Gateway md2614u Support for Troubleshooting

Gateway md2614u Laptops

Gateway md2614u Specs

If you are low on budget and wan’t a laptop just for entertainment purposes and some college stuff then you should go for the Gateway-Laptop (MD2614u). It is run by an AMD Turion X2 Dual Core processor which is not highly recommended for business purposes but can do good with watching movies. It has some features that not all the other laptops can offer. That is; it has a resolution of True 16:9 (1366×768), which is ideal for movies. Get Quick Gateway md2614u Support for solving laptop issues.

  • Widescreen display with HD resolution
  • 6 – cell Lithium ion battery
  • Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
  • ATA-150 with 8x read speed 2.1 GHz

Tech – Specifications


It has a 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM with processing speed at 667MHz


AMD Turion X2 mobile processor RM-72 / 2.1 Ghz with Dual Core

battery icon

2200 mAh Lithium ion battery 6 – cell

Lap display

15.6-inch Widescreeen HD display

Configuration Support

Driver Support

A normal laptop or a system requires some basic drivers to be functional. In the Gateway-Laptop (MD2614u), if you have installed a Windows OS, then major drivers will automatically be downloaded and installed. If you want to download the updates manually then you can find your required drivers from our website “” to download the latest versions of the drivers for Gateway md2614u Support. Graphics drivers, Network and Wireless drivers, Audio drivers, Chipset and System drivers, Webcam drivers, Mouse and touchpad drivers, hard disk Controller drivers and USB drivers – these are the basic drivers required for a computer/laptop to function. Check for updates from the drivers regularly because some hardware might need furthur upgrades to keep functioning.

However if you want to add some additional drivers like Graphics driver for gaming purposes, then you can download them seperately. If you find your system to be slow, unresponsive and crashes often although you have the required drivers, then you will have to update your current drivers to use your system seamlessly and free from crashes.


Manual Support

Sometimes your laptop might not reboot due to some reasons. When its a case of OS failure and your laptop just displays the boot screen after turning on the system there is no need to get it repaired anywhere. Just get a Windows OS uploaded in a CD or a pen drive. Insert it and restart your system. Now open the the BIOS section by pressing the F1 or F2 button. There you can find the Recovery section and then you can select your OS to begin the re-installation.

Gateway md2614u Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway md2614u Laptop

In Windows 8, click the Power button from the Settings menu and then hold Shift key and press Restart. This will get you into the Advanced Boot menu. Back up your data before doing the factory reset. Reboot your computer and press Alt + F10. Now select Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults. You will be asked for confirmation. Proceed and all the data on your disk including the OS will be erased.

how to factory reset gateway md2614u laptop

Downgrade to windows 7

Insert a Windows 7 OS CD/disk into your system and restart. Press F2, F8 or any other assigned key which will enter into the boot menu. Press any key when it prompts you to enable booting from your CD. In the ‘Install Windows’ screen, select your language, time, timezone and other inputs. When finished, click Next. In the next screen you will be asked to pick between Upgrade and Custom option. Follow the setup steps to downgrade to Windows 7 for Gateway md2614u support.

gateway wont turn on

Drained out battery can be the cause sometimes. Connect the AC adapter to make sure you are not running on a dead battery. Extrenal devices or corrupt peripherals like a USB device or an external mouse can be the cause sometimes. Disconnect them and try turning on the power. A power state can also prevent a laptop from booting properly. Disconnect the AC adapter and the battery from the laptop. Leave them for atleast a minute. Then reconnect the battery and the AC adapter and try turning on the laptop. Check whether you have connected the power source properly.

Windows password recovery

Windows password can’t be recovered from the PC itself. Ophcrack is a Windows password recovery tool that can recover your password. Download the tool in any computer. Insert a pen drive or a CD. Burn the ISO files into the CD after getting formatted. Insert the CD into the locked Gateway laptop and restart. Now change the BIOS settings to boot the system. Follow the instructions given in the setup to recover the Windows login password. Since your old password would have become vulnerable to find out it is better change your password after recovering your old pssword for security reasons.

Reset windows password

Download the Windows Password Recovery tool on any PC. Insert a pen drive. Select the pen drive device from the drop down list. Click Burn button. A drive format warning message will be displayed. Click Yes. Now the ISO files will be generated successfully. Now insert the newly formatted pen drive into your Gateway laptop. Now change the BIOS order to boot your Gateway laptop from the USB device. Now choose “Reset your password” and click next. Then choose “administrator” account and “remove your password” and click next. Click “reboot” to restart your Gateway md2614u support laptop and login Windows without any password.

gateway laptop black screen

First check whether all your USB slots and CD drives are empty. Remove the battery and AC cord. Remove the bottom cover of your laptop and make sure the cooling path is free of fluff and dust. Check the heat sink on the CPU is not loose, if so, tighten the screws back down so that it can hold on well. Remove and reseat your HDD/RAM modules. Replace your covers. Hold down your power button for 1 minute with your battery and AC still disconnected. Replace your AC power (not the battery) and turn on.

black screen error

Gateway cmos Battery Replacement

Disconnect the AC power adapter from your laptop. Remove the panels using screwdriver. The CMOS battery will be located in a circular holder and secured in place by a clip. Take out the clip without adding much pressure and carefully remove the old battery. Insert the new CMOS battery. Make sure that you place the battery in the correct orientation(same way how it was removed). Now plug in all the cables previously disconnected. Now assign the date and time in the BIOS menu by following gateway md2614u support.

Gateway Hard Drive Removal

Locate the hard drive enclosure. Remove the two screws with a screwdriver. Be sure to keep these screws in a safe place as they are very difficult to replace. Slide the enclosure out of the laptop. Be sure to do this slowly so as not to damage the drive. Turn the enclosure over. It is a static-proof container, so remove the drive from this place only when necessary. Otherwise, your data can be threatened by a random shock or spark. Remove the holding screws and remove the drive itself. Keep these small holding screws safe.

 Upgrade to windows 10

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft’’s official website. Now install and Upgrade if prompted. Check the valid Windows license key for versions 7, 8, or 8.1 to start the upgrade. Copy the downloaded files to a USB drive from Gateway md2614u Support Laptop. Click Install Now and choose Upgrade or Custom. Choose “Upgrade first time”. Set the location for Windows 10 in your drive. Now install. The system will reboot again. Now the upgrade is complete.

windows10 upgrade on gateway md2614u

 Gateway md2614u Laptop not Booting

  1. Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Press and hold the Power button for at least 30seconds. Release the button and leave it for a minute. Now re-attach the battery and the AC adapter. Turn ON the device by pressing the power button.
  2. Perform a hard reset if any solution doesn’t work. Disconnect all peripheral devices and any other USB connections or SD card media. Disconnect the AC power adapter and remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds on Gateway md2614u support laptop.
  3. Reconnect the AC power adapter and press the Power button. Lights may be displayed near the caps lock and the num lock keys. This can be normal if the computer turns ON with any sound.
  4. If an error message is displayed on a black screen, then there can be problem with the instruction being sent from the BIOS to the hardware component or an incompatible device driver. This issue can be resolved by updating the firmware for a critical component.

Unable to connect to Wifi or setting up a new wifi connection

The wi-fi problems may occur if the network adapters are not properly installed. Check if the airplane mode is turned OFF on Gateway md2614u support laptop. If the Airplane mode is turned ON, then all the network connections will be blocked and incoming networks will be restricted.

Network Connection Issues

Check if the network adapter drivers are installed or not. Download the latest drivers from our website and install them. Go to the Settings menu hidden in the top-right corner of the screen and click on the PC setting button. Turn ON the Wi-Fi option. Else, restart the computer and try again.

network connection setup

Installing and uninstalling Software programs

Press the Window key and type Control Panel and press Enter. Open the Add or Remove Programs, Uninstall a program or Programs and Features depending on your system’s Windows version. Select the program you want to uninstall and right-click on it. Click the Uninstall or Remove button.

The users remove the programs that are not of much use and are too old and outdated. These programs can also be updated from this menu. Right-click on the program and click on Update if the option is available on Gateway md2614u support laptop.