How to Combine multiple email accounts in Outlook

Combining email accounts lets you access the messages delivered to each account from the same folder. Prior to that, you need to make sure that the accounts you wish to combine are added to Outlook. If not follow the instructions given here, if you have already added the accounts, then skip to step 5. First, add the accounts that you wish to combine. Open Outlook, access the File menu and choose Add account to Combine multiple email accounts in Outlook. In Outlook 2017, provide your email address, then choose Connect. If you are employing Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010, choose Email account and then provide your name, email address and password. Then choose Next. If required, furnish your password again, then choose OK and then Finish to begin utilizing outlook.

  •   Follow these steps If you wish to set up your account manually, if not skip to step 5 to combine your account inboxes.
  •   Open outlook, access the file menu, Add account. From the next screen provide your email address and choose Advanced options. Check the box that lets you set up your account manually and choose Connect. Choose the account type. Mostly, you will choose IMAP.
  •   The account settings should be pre-furnished much of the account configuration required. Provide your incoming and outgoing server configuration.
  •   Choose Next. Provide your password and then choose Next. If required set up two-factor authentication.
  •   For Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, you can also create new account employing the auto-detect feature. You can combine the inbox after creating them.
  •   Open Microsoft Outlook, access the File menu, choose Account settings to combine multiple email accounts in outlook. From the drop down menu that is displayed, choose Settings again.
  •   You will be shown the Account Settings Windows that lists all of your current email accounts. Ensure that you are on the Email Tab.
  •   Choose the email account whose Inbox you need to combine. Microsoft Outlook will provide you with the Change folder option at the bottom of the Account Settings Windows.

combine multiple email accounts in outlook

  •    From the Change Folder dialog box, choose Outlook and then Inbox. In case you need the mail to be sent to a custom folder, choose New Folder to create a new folder.
  •   In case you wish to utilize a new PST file for email, you can choose New Outlook File. However, as your contacts, calendar and other information is already saved in outlook.pst, it is wiser to choose Outlook and then inbox as it will conserve time required for backing up files.
  •   After selecting the folder you need, choose OK. Repeat the steps above to combine multiple email account in outlook you wish to combine. Exit the account settings window to complete the process of combine multiple email accounts in outlook.