Best Dell Chromebook Models 2019

Dell Chromebook Models is an affordable cloud-based laptop with secure and manageable. Due to the inbuilt and easy access browser, spending less time in learning to use it. With the cloud backup feature, don’t worry about losing of data. If you forget to save the document, it is easy to get back it with this feature. There is a frequent scanning of apps and data for any virus and malware. This secures the system from virus attacks. It is used in a variety of fields such as business, education, etc. Enhance your learning with the updated inbuilt tools for students and schools. With the pre-installed Google apps and other software, it makes your workload simple and easy.

Setup and Configure Dell Chromebook with Online Support

dell chromebook configuration

After purchasing Dell Chromebook Models, it is necessary to set up and configure it. Without doing so, it is impossible to work on it. The first is to do a physical setup. Connect the laptop to the power cable to start the charging process. Examine if the battery is inserted. If not, install it and then start the connection process. After a while, turn on a laptop by pressing the Power button. When the system boots up, it prompts for certain information such as Microsoft Account sign-in, Wi-Fi Settings, OneDriver Setup, etc. Try to create Recovery Media to repair the Windows 10 operating system when the laptops encounter software or hardware issues. Use the Windows Update software to update any drivers automatically.

Solution for Dell Chromebook Gaming Laptop Issues

While playing games on the Dell Chromebook, it stops in the middle , audio issues , it returns to the home screen without exiting from the game. These are the major issues with the games . Upgrade the games when any notification appears on the screen. Examine if the game is compatible with the operating system version and the application installed. In certain cases, uninstall and then reinstall the games for the normal functioning . When the sounds are not audible, check the settings on the menu . Examine if it is disabled. Enable it by sliding to the normal position. If the issue persists, update the audio driver installed on the laptop.

Dell Chromebook Laptop Models

dell chromebook models

Chromebook 11 3180 83C80

Cost-effective learning laptop with durability


chromebook 11 notebook

Chromebook 11 11.6 inch LED

Light weight laptop with fast Chrome OS


dell chromebook 13 3380 6TXJ4

Chromebook 13 3380 6TXJ4

A High-end performance with updated applications


chromebook 3180 intel celeron n3060

Chromebook 3180 11.6″ Intel Celeron N3060

18- degree hinge with high scratch resistance


chromebook 2nn30 3yps

Chromebook 2NN30-3YPS Traditional

Spill-resistant keyboard with drop protection


Chromebook Laptop Driver Installation

Drivers are required for a laptop to operate properly. Each and every external device connected to the laptop should have a driver for functioning. There are certain inbuilt drivers for the touchpad and keyboard installed on it. The certain drivers for the laptop are available on the installation disc that is provided during the purchase of the Dell Chromebook Models.

Support for Dell Laptop Models and Related Top Issues

  1. While operating on Chromebook OS, it does not work due to the issue with the Dell Chromebook Models. Do a recovery method to solve the operating system issues. The first step is to turn off the laptop for a while . Turn it on again by pressing the Power button. Try to download a recovery media for the laptop. Check if the system has a Chrome browser installed. If it has, move to the browser to install the recovery app. After installing, open it and select the Get started option. Choose the model number and type the error code displayed on the Chromebook screen. Select Continue. Install the USB flash drive and from the drop-down menu, choose the media inserted. Select the Create Now option. Once the recovery media is created, a message appears on the screen and then uninstall the media from it. Using this, install the Chromebook OS again.

  2. After purchasing the laptop, it is necessary to set up it. Setting up is the process of doing the first time setup of the laptop. While doing the setup process, you face various issues like the laptop is not powered up, the battery is not charging, driver not installed properly, etc. While facing these issues, examine if the power cable is defective. If the power cable is not in proper working condition ,the issue occurs. It is suggested to use the power cable of the laptop to get an uninterrupted power supply. While installing a driver, examine if it is compatible with the version of the operating system and hardware components. During the installation, do not turn off the laptop. Take the battery out of the slot and insert it again. Reboot the laptop and then check if the issue persists.When there is any damage to the power cable, replace it when it is under-warranty period.

  3. When your Dell Chromebook Models are slow in loading or responding, it indicates that it is experiencing a slow performance issue. There are a variety of reasons for this issue. It could be due to fragmented data on the hard disk, outdated drivers or operating system files, corrupted operating system , insufficient memory, hardware failures, etc. Also, these issues can be solved with the steps provided. Update the BIOS, operating system and drivers. Prior to updating, examine if there are any updates available. In certain cases, overheating of the laptop leads to this issue. Clean the blocked air vents to cool down the heating of the internal components such as a processor, RAM and other parts. Check if there is any unused space on the hard drive. If the drive is running out of space, delete the unused apps or software installed.

  4. While installing a new application on the Dell Chromebook Models, it works well after the installation. Over a period of time, it starts to slow down its performance or hangs up in the middle. It can be due to the issue with the firewall. Certain applications might be blocked by the firewall settings. When these applications are installed, these issue occurs. Disable the firewall software for a while to examine if the issue is with it. If yes, make necessary changes on the firewall settings and unblock the applications. To unblock the application, follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. These help to increase the application performance and solve the firewall-related issue. If the issue is with the application ,uninstall and reinstall it. Check if the application is compatible with the Chrome OS and hardware components.

  5. Chrome Operating System is one of the best operating systems that does not permit to install any untrusted programs . Official updates of the Chrome OS is released 6 weeks that contains new features and security updates. But, it is possible for a malicious attack on the laptop. Malware is a type of virus that replicates itself on the laptop. To remove the malware , disable the extension sync on the Chromebook settings, reconfigure the laptop. To disable the extension sync, move to the Settings-> People-> Advanced Sync Settings-> Choose Want to Sync-> Extensions->OK-> Show Advanced Settings-> Reset Settings-> Reset. Examine if the extensions are disabled. Once they are removed, enable the Sync one by one.Chrome OS is not compatible with any third party antivirus software. You cannot install it on the laptop for a secure purpose.

  6. While connected to the Chromebook, the connected status appears on the Network icon. After a while, connection drops in the middle. It can be due to various reasons. Examine the reason and solve it based on the issue. The reasons are IP address conflict, network name issue, poor signal strength, guest network connection,etc. Assign a unique network IP address and name to solve the IP address conflict and network name issue. Move the system close to a wireless router to attain maximum signal strength. Do not keep any metal objects near to the router . Check if the network is connected to a guest network. The guest network has many restrictions to connect to a wireless network. If so, disconnect it and establish the network connection by typing the network name and password. Uninstall and re-install the device driver to solve the Wi-Fi connection issue.

  7. When your Dell Chromebook Models is encountering an LCD display or video issue , it can be mainly caused due to the video card or video setting issues. The major signs of the LCD display issue are a blank or black screen, color fade, fuzzy, blurry, distorted, stretched, etc. Try to connect an external monitor to the LCD screen of the laptop. If the external device works without any issue. Examine if there is any physical damage on the screen. Updating the device drivers and BIOS is one of the main solutions of the video settings issue. After updating the system software, there will be an improvement on the video performance. Try to restore to factory settings and then examine if the issue persists. If there is any physical damage. If yes, replace it for free. This is done when the display screen is under-warranty.

  8. Antivirus installation is not supported by Chromebook. Dell Chromebook Models often releases updates for security features. When the updates are released, it examines if there is any virus on the laptop. If any, it automatically removes it or increases the security features on it.This is due to the inbuilt virus and malware protection on the ChromeOS. The OS is mainly based on the Linux operating system. It does not compromise with the device and is very hard to install a third-party application on the system. If there is a malicious attack, then reset the Browser Extensions on Chromebook to remove it. Disable the extensions on the Chrome browser. After a while, examine if the virus is removed. If yes, enable the extensions one by one. It is suggested to download any applications from a trusted website.

  9. Data Backup is one of the recovery applications designed to secure the important files stored ion the laptop. This method helps to retrieve the data during the accidental file corruption, software corruption or hardware failure. The data is stored ion a secondary drive. Initially, download the Chromebook Media Recovery on your laptop if it is not available. Launch it by double-clicking on i. Open the Utility and click the Get started option.Select the model number and choose the Continue option. Install the Flash drive or SD card on the USB slot. The drive should have at least 4GB free space and the existing content on it get erased. Select the Create Now. Once it is created, a notification display on the screen. Select the Continue option to complete the process. After creating the backup, uninstall the USB drive from the laptop.