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How To Solve Chromebook Laptop not connecting to WiFi?

If you want to connect your Chromebook laptop to Wi-Fi, but you are unable to connect it, then there might be several reasons for this issue. One of the possible reasons for the Wi-Fi connection issue could be the Wi-Fi switch being turned OFF on the Chromebook laptop. Also, there could be problems with your Wi-Fi network. So, in this article, we shall see the steps to fix the Chromebook laptop not connecting to wifi.

Initial troubleshooting steps:

  1. Firstly, confirm that there are no issues with your wireless network.
  2. Check if you are able to connect to Wi-Fi from other wireless devices.
  3. As a troubleshooting step, you can turn off and on your wireless router/modem.
  4. Restart your Chromebook laptop and check if it is able to detect your wireless network.

If you are still stuck with the issue, then proceed to the next section.

Chromebook Laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix for Chromebook Wi-Fi connection issue:

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi switch: This step will be suitable for Chromebook laptops that have a physical Wi-Fi switch on its panel. You can refer to your laptop’s user manual to locate the Wi-Fi switch. Once you locate it, turn on the switch to enable Wi-Fi.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi: Go to the bottom left corner of your Chromebook laptop screen. Now, select the time and check if Wi-Fi is enabled. If not, enable it now. After enabling Wi-Fi, click your Wi-Fi network and enter the network password to get connected.
  3. Reconnect to the network: If you are connected to the Wi-Fi network, but not able to access the Internet, then disconnect from the Wi-Fi network. Again, connect to Wi-Fi using the SSID and password.
  4. Connect using an Ethernet cable: If the wireless network connection issue persists, then connect the laptop to the network using the Ethernet cable.

  1. Update the Chrome OS: After connecting the Chromebook laptop to the Internet using the Ethernet cable, proceed to update the OS.
    1. Go to the Settings window.
    2. Scroll down the page and select the About Chrome OS to check the current version of OS.
    3. Select Check for updates.
    4. Once the updates are downloaded, click Restart and Update. Now, the Chrome OS will be updated.
  2. Perform a Hard Reset: If the issue persists, then perform a hard reset. Press and hold both the Power and Refresh button on the Chromebook laptop not connecting to wifi. When the laptop boots, release the Refresh button to reset the laptop.