Dell XPS 2-In-1 13.3 Laptop Guidance

Dell XPS 2-In-1 13.3″ Laptop

About XPS 2-in-1 13.3″ Specs

The Dell XPS 13.3 2 in1 is considered to be one of the best laptops to have stunning display. The laptop has a thin and sleek display of 13.7mm. This device limits excess heat and sound generated from the inside. The 360-degree hinge gives the user the capability of placing the laptop in any kind of angle. The Stand-mode provides better stability to the user so that he\she can work and surf in whatever way.

  • 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Latest Windows 10 operating
  • 1TB of hard disk storage

Tech – Specifications


8 GB RAM to run high graphics games seamlessly and perform all the data and information


Intel i5 Core processor with 2.50GHz

battery icon

Long- lasting battery with 46WHr. Eight hours of real usage on a single charge

Lap display

QHD display with touchscreen feature. 360-degree rotating display with Dell Active Pen supported

Configuration Support

Driver Support

Drivers play an integral part in the performance of your Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 laptop. Apart from basic drivers the you can download several other additional drivers for you . These will enhance your gaming experience. Our website provides all kinds of drivers required for your laptop. You can download them by pressing the Driver button with the Download icon on it. Press the download button to start the download. Press the Driver button to start the download. Before the download initiates, you will be prompted whether to Save or Run the file. It is recommended to Save the file. If you choose the Run option, the download process will start and the drivers will start to install right after the download without saving the file. So it is better to choose Save, so that in case your installation is interrupted midway or is forced to close, you can start it again by double-clicking the file. Restart your computer after the installation.


LED blinks white and orange several time and then the laptop freezes.

The Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 may display this problem due to battery issues. If the battery is charged for a long period of time. The laptop may turn ON and display the start up process for a few seconds and turn OFF. Performing a hard reboot may solve the issue. Remove the battery and unplug the charger adapter cable from the device. Press the power button and hold it down for at least 20 seconds. Reboot the device by re-connecting all the components.

When I turn on the camera, the systems emits a very annoying crackling noise

This issue may occur in the Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 laptop if the device has been recently upgraded to another version. After performing an upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, the new WDDM 1.2/0.2 video driver may not be compatible with the old driver. Hence try upgrading the drivers and check if it works. Else, try removing the camera software and installing the Dell Webcam Central software and check if it works properly.

Windows Not Install, and Upgrade Issues for I7567

Windows upgrade error can occur with the Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 laptop due to various reasons. Memory issues can be the main reason if the Windows prompts you to clear the memory storage. Check the memory storage space before upgrading the OS. While installing Windows on the Dell laptop, you might receive an error like “Windows setup could not configure on this computer”. This mostly occurs when the OS which is being installed on the laptop, might be corrupt or not fully uploaded. Check if the Windows Installer engine is corrupted, or installed incorrectly. To determine whether it is working or not, go to the Start menu and type cmd in the search box and click Run. In the command prompt type MSIExec and press Enter. If the installer engine is working, no errors will be displayed.

Windows Setup & Configure Issues

Configure Windows system by using a Windows Server CD which can be used to troubleshoot this issue. Insert the CD into the DVD drive and restart your computer. While the computer starts up, the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” will be displayed on the screen. Press the key and set your preferences. On the next screen choose Repair your computer.

Firewall and Proxy Related Issues

Firewall is one of the most important aspects in the Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 touch screen laptop. System might be vulnerable to outside threats if you haven’t set up the proxy settings. To configure your Firewall settings, go to the Control Panel and select Windows Security Center. Click Windows Firewall. The following tabs will be displayed. General, Exceptions and Advanced. Press On in the general tab. If you click on Don’t allow exceptions, Firewall will block all the requests you get to connect the computer. A proxy server can block some websites or cookies that are trying to pop up on your display.

virus removal & not Virus Upgrade issues

Wireless Network Connectivity Issue

Ethernet Connection issue

BIOS Updation issue

virus removal & not Virus Upgrade issues

First thing to do after you discover that the system is attacked by virus is to disconnect it from the internet. Start your program in safe mode. If you have an anti-virus software on your system, then run a scan to remove the malware infection. Perform a quick scan or a full scan to detect a the infected areas. Quick scan will scan only the major areas while a full scan will be scan the whole system including the cache and unnecessary APK files.

Wireless Network Connectivity Issue

Check whether the Airplane mode is enabled in the Dell XPS 13.3 2 in 1 laptop. Since all the network connections will be disabled when the Airplane mode is turned ON. To tun OFF the airplane mode, go to Settings and select Network settings and then select Airplane mode. Turn OFF the mode and try connecting to your network. If you are still not able to connect to you network. Check the network drivers if they are up to date or not. Update the network adapter drivers if they are not updated or if they are corrupt. You download the latest drivers from our website.

Ethernet Connection issue

In some laptops, you might be able to access the internet through wi-fi but not through the ethernet. There can be several reasons for it. If the ethernet port is found to be broken, then unplug the cable and try connecting to another port. Check the cable if it is broken or damaged. Change the cable since a broken cable might not be used for transmission. Make sure the network card driver is updated and works well. If you have problems with the network card drivers, then try updating them. Download the latest version of these drivers from our website and install them.

BIOS Updation issue

Updating the BIOS can be useful for your system as a part of the scheduled update cycle. Like OS and drivers updates, the BIOS update is also necessary to keep your system up to date with the system’s hardware, firmware and the drivers. But unlike Windows and the drivers, where the updates can be done automatically, the BIOS updates can be only done manually. To check the BIOS version, go to the Start menu and click on RUN. In the run box, type msinfo32 and press OK. The System Information box appears.

What are the different types of Viruses, Spyware and Malware that can infect my computer

Viruses, Spyware and Malware come under the same category. Most of the times these malware elements get into to your computer through the internet. If you click any unwanted ads or if you haven’t blocked the pop-ups that occur through various websites, these malware content can get into your system. These content can get into your system through external sources like USB drives or external hard disk drives. If you copy any infected content from the external drive, then the infected file will affect your system.


Protect your computer or remove virus, spyware or other malware in Microsoft Windows

If you already have an anti-virus software installed in you system, you can run a scan regularly to check if any file or folder is infected. An anti-virus service can easily remove any traces of virus that has entered you system by some means. But since in this Dell laptop, where Windows is the default operating system, you can make use of the Windows Defender. Since this device comes with in-built Windows 10 OS, you are provided with the latest anti-virus protection in Windows Defender. If you want to enable Windows Defender real-time protection, go to the Start menu and select Settings and click Update and Security. Select Windows Defender and set the Real-time protection ON.

How to Identify and Repair Malware or Virus Infected Systems

Running a scan is enough to remove most of the malware content. If you already have an active anti-virus software in the system and still the virus is not removed, then try using another anti-virus software for this check. There are two types of anti-virus programs. There are three types of scanning methods available in all the anti-virus software programs. Quick scan is done to perform a scan in the major and critical areas. Custom scan is done in a way where you can choose the file or the drive or even the location which you think is affected. A Full scan scans your whole system including cache and unwanted files. This scan might take a long time.

Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth issues are caused most commonly by drivers configuration. Re-pairing or updating the Bluetooth drivers are the basic solutions to this problem. Try pairing the device first. Navigate to Bluetooth settings on the Dell device through the Settings menu. And check whether it is turned ON or not. The Bluetooth might also not turn ON if the Airplane mode is turned ON. Turn it On. Put the other device into Discovery mode and wait for the laptop to detect it. Select the device from the list and select Pair. This can work if the two devices link up.