Fix Dell Laptop Beep Sound During Startup

The beep sound on a Dell laptop differs depending on the problem. To know how to stop the Dell laptop beep sound during startup, refer to the easy troubleshooting steps given on our web page.

Dell Laptop Beep Sound During Startup

Continuous beep sound:

  1. This indicates that the problem is with the RAM or your RAM port. This hardware damage occurs when the Dell laptop gets heated up.
  2. To stop the continuous beep sound, charge the RAM port and place it in an alternative port.
  3. Check if the issue has been resolved.

Beeps repeatedly with a black screen during startup:

  1. Turn off the Dell laptop and remove the AC adaptor from it.
  2. Take the battery out of the laptop.
  3. Hold the Power button for 15 seconds approximately.
  4. After reconnecting all the peripherals, check if you can power up the Dell laptop.
  5. If the laptop turns on, try to run the diagnostics to check if there is any hardware issue.

Two beep sounds when pressing the power button:

This problem occurs when the RAM (memory module) on the Dell laptop is not being detected.

  1. Locate the memory module at the rear side of the Dell laptop.
  2. Remove the memory module and then reset it.
  3. Do the same to reset the other memory module.

A list of beep codes, along with their causes, are mentioned here for your reference.

  1. Beep code – One time
  2. Problem – failure of BIOS ROM checksum
  3. Cause – System board failure and ROM errors
  4. Beep code – two times
  5. Problem – RAM not detected
  6. Cause – RAM slot failure
  7. Beep code – three times
  8. Problem – failure of gate A20, super I/O chip, and keyboard controller
  9. Cause – System board failure
  1. Beep code – four times
  2. Problem – failed memory read/write
  3. Cause – memory failure
  4. Beep code – five times
  5. Problem – failed RTC (Real Time Clock)
  6. Cause – CMOS battery failure
  7. Beep code – six times
  8. Problem – video BIOS
  9. Cause – failure of video card/chip
  10. Beep code – seven times
  11. Problem – failed CPU
  12. Cause – failure of processor
  13. Beep code – eight times
  14. Problem – LCD
  15. Cause – failed LCD

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