Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS 11.6 Setup And Troubleshooting

Dell Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS 11.6 Laptop

About Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS 11.6

The Dell Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS is a 2-in-1 traditional, stylish, compatible laptop that is used widely for educational purpose. The 180 degree axis allows the device to lay down flat. This makes the user to easily share content. The corning Gorilla glass that offers 10x scratch resistance is notable feature in the laptop. The laptop offers USB ports, microphone audio jack and HDMI ports. The keyboard equipped with the laptop is sealed and spill-resistant making it kid-proof. The primary advantage is : The downtime of the laptop is minimized with proactive and automated support with the Support Assist.

  • 11.6” HD IPS Touch LCD display
  • Intel Celeron N3060 processor
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • 4GB RAM + 16GB eMMC

Tech – Specifications


The laptop is installed with 4GB RAM that offers effortless work.


The Intel Celeron N3060 Quad core processor allows multiple operations at the same time.

battery icon

Since it is an educational laptop, the battery life is extended to 10 hours of continuous work.

Lap display

The Dell Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS is built up with 11.6” HD Touch display with In-Plane Switching technology.

Configuration Support

Driver Support

The DELL Chromebook operates on the Chrome Operating system. Like Windows OS, the device drivers are built default in the Chrome/Chromium OS. The user can also manually download the drivers for all the devices. The driver software for the devices can be downloaded from the site’s Driver downloads menu. Download the driver file. Open and Run the file. The setup is initialized. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup. Make sure to download the drivers that are meant for Chrome Operating system. If you find any difficulties in installing the drivers, refer the User Manual provided in the site.


Manual Support

Download and save the specific driver software. Locate the file. Right click the file and extract the sources. Click the setup file. Select ‘Run’ from the drop-down menu. Follow the onscreen instructions. Enter the mandatory fields with required user information. Finish the setup. Complete the installation by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. If you connect an external device, wait for the system to automatically search and download the driver. If not, manually download and install by following the steps mentioned above. For inquiries on the product, contact the technical support team through the Toll-Free number.

Support for chromebook Laptop Top issues


Dell Chromebook Support for operating system issues

The Chrome Operating System is performing slow – To resolve this issue, ensure to clear the RAM frequently. Do not load multiple applications at the same time. Close the unwanted programs. If possible, restart the laptop at regular intervals. Update the OS and other driver software. If any application is outdated, then the particular application lags behind the updated applications. You can easily update the system by just clicking the ‘System Update Icon’.

Dell Chromebook Support for windows related issues

We provide support for the setup and configuration process of the Chromebook. The Chromebook is installed with the Windows 7 as the default Operating system. Turn On the laptop. Furnish the user details as prompted. After entering the homepage, configure the settings according to the user’s requirements. You can verify the guidebook for detailed description of the laptop. Create the recovery disk in a USB flash drive. This helps in the event of recovering or resetting the system’s password. To get additional info on the Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS 11.6 tech-support, dial the Toll-Free number to connect with our customer care executive.

Antivirus Installation and Removal Support for Dell chromebook

The anti-virus is installed to protect the laptop from virus attack and malfunctioning. Download the latest version of the anti-virus software from a trusted site. The software should satisfy the requirements of the Operating system. Right click the downloaded file. Click ‘Run as administrator’ from the drop-down menu. Wait until the setup is complete. Finish the installation process after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the software. Launch the application. Click Scan now and select the method of scanning. The duration of the scanning process depends on the method you select. The software settings can be customized to perform the scan at scheduled intervals. If you want to remove the software, go to settings and uninstall the program.


Dell Chromebook Support for Network issues

Examine the NIC port and the network cable for any physical damages. Boot the laptop into the BIOS settings. Adjust the BIOS settings to default. Load the OS. Under programs or drivers menu, update the network drivers to the latest version. If one or more network drivers are installed – Disconnect the network provider. Delete all the drivers and the source files. Re-connect the network adapter. The System automatically searches and installs the latest version of the network driver. For an elaborate description, refer the hand-book. Contact the customer support team using the Toll-Free number to know about the Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS review.

Dell Chromebook Laptop Support for Wireless Issues

Check whether the WI-FI feature has been turned on. Scan the available networks. Select the desired network that you want to connect. If the system fails to connect, perform troubleshooting. Upgrade the wireless network drivers and adapters. Specifically, the Chrome Operating system does not support outdated or very old wireless network providers. Disconnect all the peripheral devices attached with the laptop. Go to the system settings. Under wireless menu, remove all the installed drivers. Reestablish the connection. Wait for the OS to automatically download the drivers. If not, manually download and install the latest version of the driver.

Dell Chromebook Support for Firewall and Proxy Related Issues

Go to the Administrator settings under the system’s menu. From the sub-menu, locate and select the Firewall. Enter the root password in the prompted dialog box and click Continue. Enable the Firewall Automatic starting feature. Make more gritty firewall configurations by checking the other sections – Interfaces & Allowed services. Click Finish from the Firewall summary Window. The Firewall acts as the defender for the system from malware attacks and system errors. To resolve the issues related to Proxy – always use default settings opted by the system. If you change any Proxy settings, assure that the system configures the address and allows you to proceed further.


Dell XPS Support for Virus Scan and Removal

  1. Detect the system – The malware infected systems are usually prone to data loss, appearance and disappearance of miscellaneous files. Moreover, the browser gets redirected automatically and the system tends to display irregular patterns & patches on the screen.
  2. Rectify the system – Install or Update the latest version of the anti-virus software from a licensed provider. Open the software and select the ‘Scan now’ option. The defect files are resolved by the anti-virus software.
  3. The scanning process can be scheduled to perform at regular intervals. If the problem persist, update the drivers of the Operating system, or, re-install the Operating system. While re-installing the OS, boot the system to enter the ‘Safe Mode’.
  4. Enter the ‘Spy ware and Protection’ menu. Enable the ‘Firewall’ and click resolve the issues tab. The Firewall resolves the PC errors and functions similar to the anti-virus software. Frequently update the built-in Windows applications.

Dell Chromebook Support For Update and Upgrade Issues

Update issues are generally regarding the driver updates and software updates. The system turns out to perform slow due to outdated driver software. To avoid this, update the drivers for your OS by downloading from the Driver downloads tab. To learn more about the functioning of the driver software, refer the site’s User Manual. Kindly call our customer care executive to assist you with the troubleshooting issues.

Upgrade issues are due to the failures in Operating system upgrade. The Dell Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS supports only the Chrome and Chromium OS. Do not attempt to install a different category/version of the Operating system. This results in heavy fatal to the laptop. Also, use only the devices that meets the requirements of the system. For detailed list of upgrades, refer the manuals.