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Dell chromebook 11 3180 Specifications

Dell Chromebook 11 3180 setup is a laptop especially designed for students. It is a durable laptop that provides high security with great performance. Go full on entertainment for long hours without having to worry about charging your device regularly. A performance powerhouse with modern processors that empower your system to perform any task. The ultra-sleek design completes this high-performance laptop.

  • 11.6-inch Full HD display
  • Chrome operating system
  • 42-WHr battery
  • Flash memory solid state

Tech – Specifications


2 GB RAM for great processing speeds

intel processor

7th Gen Intel Core with i7 Quad Core processor for high performance


4-Cell primary battery with 56 working hours so that you can play without interruptions.

lap display

11.6-inch Full HD display with an optimal resolution of 1366 x 768

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Support

Drivers play an integral part in the performance of your Dell Chromebook 11 3180 laptop. Apart from basic drivers the you can download several other additional drivers for you . These will enhance your gaming experience. Our website provides all kinds of drivers required for your laptop. You can download them by pressing the Driver button with the Download icon on it. Press the download button to start the download. Press the Driver button to start the download for Chromebook 11 3180 Setup. Before the download initiates, you will be prompted whether to Save or Run the file. It is recommended to Save the file. If you choose the Run option, the download process will start and the drivers will start to install right after the download without saving the file. So it is better to choose Save, so that in case your installation is interrupted midway or is forced to close, you can start it again by double-clicking the file. Restart your computer after the installation.


Computer Does Not Hold A Charge

Computer may not hold charge for a period of time, if the battery is drained out. All rechargeable batteries lose their capacity over a period of time. Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Setup Laptop batteries experience a noticeable loss of storage power only after a few years. If you continue to use an old battery, its run time will reduce further until the battery can only last for several minutes before dying. In that case, order a new battery from the manufacturer or from your retailer.

Faulty Charger

When you connect the charger to the laptop but it does not charge, then there can be an issue with the charger. Check if the cable is broken or the power cord is firmly connected to the laptop. If the power cable is broken, then there can be partial power loss. In that case, the if the charger keeps shifting between working and not working, then the base battery levels will get drained quickly. Try using another charger of the same brand to check if it is working or not.

Faulty/Worn Out Battery

You can rule that your battery is faulty or worn out if it is not detected by the laptop when you connect the charger to the it. Check the cable if it is broken or not. Charge the laptop for a few hours and check later for the battery’s running time for Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Setup process. If the laptop turns on but does not run for a few hours, then there is a problem with your battery. Replace the battery if it is still under warranty keeping the terms and conditions in mind.

Laptop Runs Slowly

“He’s Dead, Jim!” Error Message

The “He’s Dead, Jim!” error message occur when your Chrome browser crashes. This error mostly occurs when your Chrome browser is out of memory. This message is not a virus, it is just an error message indicating that the Chrome tab has crashed or has stopped working. Try refreshing the tab. If this doesn’t work, quit the tab and open the website on another tab. The error message may continue with “Something caused this page to be killed” citing a reason. Try restarting Chrome if nothing helps. For more Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Setup process call our technical experts.

chromebook 11 3180 runs slowly

Too Many Programs/Extensions Running

In your Dell Chromebook 3180, some programs or extensions running in the background may keep your Google Chrome awake. This happens even when you close or minimize these extensions. This might slow down the computer and overload the memory usage. The battery might also get drained up in the process. Closing Chrome might not completely exit the application. Some applications like email notifications keep the IRC chat alive thus keeping Chrome active. It is helpful to keep Chrome running in the background. But if you want the Dell Chromebook 3180 laptop’s battery life to maximize, then it is advised to disable the background applications.

Faulty RAM

RAM issues can be easily identified if you face these common issues. When your system runs slow like never before, or the applications run at a snail’s pace, or if your computer freezes and restarts randomly in the middle of something, or a blue screen with white text flashes automatically – these symptoms indicate a fault within your RAM at the process of Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Setup.

Keyboard is unresponsive/keys do not press and release smoothly

The Dell Chromebook 3180 may have certain issues pertaining to keyboard or the touch pad. The keyboard may suddenly stop functioning. This may not be a common problem, but when it occurs, almost all the keys stop functioning or some keys might work. Usually low battery can cause this problem when the battery doesn’t have enough power to feed the keyboard. Try booting into Safe Mode and hold the Shift key while booting up.

dell chromebook 11 3180 keyboard is unresponsive

Monitor tends to fall back to a more open position / screen doesn’t hold up

Laptops in general have different looks and styles. But the design and the position of the laptop hinges are built almost alike in all the models. The connector part that connects the keyboard and the laptop’s display has screws on both the ends. This is common in most of the laptop models whereas in some models the screws might not be visible since they are covered by another layer. Tightening the screws should keep the laptop screen steady and prevent it from falling back. For more information on Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Setup process, Call our Technical experts.

Hinges Screws Loose

Loose hinges screws can be annoying while using the Dell Chromebook 3180 laptop. So tightening them will be the remedy. But before tightening them, unplug the laptop and remove the battery. These screws can be removed or tightened easily by using screwdrivers. Using a small flat-head screwdriver will help in unscrewing these screws. Keep the screws in a safe place since they are hard to get.

Damaged/Cracked Hinges

A damaged hinge can make a laptop unusable. Only in some ways though. The Dell Chromebook 3180 laptop’s screen with a broken hinge cannot be adjusted smoothly the way it was previously done with a working hinge. The screen cannot stand vertically without any support. The broken hinges doesn’t affect the performance or efficiency of the laptop. All the components will be working fine, without affecting the display. The screen’s display will get affected only if the screen is damaged. Get it replaced by delivering it to your manufacturer or by following the chromebook 11 3180 setup instructions delivered on our website.

Case is cracked / does not hold parts together

If the case of your Dell Chromebook 11 3180 setup laptop is broken, it won’t affect the system internally but may expose the heat from the inside. The crack appears mostly when the notebook accidentally falls or hits something. The best solution for this issue is to get a replacement for from your manufacturer if the damage comes under warranty and if the warranty period still exists. If there is a crack on the back case, then you can seal it temporarily with an epoxy putty so that the heat doesn’t affect the user. By sealing the crack you can avoid any direct electrical contact.

Damaged Bottom Case

The Dell 3180 Chromebook laptop’s bottom case is crucial since it holds the entire base intact. If the case is damaged, make sure to repair or replace it immediately since the heat generated from the cooling fans and the processors directly affects the bottom case. If it is damaged, then the exposed heat can affect your hands.

Loose or Broken Case or Internal Components

The Dell 3180 Chromebook laptop, if damaged from the outside, can have any loose or broken internal components. But if the laptop accidentally slips and hits the ground, the back case is the first component to get damaged. If it falls right on the edge, then probably major internal damages might occur to your device. Try turning on the device to check if it works. If the internal components are loosened or broken, probably the chromebook 11 3180 setup laptop will malfunction. Deliver the laptop to your nearest company retailer and check if the damage comes under warranty. Else open the screws on the back panel and check if the internal components are disconnected.

Unusual Screen Behavior

The Dell 3180 Chromebook can display random colored lines on your screen resulting in an unusual behavior. This issue can happen mostly due to corrupt display drivers. Download the latest drivers from our website. Click on the Driver button with a Download icon on it to start the download.

Loose Connections : The screen can also display any unusual behavior if the display is found to be weak or if the internal components are loosely connected. Send the laptop to your retailer for repairs.

Faulty or Broken Screen : The Dell Chromebook 11 3180 setup mostly doesn’t have any problems with a cracked screen. Because the user can still work with a cracked screen unless it doesn’t cause any power issues.

dell chromebook 11 3180 unusual screen behavior