Gateway 600YG2 Laptop Specs and Setup

gateway 600yg2 configure

Gateway 600YG2 Specifications

Gateway 600YGR laptop is available at a nominal price. It is designed for users who need high-performance. It offers an ideal blend of power and efficiency. It is very easy to use and has a slim design. Due to modular bay’s innovative latch, it is very simple for inserting and removing the module options. It has a new level of customization when compared to the previous versions of laptops. Avail the best experience on the laptop with a splendid performance. It is easy for a home as well as the office environment.

  • 15.7” inch LCD color display.
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor.
  • 9 cell Li-ion battery.
  • 512 MB RAM.

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The RAM size is 512 MB and is expandable up to 1GB.

intel processor

The 9 Cell Lithium-ion battery is installed on the system. Based on configuration, battery life varies.

laptop battery

The laptop’s CPU is Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron processor with 1.7 GHz speed.

best laptop display

The laptop is designed with 15.7” LCD color display for quality output.

Gateway 600YG2 Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Support

The Gateway 600YG2 laptop comes with the default Windows 2000 operating system. During the purchase, a driver CD is available on the box. Find it out to install the device drivers manually. If the driver does not support the latest features, download the driver from this website. Click the download link given below to start the process. Once the driver is downloaded, locate the driver in the system. Select and double-click on it to start the installation process. Get the .exe setup file or .zip file for the driver. Extract the individual files for the zip format. Select the setup file from the list. Run the file and set the settings for the driver. Select the Finish option.

If you wish to update the driver, move to the Device Manager option. Choose a driver from the list. Select and right-click on the selected driver. On the drop-down menu, choose the Update driver option and click on it. It finds the latest version of the driver. Once the driver update is available, the driver gets automatically updated. For any more assistance, refer to the user manual provided on this website. The User manual provides step by step instructions regarding the installation and setup process.


Manual Support

The User manual for Gateway 600YG2 is provided during the purchase. If you have lost the hard copy of it, click the link below to get the soft copy. It gets downloaded in the Downloads folder. Click the downloaded file to open it. It contains the description about turning on and setting up the laptop. If you need to register the Gateway 600YG2 laptop, the guidelines regarding it mentioned in the manual. When you need to install the software, download the application from this website.

Get the safety precautions on how to use the laptop and power supply. You can get the downloaded file in the PDF format. For opening the file, you need to install the application that is compatible with this format. Install the peripheral devices or other devices after reading the manual. Refer to the manual to get the instructions from it.

Gateway 600YG2 Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway 600YG2 Laptop

Factory Reset is also referred as System Restore. During this process, the settings revert to its default settings. This process will not affect the data or documents stored on the laptop. Hold the F8 key after the rebooting of the system to load the Advanced Boot Options menu. On the screen, choose the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option from the list. It displays the System Restore Utility. Choose the Restore point from the list of available menus.Confirm it and start the process.

gateway 600yg2 windows 7 upgrade

Upgrade to windows 7

Prior to upgrading to Windows 7, examine if the systems meet the requirements. Use the Windows upgrade tool to examine if the laptop is compatible. If yes, it indicates that the PC meets the system requirements. Download and run the Windows 7 operating system file on the system. It will be in ISO format. After installing, uninstall and re-install the other drivers in the system. This is done to high-performance and to avoid the issues after the update process.

Gateway 600YG2 Won’t Turn ON

Examine if the Gateway 600YG2 laptop is fully charged. If not, charge the battery with the help of the AC adapter. Press and hold the Power button for a while. If the system does not turn on, remove the battery from its compartment. After a while, insert the battery back into its slot. Forced shut down can also be done to solve the issue.Damage or fault in the battery leads to the issue. Replace it with a new one. Loose connection between the AC adapter and charger port do not allow the laptop to get charged. The connection drops in the middle. Try to replace the AC adapter or charger port.

Gateway 600YG2 Windows Password Recovery

When you have a set a password to log in to the system, it is necessary to remember it. If you have forgotten the password, Windows Password recovery tool will help you to recover the forgotten password. Prior to doing that, create a backup media or DVD to store all data files in the system. After creating it, place it on a disc drive to start the recovery process. During this process, an automatic password reset is done. If the system has more than one account, try to log in using the Admin account. Boot up the system in the Safe mode. While turning on the system, move to the Administrator account. On the control panel, choose the account to reset the password.

Gateway 600YG2 Reset Windows Password

When you are unable to remember the password or the laptop fails to boot up, factory resetting is done. Power up the Gateway 600YG2 laptop in the safe mode. Press the Power button to switch on the laptop. When the logo appears on the screen, press F8 for a while to open the BIOS menu. You can find the startup menu which is necessary to move to the Safe mode. Make necessary changes on the BIOS menu and save the necessary changes. Click the Exit option to close the BIOS menu.Enable the access when you are in the Administrator account.Move to the Control panel and select the account for which the password is to be changed. Set the password and click OK.

Gateway 600YG2 Laptop Black Screen

Black screen displays in your Gateway 600YG2 laptop suddenly after the system is powered up. It occurs when there is the existence of virus in the device. Install and run the malware software on the device to scan it and remove them. Once the virus is removed, reboot the system. Turn on the device by pressing the Power button. Press and hold the F8 key for a while until the BIOS menu is displayed on the screen.Wait till the Repair menu pop-ups on the screen. Continuously press OK and Next button until the Recovery management screen is displayed. This restores the settings to factory or default settings. Forced shut down is the last resort to solve the issue.

gateway 600yg2 laptop black screen

Gateway 600YG2 CMOS Battery Replacement

CMOS battery in the laptop is used to maintain the clock timing on the system. If the device shows timing errors, it indicates that there is an issue with the CMOS. The various error message that displays on the screen regarding the CMOS battery replacement are CMOS Read, CMOS checksum error, CMOS battery failure. In such cases, replacing the battery should be done. Dismantle the laptop, locate the battery and replace it. Again assemble it again.

Gateway 600YG2 Hard Drive Removal

When the files stored in the Gateway 600YG2 laptop gets corrupted or loss of data occurs immediately after turning off the system, the issue is related to the hard drive. Examine if the hard drive is physically damaged. If yes, it is necessary to remove and install it with a new one. When you install the new one, make sure that you handle the hard drive cautiously. Any mishandling of this component leads to various system issues. For more assistance, refer to the manual.

Upgrade to Windows 10

If the built-in keyboard is not working properly, then connect a PS/2 keyboard to the laptop. This replaces the built-in keyboard. If the keyboard stuck message displays on the laptop, ensure that there are no foreign objects on the keyboard.They may jam the keyboard. Update the keyboard driver for the laptop. If it is outdated, the issue occurs. Try to connect an external keyboard to the laptop, if it works . Use it for future reference.

laptop windows 10 upgrade

Gateway 600YG2 laptop not Booting

  1. Non-booting system is one of the serious problems that occur in the laptop frequently. This issue occurs due to the crashes in the operating system. Perform a clean install using the recovery disc created previously. This restores the settings to its default format.
  2. Restoring to the default settings is similar to using a new Gateway 600YG2 laptop. To do it, place the recovery disc on the system’s disc drive. Press the R key on the keyboard to start the process. Select the Non-destructive option to store all data or files. It does without deleting personal files.
  3. Solve the issues by examining the BIOS. Draining of the CMOS battery restores the BIOS to its default settings. Switch on the system by pressing the Power button. Press F8 or F2 for a while after the logo appears on the screen to begin the booting function automatically.
  4. After fixing all the default settings, save the changes made in the settings. Click the Exit option to close the setup menu. Check if the booting starts automatically. If it is not in working condition, try to replace the CMOS battery with a new one.

Unable to connect to Wifi Connection

The unstable wireless connection can be due to the weal signal strength, connection to a guest network, mistakes while typing the credentials. Move the Gateway 600YG2 laptop and printer close to the router to get strong signal strength and examine if the credentials are typed properly. This solves the issue with ease.

Network Connection Issues

While trying to connect the system to a network, an issue occurs. If it is connected to a wired network, examine the Ethernet cable connected to the router. The connection is established to a wireless network, the outdated drivers can also be the reason. Updating the drivers is the main solution.

gateway 600yg2 unable to connect wifi

Installing and uninstalling Software programs

Installing the software programs can be done in two methods- using a software installation CD. Place the CD on the system disc drive. Wait till the application displays. Select and double-click on it to start the process. Install it based on the instructions displayed on the Gateway 600YG2 laptop screen. Select Finish.

Uninstalling the software program by moving to the Control Panel. On the screen, select the Programs menu. View the list of installed applications. Choose the application you wish to uninstall. Right-click on it and select Uninstall. Wait for a while, the software is uninstalled.