Best Dell XPS Laptop Models

Dell XPS which stands for Xtreme Performance System.It is basically designed to provide a good gaming interface with high performance. The new Dell XPS laptop models are compact, fast, easily Portable, versatile and looks stylish. It has a stunning inside and out look with Infinity Edge display providing latest 8th Gen Intel processors. Crafted with the high quality materials for strength and beauty, each XPS is designed with high durability. Dell XPS support high resolution displays up to ultra sharp assisted with 4K Ultra HD. IT provides High brightness, IPS wide viewing angles and high color spectrum delivering an amazing view.

Setup & Configure Dell XPS with Online Support

Dell XPS Laptop configuration

Inorder to set the dell XPS first setup the device by Connecting the power cords and then press the power button. Continue with the Microsoft Windows Setup. To finish this provide the Country/region, Language and Keyboard Layout information. Now, Agree to the Microsoft license and log in to it Create the recovery discs so that you backup data easily. Update to the latest Windows for security and usability updates. To meet the requirements of new software and hardware Update Drivers and BIOS. The setup and configuration is completed and you can start using you Dell XPS laptop models. For further assistance view our webpage.

Dell XPS Technical Support for All Issues

Inspite of having many advantages, Dell XPS also has certain issues with it. It has faster batter draining problems, Issues with the Display driver. The web cam is oddly positioned which makes video calling troublesome. Dell XPS also has Sound issues and USB-C disconnecting. When using touchscreen facility you will face issues with scrolling. The built-in Wi-Fi card in Dell XPS is quite weak. The screen flickers at low brightness. Finally, the machine heats up when used intensely. All these general Dell XPS laptops issues can be solved easily. Visit the following link for solutions.

One-stop Solution for XPS Gaming Laptop Issues

Gaming laptops must provide high level graphic and audio capabilities. Also, the laptops must cope up with the heat output. Dell XPS 15 provides with best gaming experience along with 4GB Nvidia Graphics card.However, Dell XPS laptop models fails to manage heat. The screen may freeze on prolonged usage. Certain games are completely crashed when left idle or on many clicks. The mouse blinks in and out for certain games. To resolve this, make sure to update the video drivers and your Operating System. For better assistance, visit out Dell XPS Customer Support.

Latest Dell XPS Laptop Models

dell xps laptop models

XPS 2-in-1 13.3

Touch-Screen Laptop ,16GB RAM, 1TB disk Space.


dell xps 9365

XPS 2-in-1 13.3″ QHD

16GB RAM, 256GB internal memory with HD Graphics.


dell xps 9560 laptop

XPS 15 9560″

16GB Memory,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.


XPS Laptop Driver Installation

Download the latest device drivers. When the download is complete, click on Install. Click Open on the File dialog box. Click Yes if your security software application prompts you to allow the program to make changes to your device. Enter the driver name and click continue. Select the folder unzip the files and click OK. Double-click the Setup application and click yes to install drivers and restart your system.

Support for Dell Laptop Models and Related Issues

  1. Any issues with the Operating System results in bad performance of the Dell XPS Laptop Models. Common Symptoms are boot failures, improper shutdowns, spontaneous restarts, Compatibility issues and slow system performance. Inorder to fix the Operating System issues, try updating the operating system. If you are Windows user, then go to Start and then type Updates. Select either Windows Update or Check for updates. Wait for a while, if there are any updates available, select that message. Click on the checkbox for the update you want to install. Select OK and then Select Install updates. If you are a Mac user, then open the app store and Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Then with the use of update button to download and install the recent OS.

  2. Some of the major Windows related issues are unable to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to windows 10.Windows 10 has received a significant updates but still, a large proportion of Windows 10 devices have missed out because it is not automatically done and this has be completed manually. First find out which version you are running and then start upgrading.Inorder to install the most up to date version of Windows 10, by using the Windows Update tool try troubleshooting. We suggest you to use the Media Creation Tool(recommended). Ensure that you have opted to hold the personal files and apps and select Install to keep Now, when you click on install, it should start installing the newest version of the operating system.

  3. The database setup can crash the upgrading process when this happens, several error codes may appear on the screen resulting in upgrade issues. If you encounter the same problem then detach the database. Login or rename the user. Try logging in using a duplicate name. If an update issue is found, then Open Settings. Click  Update & security and Click Windows Update. To see the previous updates, click the Update history link. Click the Uninstall updates link and now select Uninstall. Click Yes, to confirm uninstalling. Click Restart Now to reboot the computer. Now, download and install the Windows update troubleshooter and run it. This should automatically fix the Windows update issues. For additional Assistance contact Dell XPS Laptop Models Customer Support.

  4. Virus on laptops may corrupt the files present in the disk. Hence the device must be formatted assisted by an anti virus program. Free malware detection applications are used. Incase if you have a multipartioned disks then the only way is by using cmd. Windows Command Prompt is free to use and with functions in resolving various computer and system issues. Right click on Start and click on Command Prompt Type D: and hit Enter.(you can replace D to the virus attacked drive). Type attrib and click Enter. Type: attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and click Enter. Type del autorun.inf and click Enter.  To recover the data, Select the disk storage location and click “Scan”. Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan. Choose the files you want to recover and click recover.

  5. The common tech issues that are encountered in dell XPS 13 are the Audio Cracking Problem, Random reboot. You can resolve these issues or else you can contact to the dell XPS 13 support team for queries. To solve the choppy audio in dell, go to Start and then Device Managers.Scroll down and Click System Devices. Find Dell Diag Control device. Right click on this and disable it. The audio should instantly improve. If not reboot your audio drivers. The dell XPS 13 support team also assists for random rebooting. Normally downgrading the BIOS to older version should fix this problem. Try this if not contact the Dell XPS Laptop Models support for details.

  6. Any Customer encountering technical issues on the Dell XPS laptops is can contact the dell XPS support. Dell assists channels like email, chat, and telephone numbers for your dell XPS laptops. The Dell XPS support team has automated Assistance. Call to the Toll free number provided along with the laptop(dell XPS support number 1-800-624-9896). Once after calling, Press required number for Technical Support. Request your Issue. You will be provided with a Issue ID. Confirm your Request. The response is recorded and the solution will be provided soon.

  7. Dell XPS 15 is the world’s smallest laptop only of 38.1cm. Its compactness causes some issues. The dell XPS Support team provides solutions for all the technical problems. The dell diagnostic tools is used to diagnose and fix hardware problems on dell XPS 15 laptops. Incase if any software issues are found, then troubleshoot the problem. The dell XPS 15 also has the audio cracking issue. This problem is solved by install the latest audio drivers. If the drivers misbehave, remove the old drivers and download and install the latest driver in market. If your issue depends on none of the above, you claim to the onsite service using your warranty. Dell community provides assistance for all technical problems. Visit dell customer support Webpage for further queries.

  8. Dell XPS 17 provides high graphics quality and audio quality and also has Infinity Edge Touch Screen facilities. Majority of dell 17 XPS users faces common issues. The issues include power issues, start up issues and screen crashes. To resolve all these issues dell provides assistance. To fix the Start up issues use the start up Repair which is a recovery tool. This can be located in the System Recovery Options menu. The power issue can be resolved by creating your own power plan. Also, check the battery saving plans from dell XPS support page. Screen crashing or the restart problems are mostly troubleshoot and solved. Dell community provides assistance for all technical problems. Visit Dell XPS Laptop Models customer support Webpage for further queries.

  9. Dell ultrabooks provide a good user experience for business. These laptops are ultra-portable and versatile. These mini laptops are innovative with a flip-hinge design. The major issues faced by ultrabook users are sleep issues. The dell XPS customer support provides solution for these problems. Go to Control panel and change the power options for sleep mode. If you encounter any video flickering problems, use a diagnostic tool to resolve it. If you have problems to connect with public wifi , then try disabling the some of anti virus settings in that suite. Dell XPS Customer support provides User access management through which the User queries and problems are clarified. Users can have their own account, also you can configure this account in your dell laptops.

  10. Dell XPS l502x has a mind blowing audio system. It has the loudest, cleanest and clearest sound system. It provides 3DTV Play technology. The major problem with dell XPS 1502x starts when gamer play for long hours, the machine gets crashed or it randomly freezes. Inorder to avoid this technical issue, download and install the following drivers (ie) BIOS A07, Realtek high definition audio, Intel HD graphics family, Nvedia Graphic driver 285.62. After installing this restart the laptop and start gaming you will not any freezing or crashing issues.The technical issues can also be solved via chat, email or human assistance. We provide assistance for all technical problems. Visit Dell XPS Laptop Models Customer Support Webpage for further details if needed.

  11. Dell XPS 15 9550 is a 15.6-inch laptop providing a infinity Edge display with a 4K Ultra HD Display. Dell XPS 15 9550 has some issues with the battery. On intensive usage (say gaming continuously) the battery drains up fast. To solve this issue, we provide online assistance. Try to run Microsoft Fix-It or Troubleshooter for the battery issues. You can also use the Dell Product Bulletin website to check if your battery model is affected or not. You can complete the process by contacting a moderator from our support team. Click on his/her Username,  send them a private message along with the service tag, your registered name, email address and an image of the trackpad. This should help you to solve your problem.

  12. Dell XPS 13 9350 is a 13.3-inch providing full HD touchscreen with a Crystal-clear display. It has Long-lasting battery capacity for about 11 hours of life. There is no major issues in XPS 13. Incase if you encounter any problems, dell XPS 13 support provides you online assistance. To solve your issue try troubleshooting your problem. You can also take a Dell PC Diagnostics quick test . This will either help you to fix the problem automatically or it will guide you through the steps for solving the problem. Click the below link to do a PC diagnostics quick test. Support Assist/My dell is an inbuilt assistance which detects the issues and gives alerts to you. You can use this application for better maintenance and to avoid future issues.

  13. Dell XPS 8500 is a 3rd Generation Intel Quad Core processors providing high-performance graphics to enhance digital content creation and PC games. The primary issue faced by Dell XPS 8500 users is the Boot Failures. To solve this issues we provide you assistance. Try clearing your BIOS. This will help to solve all hardware compatibility issues. Once the boot/ startup problem is fixed, you will experience a better performance on your system. If you encounter any other issues with dell XPS 8500, run a Dell PC diagnostics quick test or use the SupportAssist app. Incase if you have warranty issues. We you can contact our chat, email, telephony assistance team. For any further Dell XPS Laptop Models queries, our assistance team will provide you with immediate fixes or solutions.

  14. The dell XPS 8700 is a 4th Gen Intel processors with a large storage capacity and easy expanding feature. If you face any trouble with this processor, try doing a clean install of the operating system. If you face any physical failures, remove the failed cards and replace it. For improved step by step guidance you can visit our Customer Assistance page. For problems outside the Operating system, Do a Preboot diagnostics test on your processor. Power down your processor and while pairing press F12. Now you will see Wave Manager. Move down and Select Diagnostics. This will run a test and you will provide you with a error code. By using this code you can place your queries to the assistance team.

  15. If Dell XPS Laptop Models users face any issues other than the hardware or software failures, you can contact to the Dell Customer Assistance team. Our Assistance team strive to provide our customers with solutions at highest quality at lowest failure rates. we ensure that any issues reported to us will be resolved at the earliest within our support boundaries.We provide technical assistance via phone and chat and email. You may reach technical assistance at 1800-425-8045. To chat with our experts at the Assistance team, click this.If you have issues with warranty or others, you can mail us else visit Our Assistance extends our services for Software, Hardware, Warranty, Networking, Anti-virus, Operating System, Data Storage, Backup,Recovery and further more.