Fix: Can’t find Pointer on Windows 10 Laptop

Sometimes, the mouse cursor features might be disabled on a Windows 10 laptop. To resolve can’t find pointer on Windows 10 laptop issue, try some quick solutions given below.

Solution 1: Use Windows Function Buttons

  1. In most cases, this solution will help you in resolving the mouse pointer issue on your Windows 10 laptop.
  2. Based on your laptop’s keyboard and mouse model, the button combo may vary.
  3. Press Fn + F3 or Fn + F5 or Fn + F9 or Fn+ F11. Once you press the buttons correctly, the disappeared mouse pointer will appear.
  4. If this solution does not fix the can’t find pointer on Windows 10 laptop issue, then try the next solution.

Solution 2: Update the Mouse Driver

  1. Open the Run application on your Windows 10 laptop.
  2. Type the devmgmt.msc command.
  3. Press the Enter button.
  4. Now, the window titled Device Manager will open.
  5. Go to the devices list.
  6. Select Mice and other pointing devices.
  7. Open the context menu by pressing the Shift and F10 buttons at the same time.
  8. Select the Update driver option using the arrow buttons.
  9. Perform the prompts displayed on your laptop to complete the update process.
  10. Once the update has been completed, check if you could see the mouse cursor.
  11. If not, try the following solutions.

Solution 3: Roll back the Mouse Driver

If you encounter this issue, after updating the mouse driver, then the installed driver version may be incompatible with your Windows 10 laptop. Try to roll back your mouse driver and check if the cursor issue is resolved.

  1. Go to the Device Manager section.
  2. Select the Mice and other pointing device option and expand it.
  3. Press the Tab button.
  4. Keep pressing the Tab button until the General tab is selected.
  5. Go to the Driver section using the arrow buttons.
  6. Select the Rollback driver option using the Tab button.
  7. Respond to the prompts displayed on the screen.
  8. Once the rollback process is completed, reboot your Windows 10 laptop.
  9. Now, successfully fixed the can’t find pointer on Windows 10 Laptop issue.

can’t find pointer on Windows 10 laptop