance of the system occurs due to the enormous number of programs installed in the system or due to corrupted driver or software.
  2. Unused programs should be uninstalled for better performance of the system. After uninstalling, reboot the system.
  3. Try to run less number of programs at a time. Make the partition to the Hard disk Drive . This memory management enhances the system.
  4. An update to the BIOS and driver is necessary to fix the bugs and use avail all the latest feature in the Alienware system.
  5. For Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup and Installation process, Call our Techincal Experts.

Support for Firewall and Proxy Related Issues

  1. When you are trying to play games on the laptop, you may not be able to play due to the firewall installed in it.
  2. To overcome this issue, uninstall the firewall for a while. Start to play games again . If you can , the issue is with the software.
  3. Install it by making certain changes in the firewall settings. Unblock the files that stop the games abruptly.
  4. After the above process, you can play games using this firewall software. For more information, call our technical team.

Gaming Installation issues on Alienware 13

When you wish to play games in Alienware 13 laptop, it is necessary to download it. After downloading it set the game settings to play games successfully without any issue. While downloading the game, ensure that you do it with proper setup settings and applications to launch it successfully. Make sure that the downloaded games support the Alienware laptop. The compatibility depends on the Laptop configuration. We provide you assistance in fixing the game settings. It is necessary to have a proper internet connection while downloading the game. Lost internet connection leads to failure in the download process. Any queries you have regarding the Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup and installation, feel free to call our technical support team.

alienware 13 gaming problem

Gaming Update Issues on Alienware 13

After updating the gaming software, you may lose the audio intermittently or completely. You can hear a distorted sound while playing. To fix the issue, move to the Control panel on the system. Under the Control Panel feature, select Programs and features. Uninstall the currently used audio driver. After a while, it is necessary to download and install the latest driver that supports the OS. Configure the speakers to check distorted, cracking or low sound. Ensure that the BIOS is up to date. You need to examine whether the speakers are connected properly. You have further issues with the update process, call our technical team.

Game Playing Issues on Alienware Laptops

When you play games on Alienware 13 laptop, you experience various issues such as sound issues or settings may be changed immediately. To fix the issue, uninstall and then reinstall the NVIDIA driver . Upgrade the BIOS to the recent version. Uninstall and then reinstall the games. Do a component scan which determines the issue with any component. In case there is no issue, the component passes the test. When the test fails, it displays an error message on the screen. Note down the error code displayed on the screen. With the help of the error code, the issue can be easily solved. To fix the issue, call our technical support team and get support for Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup proces..

Antivirus Installation and Removal Support

Antivirus is installed in a system to avoid the attack from virus or malware. When your system is virus-infected, you may face various issues. The issues can be corrupted files, loss of data, miscellaneous files in the home screen. All these issues can be solved by installing an antivirus in the system. When you install it, it automatically removes all the unwanted files in it. Updating the software is necessary to speed up the performance. For more details , contact our technical team.

virus remove

Games not Responding on Alienware 13

  1. In case the driver required for gaming may be missing, in such cases, the games do not respond to the user’s clicks.
  2. Examine whether the driver is compatible with the operating system. If yes, install the driver in the system for better performance.
  3. Uninstall and then upgrade the driver that is necessary for the gaming software. Once installed, try to run the game.
  4. In case the issue persists, call our technical team for Alienware 13 R3 Setup. They will provide remote assistance to solve the issue.
alienware 13 games not responding

Support for Alienware m13x Laptops

  1. Download or reinstall the operating system for the system. Back up and secure storage of your information is provided by security and antivirus . Enhance the system performance and battery life by configuring the battery. Maximize the gaming performance will quickly fix the bugs . Any support related to the drivers are provided by us.
  2. If you experience any issue with the speakers and headphones of the system. We provide detailed information regarding the audio features of the system. Update the audio driver may probably help you in solving the issue. All these information are provided by our technical support team.
  3. You enjoy playing games in the laptop but suddenly system encounters issues and you feel difficult playing in the laptop. For this, you need assistance to know the shortcut keys to function various settings in the game. All these assistance are provided by our experienced technicians.
  4. Call our technical support team to get remote assistance while experiencing any technical issues with the system while Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup process. These faults affect the system performance and interrupt the gamers while playing. To get the instant solutions to fix the issue and to start the game call our technical support team.

Alienware Setup and Configuration Issues

Alienware control center software lets to configure the lighting effects on your laptop. Prior to installing the software, download it to start the installation process. You may face various issues with this laptop. While downloading, if the connection drops. Then the file is a partially downloaded one. You cannot install using this file . It creates various issues in case you are installing it. We provide assistance for Dell Alienware 13 R3 Setup and configuring the system. For that, you have call our technical support team.

Driver Installation or Repair Issues with Alienware

While installing an updated driver in the system, make sure that the internet connection is stable. If the connection is lost, the updates process stops abruptly. You need to restart the process again. When there are any changes in the firewall settings, it blocks the updating process. Modifications should be done to perform the update. Once you have updated, the system will be free from bugs and other driver related issues.

Alienware 13 R3 Setup issue