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Gateway Kav60 RAM Upgrade

The Gateway KAV60 laptop is a mini netbook that comes with a memory capacity of 1GB DDR2 RAM installed on it. However, it is possible to extend its memory up to 2GB, i.e., you can add an additional 1GB to it. You have a slot to add additional memory and upgrade it. So, in order to perform the Gateway Kav60 RAM upgrade process, follow the instructions given below.

Gateway Kav60 RAM upgrade

  1. Initially, check the memory on your laptop.
  2. Right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and select the Properties option from the drop-down list.

  3. Look for the RAM capacity in the Properties window. If it is already 2 GB, then your Gateway laptop is already using the maximum memory it could work with. So, there is no need for further memory upgrade. Else, go to the next step.

  4. Now, turn on your Gateway KAV60 laptop.

  5. Remove the power cable form your laptop.

  6. Now, flip your laptop and place it on a table.

  7. For safety, remove the battery from your laptop, for this push the battery lock button and then take out the battery.

  8. Locate the RAM slot on the rear side of your laptop. It will be closed and screwed.

  1. Unscrew to open the memory slot. Keep the screw safe.

  2. Remove the memory slot cover.
  3. Now, release the clips on the RAM chip. Lift and then pull it out gently.

  4. Before placing the new RAM chip, clean the RAM slot by blowing compressed air into it.

  5. Take out the new RAM chip from the pack. Do not touch the metallic part on the RAM chip.

  6. Gently insert the RAM chip into its slot until it locks into its position.

  7. Now, lower the RAM chip and lock it with the clips.

  8. Close the memory slot cover and screw it.

  9. Install the battery back into its slot on the Gateway KAV60 laptop and turn on your laptop.

  10. That’s it. Go to the My Computer Properties window and check the memory on your laptop, whether it upgraded or not.

  11. To Perform Gateway Kav60 RAM upgrade, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.