Gateway laptops have proved to be versatile and highly trusted among its users. Gateway produces highly durable laptops that could run without any serious issues for a long time, at a relatively lower cost and high-end specifications. All Gateway laptop models usually come with a long-standing battery and high-performance RAM, which allows them to be the perfect choice for ardent gamers. They are bundled with high-quality widescreen displays to provide a visual treat for multimedia lovers. Their unique design and high-end features combination let them remain a class apart. If you face any kind of issue with your Gateway laptop, feel free to contact our Gateway laptop technical support team for clarification.

Comparison between Gateway M vs NV vs NE

gateway m series laptop

Gateway M series Laptop

gateway nv series laptop

Gateway NE series Laptop

gateway ne series laptop

Gateway NV series Laptop

Display Widescreen 15.4” 1280*800 WXGA Widescreen 17.3” 1600*900 resolution 17.3” widescreen LED HD+ resolution
Processor AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 AMD A6-5200 Intel Core i5 430M
Battery 6-cell Lithium ion 4400mAh 6-cell Lithium ion 4400mAh 6-cell Lithium ion 4400 mAh
Storage 250GB HDD 500GB HDD 500GB HDD

Gateway M Series laptop

gateway-m-7315u laptop

Gateway m 7315u

Laptop with endless storage and an excellent display.


gateway ma6 laptop

Gateway ma6

Laptop with high speed and powerful Intel processor.


gateway ma7 laptop

Gateway ma7

Student laptop for at home usage having adequate speed.


gateway md2614u laptop

Gateway md2614u

Excellent display for everyday usage.



Gateway model ms2291

Provides solid performance at a low-price.


gateway ms2370 laptop

Gateway ms2370

AMD processor provides excellent power.


gateway ms2285 laptop

Gateway ms2285

A high-end gaming laptop with excellent graphics.


gateway ms2252 laptop

Gateway ms2252

Gaming laptop having outstanding graphics.


gateway mt6840 laptop

Gateway mt6840

Powerful Intel dual-core processor.


gateway mt3707 laptop

Gateway mt3707

Lightweight and multimedia specialty laptop.


Gateway NV Series

gateway nv55c49u laptop

Gateway nv55c49u

HD widescreen display with 2.4GHz Intel processor.


gateway nv73 laptop

Gateway nv73 laptop

Entertainment laptop with high security for your files.


gateway nv55c laptop

Gateway nv55c

Budget-friendly laptop with a standard performance.


Gateway NE Series

gateway ne56r34u laptop

Gateway laptop ne56r34u

High-performance laptop having a multi-gesture touchpad.


gateway ne71b11u laptop

Gateway ne71b11u

Laptop with 17.3” HD+ display and AMD E-series processor.


gateway ne56r41u laptop

Gateway ne56r41u

High-efficiency processor and has a multi-gesture touchpad.


Other Gateway Laptops

gateway lt41p05u laptop

Gateway LT41P05U

Compact and light-weight laptop running on Windows 8.


gateway new95 laptop

Gateway model new95

A budget laptop having HD LED-backlit excellent display.


gateway w350l laptop

Gateway Laptop Model w350l

Easily portable student laptop with high-performance RAM.


gateway 600yg2 laptop

Gateway 600yg2

A perfect blend of power, efficiency and attractive style.


gateway pew91 laptop

Gateway pew91

An unmatched performance with huge storage space.


gateway ne56r31u

Gateway NE56R31U

Attractive specs high-performance budget-friendly laptop.


gateway eg70 laptop

Gateway eg70

Optimal screen, multimedia supported and good RAM management.


gateway kav60 laptop

Gateway kav60

Laptop provides wifi connectivity with webcam support.


Recent Gateway Laptop Queries

  1. If your Gateway laptop models has a maximum memory capacity more than the installed memory, then you can consider adding further memory to your laptop. This might enable you to do more tasks easily. Uninstall and remove all the unwanted software and files from your hard drive. Loading your hard drive to its full capacity will hinder its performance. Run the Disk Defragmenter program on your Gateway laptop by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter and select the hard drive to defragment it. Remove the malware, such as spyware and adware from your Gateway laptop. Presence of such malware will decrease the speed of your laptop. Make use of Microsoft Security Center Tools and antivirus programs to scan and remove malicious programs, such as viruses and trojans, from your laptop.

  2. The common issue that occurs when you connect Gateway laptops to a 2wire gateway is the “Unable to Connect to the Network” message, even though both your laptop and the router are working fine. It may be because your devices are using different security settings. To resolve this issue, first, try to connect to the network to obtain limited connectivity. In the search box of your laptop, type and search for Network Connections. From the search results, click on the View Network Connections option. On the next screen, double-click on your network connection. Now go to the Network Properties section, and under the Security tab, you will find the Security Type settings. Change it to the setting that matches the security setting of your 2wire gateway. This solution holds good even if you use a different gateway other than 2wire.

  3. This error might occur when you have recently upgraded your Gateway laptop models to Windows 8.1 OS. It can be resolved by downloading the latest video drivers on your laptop using safe mode. Press ALT+F10 once the logo appears on your laptop. Then go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options. In the command prompt, type bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy. This will enable the Advanced Boot Options menu. Now type exit, hit Enter and click on Turn off your PC option. Now press the power button, and once the logo appears, press F8 and enter the Safe mode in the Advanced Boot Options. In safe mode, launch the Device Manager and uninstall the display adapters (AMD or Intel VGA). Check Delete the driver software from this device and click OK to confirm. Now download the correct video drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

  4. The .dll error message may appear when one of your DLL files isn’t registered properly. You can use Microsoft Register Server to manually register your DLL file. Click start, and in the search box, type Command and press Ctrl+Shit+Enter. Click Yes in the permission dialog box and type regsvr32 /u followed by the DLL file name and press Enter. This will uninstall the DLL file. Now type regsvr32 /i followed by the DLL file name and press Enter. This will re-register the DLL file. Now close the prompt window and restart the program associated with the erroneous DLL file. You can also use trusted third party registry cleaner software to fix this issue. If you could find the missing .dll file in the recycle bin, then restore it and restart your computer. Check whether your PC is free of malware infection by scanning it.

  5. Your Gateway laptop models may often crash or freeze when you install Windows 8 OS on it. This is because Windows 8 OS may not be supported by your Gateway laptop. Check the minimum requirement of Windows 8 OS and compare it with your laptop. By doing so, you will come to know if your laptop is compatible with Windows 8 or not. If your laptop is not compatible, then you may try to install the drivers in compatibility mode and see if that works. Download the driver from our website. Then go to the driver properties by right-clicking on it. Under the compatibility tab, click on the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows 7 Operating System from the drop-down menu. Now apply the settings and install the driver on your laptop.

  6. Ensure that your printer is connected to the power supply properly by an electrical cord. If your printer is connected to a wireless network, then check whether the router and your Gateway laptop models connected to the network are turned on and working. For printers connected via wired connectivity option, make sure the printer cable connection between your Gateway laptop and your printer is proper. If the printer driver installed on your Gateway laptop is out-dated, then you might face problems while using your printer. So update your printer driver by using the Device Manager on your Gateway laptop. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for any driver update if the Device Manager is unable to find any updates. For further clarification on printer issues, contact our Gateway laptop technical assistance team at the toll-free number provided.

  7. If the images displayed on your Gateway laptop screen is distorted, then the video driver or video card installed on your Gateway laptop models might be faulty. It can be resolved by updating your video drivers to the latest version using the Device Manager. If you are having issues with the audio output of your Gateway laptop, check whether your speakers are plugged in correctly. Otherwise, there is a possibility that your audio settings are muted. If so, then unmute it using the volume mixer. Try playing the audio using different audio players to check if the audio software is faulty. Also, ensure that the correct playback device is selected. Sometimes, a Windows update may also solve the display and audio issues. So check if any new Windows update is available and install it.

  8. Connect your 2wire router and your Gateway laptop via an Ethernet cable initially. Open the internet browser on your laptop and enter the default 2wire IP address, i.e. enter in the address bar. This will open a new window on your laptop. Click on the Wireless section. Check the Enable Wireless Interface box. Enter the SSID of your 2wire router. Choose the authentication key. WPA2-PSK is the most recommended setting. Then enter the default wireless key of your 2wire router. You can also change it later if necessary. After entering the password, click save. Now you have successfully configured your 2wire router. This procedure is the same for other routers also, except for the router’s IP address. If you have any issue or doubts regarding the 2wire router configuration, contact our Gateway technical team for further clarification.

  9. If your Gateway wireless keyboard and mouse are not working properly, make the following checks to troubleshoot your issue. The receiver must be connected to the laptop via USB properly. The wireless keyboard must not be kept on a metallic surface. Keep the receiver at least 8 inches away from other electrical devices. Try a different USB port to connect your USB. Check whether the batteries are installed correctly on the keyboard and mouse. Also, ensure that the batteries aren’t out of charge. See to that the on/off button on the keyboard and mouse is turned on. If your receiver, keyboard and mouse have a connect button on them, then after plugging your USB receiver into your laptop, press the connect button on the receiver and then press the connect button on the keyboard/mouse to activate them.

  10. If you are unable to access the internet using the internet browser on your Gateway laptop models, and you are sure that your internet connection is working fine, then the Firewall settings on your laptop must be blocking your internet access. To change the firewall settings, go to Start > Control
    Panel > Network and Sharing Center. Inside this, click on the Windows Firewall option. Go to its options and click on the Restore Defaults option. This will enable your internet access. Sometimes your internet browser might go back to the previous page by itself. This occurs when you use the touchpad for operating and another finger touches the touchpad unintentionally. This will trigger the two-finger flick gesture on your laptop. To prevent this from occurring, you can disable this gesture using the touchpad settings in the Control Panel of your laptop.

  11. To use a printer from your Gateway laptop models via a wireless connection, you have to setup the printer to the wireless network. Click on the wifi option on your printer. Choose your wireless network from the available networks. Enter the correct SSID and password for your wireless network and it will connect automatically. After that, to add the printer on your laptop, go to Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a Printer > Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth printer. Now select your printer from the list. Follow the onscreen prompts and install the necessary drivers on your laptop. You can also find the necessary drivers for your printer model on our website. Contact our technician to know more about wireless printer setup on your Gateway laptop.

  12. Sometimes when you use third-party security software, such as McAfee suite, it will prey on the speed of your laptop. You might consider uninstalling such software and removing them. Using more than one antivirus or firewalls will make your laptop run slow. Make sure you have only one antivirus or firewall on your laptop. If you have installed registry cleaners and optimizers on your laptop, remove them, as they can also slow down your device since they keep functioning in the background. Check for any Windows updates. It will fix some of the vital issues on your device. If these methods don’t work, then try this one. In the Start menu, type and search for msconfig. In the System Configuration Utility window that opens, uncheck all the unnecessary programs that aren’t required to run at startup.

  13. You can establish a local network using your 2wire modem so that you can use a single internet connection with many computers. If you want a wired network, you have to connect all the computers to the 2wire modem using Ethernet cables. If you want a wireless network, it is enough to connect one of the computers to the router using an Ethernet cable. In the web browser of the connected computer, type in the address bar and hit Enter. A new window will open. Go to Home Network > Wireless Settings, and enter a name for your network. Check the box that displays “SSID Broadcast.” Enable the Wireless Network Security and enter a unique key for your network. Save the settings. Now other computers can connect to this network by entering the key.

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  15. Remember that resetting your laptop will completely erase all the data on it. So backup all the important data from your gateway laptop models beforehand. Follow these steps to reset your laptop. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Your laptop will turn off. Now press the power button once again to turn it on. Once it begins to load, turn it off again by pressing the power button. Repeat it twice or thrice until the Automatic Repair screen appears and let this screen boot completely. Go to Advanced Options > Troubleshoot. Either select Refresh your PC if you don’t want to erase the data, or select Reset your PC to erase all the data. If you need more information, contact our technical experts at the number provided on this website.