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Usually, the Switch is connected to a laptop to get a bigger picture. The Nintendo Switch device is popularly known for gaming, and it is connected to the laptop using a capture card. The Nintendo console needs a capture card to connect with the laptop for a good gaming experience. Since both the Switch and the laptop have an HDMI IN port, it cannot be connected without using the capture card. If you connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop, follow the below-mentioned steps to connect switch to laptop without capture card.

  1. You need to purchase an HDMI video capture card first and then install the software on your laptop from the manufacturer’s site.
  2. Connect the Nintendo’s Switch and the HDMI capture card using a standard HDMI cable.

  3. If you have connected your Nintendo Switch’s HDMI cable into the TV, disconnect it from theTV and connect it to the capture card.

  4. Turn on your laptop and open the installed Game Capture HD

  5. Press the Homebutton on the controller to power on the Nintendo Switch.

  6. Now, connect the laptop and the capture card using a suitable USB

  7. Wait until the laptop detects the Nintendo Switch.

  8. Once it is connected to the laptop, your laptop will display the Nintendo Switch screen within the Game Capture HD

  9. If your laptop fails to detect the Switch, check the HDMI cable and the connected ports.

  10. The Nintendo Switch screen will automatically fit the full screen on your laptop.

  11. Therefore, avoid touching the mouse or keyboard unnecessarily.

  12. This method is similar to the procedure of connecting the Xbox Oneconsole or Blu-ray

  13. If you have difficulties in connect Switch to laptop without capture card, contact our technical support team.