Gateway EG70 Setup and Configuration Support

gateway eg70 configure

Gateway EG70 Specifications

The Gateway EG70 has an optimal screen which is ideal for watching movies or streaming movies. It boasts of an AMD processor that enables you to handle complex programs and functions at the same time. It can manage bulk processes with an overall high performance. The Gateway Eg70 is mostly the common choice for students. Our Gateway EG70 Setup tech support gives you assistance through our instructions manual from our website. We provide you all the necessary info setting up your device easily.

  • LED backlight display.
  • Windows 8 Operating system.
  • 6-cell Lithium ion battery.
  • 500 GB hard Disk.

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

In-built 4GB RAM for unmatched performance and tasks processing.

intel processor

Dual-core AMD E1 1200/1.4 GHz that gives great performance speed.

laptop battery

6-cell Li-on battery with 48 working hours and gives a longer life.

best laptop display

43.9 cm ultrabright wide screen LED display with HD resolution.

Configuration Support

Driver Download

A laptop requires some basic drivers to be functional. In this Gateway Laptop, if you have installed a Windows OS, then major drivers will automatically be downloaded and installed. If you want to download the updates manually, then you can find your required drivers from our website and download the latest version of the Gateway EG70 Setup drivers. Graphics drivers, Network and Wireless drivers, Audio drivers, Chipset and System drivers, Webcam drivers, Mouse and touchpad drivers, hard disk Controller drivers and USB drivers – these are the basic drivers required for a computer/laptop to function. Check for driver updates regularly because your system might need further upgrades to keep functioning.

The Gateway laptop support drivers from our website help you in identifying and downloading the required drivers for your system. If you find your system to be slow, unresponsive and crashes often although you have the required drivers, then you may have to update your current drivers to use your system seamlessly and free from crashes. Go to the Device Manager from the Control Panel and select the driver from the list. Right click the required driver and click Update Driver. The driver will be automatically updated.


Manual Support

Our Gateway laptop technical support offers you help in setting up your device as well as troubleshooting issues through our manual where you can refer your issues with. There are several issues that can be sorted out from our manual like: wireless connection, software installation and upgrading, charging problems, and back and reset. Drivers are essential in setting up your device and ensure its smooth functioning. Upgrade your drivers regularly to run all your programs and applications.

If you have any issues regarding blank screen issues or OS upgrading or downgrading or battery issues, then you can refer to our Gateway EG70 Setup support manual to solve these issues. Safety features like removing the power cable only after turning OFF the laptop and not to keep any heavy electronic devices near your device and many such are mentioned in our manual. If you want to upgrade your OS, it is advised to take a back up of your files first.

Gateway EG70 Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway Laptop

When your system often crashes or is performing too slow, then you should go for a factory reset. But first you can try a system restore, which will try to roll your device back to a time when it was functioning properly. If this process doesn’t work, then you should ultimately go for a factory reset. Back up your data since this will completely all your files and data from the hard drive.

gateway eg70 windows 10 downgrade

Downgrade to Windows 7

If you are not satisfied with the latest upgrade you have done to your operating system, you can always roll back or downgrade to your previous preferred version. Make a bootable DVD/USB disk of Windows 7. Insert the Windows 7 disk and restart the computer. Enter the BIOS menu, by pressing the F2 or F8 key. Select Install Windows and set your preferences and click the Next button to complete Gateway EG70 Setup.

Gateway Won’t Turn ON

Try to turn ON your laptop with the charger disconnected. If the device doesn’t turn ON, connect the charger to the laptop and then turn it ON. If this method works, then remove the battery and try turning ON with the battery removed and the charger connected. If it works, then there is most probably an issue with your battery. But if your system didn’t turn ON with your battery removed, then try using another AC adapter charger to check if there is a problem with your charger. Replace both the charger and battery if needed.

Windows password recovery

In a Gateway EG70 Setup, Windows password can’t be recovered from the PC itself. Ophcrack is a Windows password recovery tool that can recover your password. Download the tool in any computer. Insert a pen drive or a CD. Burn the ISO files into the CD after getting formatted. Insert the CD into the locked Gateway laptop and restart. Now change the BIOS settings to boot the system. Follow the instructions given in the setup to recover the Windows log-in password. It is better to change your password after recovering your old password for security reasons.

Reset windows password

Download and open the Windows Password Recovery tool on your PC. Insert a pen drive. Select the pen drive device from the drop down list. Click Burn button. A drive format warning message will be displayed. Click Yes. The ISO files will be generated successfully. Now insert the newly formatted pen drive into your Gateway EG70 Setup laptop. Change the BIOS order to boot your Gateway laptop from the USB device. Now choose Reset your password and click Next. Then choose administrator account and Remove your password and click Next. Click reboot to restart your gateway laptop and log in Windows without any password.

gateway laptop black screen

Check whether your USB slots and CD drives are empty. Remove the battery and AC adapter. Remove the bottom cover of your laptop and make sure the cooling path is free from fluff and dust. Check that the heat sink on the CPU is not loose, if so, tighten the screws back down so that it can hold on well. Remove and reset your HDD/RAM modules. Replace your covers. Hold down your power button for 1 minute with your battery and AC still disconnected. Re-connect your AC power (not the battery) and turn on.

gateway eg70 black screen

Gateway EG70 CMOS Battery Replacement

Disconnect the AC power adapter from your laptop. Remove the panels using screwdriver. The CMOS battery will be located in a circular holder and secured in place by a clip. Take out the clip without adding much pressure and carefully remove the old battery. Insert the new CMOS battery. After inserting, plug in all the cables that were previously disconnected. Now assign the date and time in the Gateway EG70 Setup BIOS menu.

Gateway EG70 Hard Drive Removal

Remove the two screws on the hard drive enclosure with a screwdriver. Slide the enclosure out of the laptop. Be sure to do this slowly so as not to damage the drive. Turn the enclosure over which is a static-proof container. So remove the drive from its place only when required. Else your data can be threatened by a random shock or spark. Remove the holding screws and remove the drive itself.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s official website. Check the valid Windows license key for version 7 to start the upgrade. Copy the downloaded files to a USB drive. Click Install Now and choose Upgrade or Custom. Choose Upgrade first time. Set the location for Windows 10 in your Gateway EG70 Setup drive and install. After installation the system will reboot again. Now the upgrade is complete.

gateway eg70 upgrade to windows 10

Gateway EG70 Laptop Not Booting

  1. If your Gateway laptop fails to start up, then perform a hard reset. This will not cause any loss of data or files. Before starting the process, remove all the secondary storage devices, USB cables or DVD drives.
  2. Disconnect the AC power adapter and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for at least 10-15 seconds. This will drain out all the residual power that is left in the device and reset the default startup settings.
  3. Keeping the removed battery aside, reconnect the AC adapter and press the Power button to start Gateway EG70 Setup process. If the reset works, the lights near the caps lock and num lock keys will start blinking and the fan will start to rotate.
  4. If your laptop starts to work normally after performing a hard reset, your troubleshooting is complete. If it still remains the same after the reset, refer to our Gateway laptop tech support where our instruction manual is provided.

Unable to Connect to Wifi Connection

If your device is not connecting to your wireless network, try your wi-fi ON and OFF. Check if any of your other devices are getting connected to the internet to check if there’s an issue with router. Try moving your Gateway EG70 Setup laptop close to the router.

Network Connection Issues

You may face network connection issues if you have corrupt drivers or have not updated your network adapters. Go to the Device Manager. Under network adapters, right click the driver you want to remove and click Uninstall. You can download the latest drivers from our website.

gateway eg70 network connection issues

Installing and Uninstalling Software Programs

Installing and removing a program in a Windows OS system has been made easier with the Add or Remove Programs. With this you can pick a new program or remove an old one. Open the Add and Remove program from the Control Panel.

You will be shown a list of installed programs. If you want to remove a program, click on Uninstall or change a program under Programs and Features. Right click and select Uninstall. Installing a program is done automatically nowadays in Windows as soon as you enter a disc to complete Gateway EG70 Setup process.