Dell Chromebook 3180 Setup Support

chromebook 3180 laptop setup

Chromebook 3180 Specifications

Dell Chromebook 3180 is an education laptop. It is mainly designed for students and teachers. It comes with a sealed, water-resistant keyboard and rubberized edges. A careless dropping of the laptop does not lead to damage to the parts of the laptop because of the Drop Protection feature. This compact Dell Chromebook 3180 setup laptop can be placed in lockers and backpacks. It is portable and can be used in lunchrooms and even in buses. It has built-in Google apps that offer organized communication between the students as well as teachers. The outside back cover of the laptop has a narrow white light. This indicates the teacher that a student has questions or needs help. The best laptop available for schools

  • Supports Chrome OS
  • Intel Celeron N3060 processor
  • Wireless Connection
  • 4GB memory space

Tech – Specifications


4 GB RAM is used and the hard disk space is 32GB. This helps to store more school notes .

intel processor

Intel Celeron N3060 processor is mainly used for high performance and more system speed.


3 cell Li-ion battery with 42 Watts is used and the battery life lasts up to 11 hours .

lap display

11.6” inch HDF display with a crisp and vibrant color. It is compatible for educational purpose.

Configuration Support

Driver Support

All devices need a driver for their functionality. The driver acts as a bridge between the system and the operating system. You can install the driver in the system by downloading it from our website. Prior to downloading, examine if the driver supports the operating system. Use a stable internet connection to start the download process. Do not turn off the system during the download process. After downloading, get the file in the Downloaded folder. Click on it to start the installation process. Make use of the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. If you have any issues while downloading or installing foe Chromebook 3180 Setup process, call our technical support team to fix it.


Manual Support

The user manual contains all details about the Dell Chromebook 3180. Use the manual to get the step by step instructions about the setup process. It contains the information about the various features available in the system. In the safety precautions page, get the preventive measures to be done prior to setting up the laptop and also when disassembling the laptop. When you face any issue with the printer, you can get the solutions from the manual. Download the user manual from our website. Click the link to get the soft copy downloaded. Get the file from the Downloads folder. If you have any issues while downloading, call our customer support team.

Support for Chromebook 3180 Laptop Top issues

Dell Chromebook Support for operating system issues

When the system operates slowing, the issue is with the operating system. Check if the latest version of the operating system is installed. If not, update it. In case the blue screen appears while working, the issue may be with the operating system or memory. In such cases, restart the system in the safe mode and use the System recovery tool to back up all the information in the system. Make an attempt to update the BIOS . For further solutions regarding Dell Chromebook 3180 Setup, contact our technical support team.

windows related issues

Dell Chromebook Support for windows related issues

Setting up the laptop is to install the latest version of the Chromebook OS in the system. If the OS is updated, you face various issues. While updating the OS, you need to update a list of software. The software includes BIOS(Basic Input/Output system) Graphics driver, USB drivers etc. After updating, it is necessary to configure the settings in the drivers and the operating system. In case the settings varies, the functioning of the system varies. Based on the user’s requirement, make necessary changes in the driver as well as operating system settings. While updating, ensure that you do not turn off the system. For more chromebook 3180 setup details, call our technical support team.

Antivirus Installation and Removal Support

An antivirus is a software that scans and removes the corrupted files in the system. Get the licensed antivirus software for better protection and performance. You can download the software. But, ensure that you download it from a trusted source. After downloading, install it in the system. If you have purchased an antivirus software, enter the license key to start the installation process. After the installation, the system automatically scans for the detection of virus in the system. Try to scan in the safe mode. In case scanning is done in the normal mode, hidden viruses cannot be removed. For more Chromebook 3180 setup information, call our technical support team.

chromebook 3180 antivirus

Dell Chromebook Support for Network issues

When you connect the system to a wireless network, you may not view an connected status on the Network icon. This occurs due to the weak signal strength. Check if the router is in proper working condition. Enabled Airplane mode can also be the reason for the connection issue. Disable the airplane mode and check the network status. Move the system close to the router to get the strong signal strength. Keep all metal objects away from the router. Verify if the installed drivers are up to date. If not, uninstall and reinstall them to get the updated driver. In case the issue persists, call our technical support team to clear the issue instantly.

Chromebook Support for Wireless Issues

While connecting the printer to a wireless network, you may face various issues such as network name may not be detected, connection drop in the middle. To solve the issue, check if the network name and password is typed properly. Mistakes in the credentials cause network issue. Type them without mistakes to fix the issue. Ensure that you do not connect the system to a guest network. Change in the network name can cause the wireless issue. Type the network name and configure the system again to change the network name. If issues related to the wireless network still continues, call our technical support team for Dell Chromebook 3180 Setup and fix the issue immediately.

Firewall and Proxy Related Issues

When you are installing a new application in the system, it works initially. But, after a while, the application does not respond. This issue occurs due to the firewall. Disable the firewall for a while. Check if the issue occurs. If the application is working, then the issue is with the software. Make necessary changes in the software settings . Unblock the files related to the application. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to unblock the files.

chromebook 3180 proxy issues

Support for Virus Scan and Removal

  1. Virus or malware is a type of malicious software that harms the system performance or security. The system is infected by virus due to internet activity such as downloading the files or browsing internet sites. Make your internet browsing more secure by installing an antivirus software.
  2. Install the antivirus software in the system by purchasing a licensed software or downloading it from a trusted website. Prior to beginning the installation process, type the license key . Once typed, installation starts automatically. Get the downloaded file from the folder and click on it to start the Dell Chromebook 3180 Setup and Installation.
  3. Make sure that you update the software regularly. In case there is no software is outdated, virus attacks may happen again. After the installation process, scanning is done. This scan process removes the virus in the system.While scanning, boot up the system in the safe mode.
  4. Try to update automatically. Make sure that you always keep the back up files in an external storage. This increases the system performance. In case you have any issues regarding the software, call our customer support team. They also provide details such as the validity of the software, update details.

Dell Chromebook Support for Update and Upgrade Issues

In certain times, while using the Chromebook OS, it displays an error message in the screen indicating Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Switch off the system. After a while, turn it on again. Download the copy of the operating system and then store it to the USB flash drive. Commence the installation process by inserting the USB flash drive. If you are upgrading the Chromebook OS, certain issues occur. Installed apps do not respond to the operating system. In such cases, check if there is any notification in the system to update the app. If any, move to the Play store to get the apps updated. Type the app name in the search tab. See the update icon on the screen. Click on it to start the update process. It takes a few seconds to complete the Chromebook 3180 setup and update process. In case there are any installed drivers in the system, update it to solve the issue. In case the update issue still continues, call our technical team to resolve it immediately.

chromebook 3180 upgrade issues