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Solved: Gateway NV55s20u Firmware won’t Update

Firmware is called BIOS in computer terms. The BIOS plays a major role in the communication between the OS and the computer’s hardware. When a computer turns on, the BIOS instructs the chipset regarding the location to look for the operating system.While you try to update the firmware/BIOS on your Gateway NV55s20u notebook, the update fails, then follow the method given here. This will help you to fix Gateway NV55s20u firmware won’t update issue.

  1. Before updating the BIOS on your Gateway notebook, make a backup of the data on it.
  2. The next step is to check the current version of BIOS on your Gateway notebook.
  3. Open the Run window on your notebook, type msinfo32, and press the Enter.
  4. This will open the System Information window. In the right pane of this window, locate the BIOS Version/Date entity and make a note of it.
  5. Also, note down the fields like OS Name, System Model, and System Type.
  6. Now, get to know the serial number of your Gateway NV55s20u notebook, as this may help to find out the exact BIOS/Firmware for your notebook.
  7. Open the Command Prompt window and type the wmic bios get serialnumber command, and press Enter.
  8. Note down the serial number of your Gateway notebook from the result.
  9. Now, open a web browser and navigate to the Gateway support website.
  10. Select your country or region.
  11. After that, click the Drivers & Downloads option.
  12. Now, enter the serial number of your Gateway NV55s20u notebook in the Search by Serial Number or SNID search box, else enter the model number in the Search by Product Model search box and click the Search option. Otherwise, click the Select my product from a list section, click the Notebooks option under Group, NV Series under Series, and then select your notebook’s model under the Products list.
  13. Now, when the results for your Gateway notebook are listed below, click the BIOS/Firmware option.
  14. Check the version and date of the topmost BIOS on the list. If it is a newer version, click the Download link at the right end. The file will be, usually downloaded to the Downloads folder in your notebook.

Note: Always download the firmware from the official website, and make sure to download the correct firmware. Installing the wrong firmware might harm your notebook.

Gateway NV55s20u firmware won't update

  1. Now, before initiating the firmware update, make sure the battery on your Gateway NV55s20u notebook is full. If possible, plug the power adapter to your notebook.
  2. Then, locate the downloaded zip file, open it, and open the readme text file. It will contain the name of the file to be run in order to update the BIOS/Firmware.
  3. Now, locate the file mentioned in the readme file and double-click on it. Do as per the instructions prompted to complete the update.
  4. Make sure not to turn off your Gateway notebook during the update process.

There is also an alternate method in which you have to load the firmware update file into a bootable flash drive and run it from the Boot menu. Still, you confuse on how to fix Gateway NV55s20u firmware won’t update issue contact our certified experts.