How to fix Dell Laptop Docking Station Power Error?

A docking station is what can change your portable laptop into a desktop computer. All you need to do to convert your laptop to a complete desktop, is dock the laptop and then connect the power adapter and other peripherals to it. There are two ways of docking, a horizontal station to which you can directly dock the laptop without the need for cables, and the other which uses the cable to connect the docking station and laptop.You may encounter trouble with docking when the station does not receive power. Continue to read to learn more about the Dell laptop docking station power error.

What is causing the power problem?

  1. Using an incompatible power adapter for the station power supply leads to such issues.
  2. When the BIOS of the station is obsolete, there is a chance for the power problem.
  3. If the power cable is damaged or loosely connected, then the power error occurs.

Dell Laptop Docking Station Power Error

Know how to solve the Dell laptop docking station Power error:

Disconnect and reconnect

  1. Remove the power cable from the wall socket and the dock station.
  2. Also, undock the Dell laptop from the station.
  3. Check the power cable, pinhead, and make sure they are not tampered, broken, or crooked.
  4. Plug the power cable to some other electrical wall socket securely.
  5. Reconnect the power cable to the station and check if the docking station receives power.

Eliminate the residual power

  1. Disconnect all the connections from the docking station, including the power cable and the other peripherals.
  2. Following that, take out the battery from the station.
  3. Now, press and hold the power button of the docking station for about 30 seconds.
  4. The residual power of the device drains. Next, you can connect the battery, the power cable, and other devices.
  5. Turn on the docking station and see if the Dell laptop docking station Power error

Update the device BIOS

  1. The BIOS communicates with the system and the OS, which is an embedded software of the device.
  2. Download the latest BIOS version on an external flash drive and connect the drive to the laptop.
  3. Restart the Dell laptop, and hit the F12 key until the Dell logo and “One Time Boot Menu” message shows up on the screen
  1. On the black screen, select the USB Storage Device menu and press Return or Enter.
  2. After the system boots, the message “Diag C:\>” prompts on the screen, after which you have to type the file name of the BIOS package and press Enter.
  3. Complete the BIOS update process by following the guided instructions.
  4. To fix Dell laptop docking station Power error, Click the Call button provided on this web page