Best Dell Alienware Models

Dell Alienware Models give you the most immersive PC gaming experience. Powered by high-end technology, these are ultra-powerful notebooks which are the first choice for gamers. These laptops are high on graphics and are considered the best-in-class laptops for gaming. They are the computer hardware subsidiary of Dell. These products can be easily identified by their unique alien-themed designs. They run on Windows platform. The Alienware laptops have all the needs that a gamer can ask for. These are powered by the latest Nvidia series graphics and overclocked processors that run on 7th Gen Intel core processors delivering unmatched performance.

Setup and Configure Dell Alienware with Online Support

alienware laptop configuration

On starting a new Alienware laptop you will notice that you are provided with Windows operating system. However if you want to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 you have to disable the Secure Boot from the BIOS. Run all the updates before performing the upgrade. Then uninstall your video card from the Control Panel. Then you can perform the Upgrade to Windows 10. After upgrading, the drivers will automatically updated or you can download the latest drivers from our website. Dell Alienware Models support is provided by our website on how to configure your laptop and resolve all technical issues.

Dell Alienware Technical Support for All Issues

Dell Alienware Support will address all your issues regarding your laptop. You computer might have issues like not turning on or staying blank, which might be due to power issues or booting problems. Make sure that your monitor is properly plugged in to the power source and has the indicator light ON. If there is a booting problem, verify the BIOS values are the correct ones as per your system configuration. Battery issues are common in any laptops after a period of time. If you feel that your battery does not hold charge for a period of time, then run a battery diagnostic test.

Solution for Alienware Gaming Laptop Issues

While playing high graphics games, your device might experience sudden crashes or might freeze for sometime. You may have to force shut down your computer via the power button. So try running an ePSA/diagnostic test on the system. Or you can try running a video card stress test. Running high storage games with high graphics may cause battery problems. This maybe because of running the games for a long time while connecting the battery charger to your Dell Alienware Models. If you have problems regarding your device while gaming, you can refer our instructions manual from our website for detailed info.

Dell Alienware Laptop Models

dell alienware models

Alienware 13


dell alienware 15

Alienware 15


dell alienware 17

Alienware 17


Alienware Laptop Driver Installation

You can download the latest drivers from our website for your Dell Alienware Models. Download the drivers and save them when prompted to Save or Open. Go to the downloads folder in your drive and double click the file to run the installation setup. After the installation is complete, restart the computer for the effects to take place. Update the drivers regularly to continue uninterrupted performance from your laptop.

Support for Dell Laptop Models and Top Related Issues

  1. If you are trying to upgrade your Ddell Alienware Models to Windows 10, first check whether your device is compatible or not to upgrade. Mostly it is compatible with Alienware 13 and higher models only. While trying to upgrade your OS, certain parts of the upgrade process may display a black screen after restart. This is normal. But the black screen should not stay on for more than 20 minutes. If your Nvidia drivers did not install properly after the OS upgrade, then it might cause improper functioning. Manually uninstall the old video driver by going to the Control Panel and select Program and features. Then download and install the latest Nvidia drivers. If the problem persists, then you can go back to your previous Windows version.

  2. Your computer might slow down due to various reasons like storing up a large number of files, amount of applications or ad-ons you have installed in your system or a driver/update not installed properly. Optimizing your laptop can be easy if you do regular check ups or clean ups in your system. Running many programs at the same time can slow down your PC. Uninstall the programs you never use. If you install a new application, restart the computer and then open the application. Run Disk Defragment regularly to keep your system clean and saving storage space. Updating your BIOS may help boosting your computer. But before updating your BIOS make sure that you take a back up of all your files.

  3. You can play almost all the ultra-graphics range games on the Dell Alienware Models. But there can be issues while installing them. It can be drivers failure, or some other reasons. If there is a problem with drivers, then while installing your system will display the error as ‘drivers error’ or ‘drivers file not found’. So you can download the latest drivers from our website and then try installing the game. Some drivers maybe corrupt. Therefore uninstall the drivers and then re-install. Sometimes there might be a problem with your graphics card that will cause trouble during installation. This can be identified when you face screen glitches while playing games or watching movies. Refer our instructions manual on our website for more info.

  4. After upgrading your OS to Windows 10, there can be some minor issues with the audio while gaming. Audio can be very mild or there can be no audio at all. Uninstall the existing audio drivers. Download the Realtek ALC32666 audio driver. Make sure that you download the latest version of the drivers. Install the new drivers by double clicking the downloaded file. Before upgrading your device to Windows 10, if you did not uninstall the video driver, then the driver can malfunction. So uninstall the old driver by going to Program and Features inside the Control Panel. You can run the Windows Update to download the latest drivers or manually download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

  5. There can be some trouble while playing if your graphics/video card is corrupt. You can find out the issue if you face one of these signs. If you are playing a game and suddenly weird colors appear on your screen, then that can be a graphics card problem. But if you restart your computer, it might come back to normal. But after you start the game it will soon reappear. Blue screen is another familiar symptom that might occur due to various reasons. But if it appears when you start a graphics game or any other graphical application, then this could be an indication that your graphics card is at fault. If you have many applications, then your game might hang due to slow processing of applications.

  6. Your system might run slowly pertaining to various reasons like: many number of applications installed, near-full storage, an update or driver not installed properly or even due to malware or a virus that affected your system. Do not run numerous applications in the background which might cause your current program to slow down or even hang. To prevent your computer from slowing down, it is advised not to keep unused programs and instead uninstall them. Don’t run many applications simultaneously which might cause the system to hang. Defragment the computer’s hard drive regularly to clean your storage and remove unwanted files. Restart your computer after installing any major driver or an update for the changes to take place completely.

  7. If your game doesn’t launch or respond after double clicking them, then make sure that the game is compatible to your operating system version. Ensure that the minimum system requirement complied the game producer meets your Dell Alienware Models. Check the graphics settings of the game in your system. Some games will run on only certain resolution sizes. If needed, change the resolution size that is required for the game(if mentioned). Check whether your graphics driver is functioning properly and see if it is up to date. You can download the latest graphics driver from our website and install them. If it is found that the graphics driver is corrupt or fails constantly, then uninstall the drivers. Download the latest drivers and then try re-installing them.

  8. A lot of malicious content can be downloaded to your system even without your knowledge through pop-ups or cookies. Whenever you are using third-party applications or websites, your system might be vulnerable to these hazardous content. You can activate or turn OFF the firewall settings from in the Control Panel. Open System and Security and then choose Windows Firewall. Now enable the Firewall. Make sure that both the public and private network firewalls are turned ON. Click OK after you have checked both the options. It is highly recommended that you keep your Firewall ON to prevent unwanted content from entering your computer. Similarly, you can change the proxy settings by goig to the Settings and select Network and Internet. Click proxy and then you can change the settings on your Dell Alienware Models.

  9. Malware can be some malicious software or viruses that harms your PC’s performance and safety. These malware content enter your system mostly from the Internet. So that is why it is important to keep an Anti-virus software in your computer. There can be many Anti-virus products available for download. You can choose to purchase or download Microsoft’s free security software built especially for Windows operating computers. Download the software from Microsoft Security essentials and run the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. Run a scan to check whether your system is affected by a virus. If you wish to remove the Anti-virus software, you can view that program from the Start menu and select Uninstall.

  10. There are certain issues that you might come across while configuring your Dell Alienware Models. They can be performance oriented issues or hardware, video card or OS setup problems. If you have Windows 10 upgrading issues in your laptop, then check its compatibility first. Because Windows 10 is not compatible in all Alienware laptops. If you have trouble connecting to your wireless internet network, then first check your device’s network settings. Your router must be at a considerable distance from your computer. The range should be within 3-9 feet. Moving it closer will provide much better network and faster connectivity. If you cannot find your network, then try rebooting your computer. If it still doesn’t establish a connection, download the latest drivers.

  11. You can download the latest version of drivers from our website. Click the download button under the Drivers section and the download will start. Save the file. After the download completes, go to the downloads location in your drive and double click on the drivers file to start the installation setup. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. Restart the computer for the changes to take place. Further on, if you face any issues related to drivers like ‘drivers error’ or ‘drivers not found’, then it can be due to corrupt drivers or not updating them regularly. Update the drivers regularly to fix the issue or uninstall the drivers and re-install the latest version of drivers from our website.

  12. The Alienware m15x laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GT can deliver high performance graphical content. But gradually your device may slow down due to many programs or any malware downloaded from the internet. Try running a malware/Anti-virus scan to fix this issue. If you are unable to launch a game or complete its installation, then check whether the game is compatible with your operating system version. If any of the program is unable to access the internet, then check whether the firewall allows access for your program to the internet. if your PC produces any weird sounds or the audio does not function properly, you can try uninstalling the audio drivers. Then download the latest versions and install them and try the audio on your Dell Alienware Models.

  13. The Alienware m13x with an Intel Core i7 processor can perform functions in the fastest way with quality results. These high-end processors will not respond during any drivers failure or updates error. The drivers maybe corrupt or not updated. Uninstall the drivers and then download them from our website, and then re-install them. Wireless connectivity can be an issue in all laptops. If your computer is not able to connect to wi-fi, then check if your computer is in range with the router. Reboot the computer. Turn OFF the router so that the internet connection gets disrupted. Turn ON the device and then check. If the problem still exists, then uninstall the network adapters and download the specific drivers from our website and re-install them.

  14. The Dell Alienware Models m17x is a powerful machine with high graphics yet with some minor issues. The screen might go blank for sometime while playing a game or watching movies. Sometimes the screen might stay blank and may not respond. check whether the drivers are up-to-date. If not, update them from our website. The audio or other parts might pop up some problems after upgrading to Windows 10. Try re-installing the drivers to check if there is a solution. Always make sure that you update your drivers regularly. You can go back to your previous version of Windows if you don’t seem comfortable with Windows 10. Refer our instructions manual from our website for more instructions on your Alienware m17x.

  15. The Alienware 14 laptop is designed for more intense gaming anywhere you go. This device has some battery issues where the charger is displayed as plugged in on the screen, but does not charge. Check if the AC adapter is recognized in the BIOS menu. To enter the BIOS setup, press F2 after powering ON your laptop. If in the BIOS menu the AC adapter is shown as unknown, then the battery won’t charge, which means the adapter, DC jack or mainboard is faulty. If the AC adapter is recognized but the battery doesn’t charge, then replace the battery with a new one. You can try the Dell Diagnostics by running an extended test on the hard drive where you may find the fault.

  16. The Alienware m51x is one of the best models in the Dell Alienware models, even though it has some issues. While playing a game, if you are unable to access the internet, then check whether your firewall has given access to the game to establish a connection. And before giving access, ensure that the game is released by established gaming company to prevent any malicious software from entering your system. Similarly, see if the proxy settings are rightly configured to provide access to internet. If your device is constantly crashing, then try removing the drivers and re-installing them. If that doesn’t work, open the Windows Update and install all the available updates. Finally if nothing worked, uninstall the OS and re-install Windows 10 after taking a back up.

  17. The Dell Alienware x51 might have some issues after upgrading to Windows 10. If you find your system constantly restarting in a loop to a black screen, then you may need to reboot your system. Enter the BIOS utility by pressing F2 right after turning ON your PC. In the BIOS menu, navigate to the Boot tab. Use the arrow keys to navigate and move down to highlight Secure Boot. Press Enter and then choose Disabled. Press the F10 key save and close the menu. Now your Dell Alienware Nodels will automatically start up. If your PC produces any distorted beeps or loses audio frequently after upgrading to Windows, you may have to uninstall the drivers. Then Download the latest drivers from our website and try re-installing them.