Complete Gateway ms2291 Laptop Support

gateway ms2291 laptops

Gateway ms2291 Specification

The Gateway MS2291 or NV73A is a low-priced laptop meets the basic requirements of an user. The laptop delivers a solid performance and is able to manage bulk process. The touch-pad supports gestures and possess a scroll-bar on the right edge. The laptop is installed with the Windows 8 Operating system that contains the default drivers for many devices. Download and refer to our User Manual to know more about the Gateway laptop. For gateway ms2291 laptop support, get guidance from our technical experts.

  • 17.3” LCD display
  • LED back-lit keyboard
  • 6 Cell Li ion battery
  • 500GB HDD

Tech – Specifications


The 500GB HDD provides space for saving multiple number of documents.

intel processor

The LED back-lit keyboard allows the user to work even in the dull light.

battery capacity

The 6 Cell Lithium ion battery provides 8 hours of continuous battery life.

Lap Display

The 17.3” LCD capacitive display offers HD viewing with 900+ Pixel density.

Gateway ms2291 Laptop Top issues

How To Factory Reset Gateway Laptop

The factory reset method is recommended only when – the entire system malfunctions; hard disk failure; when the user forgets the password. To reset, first back up your data. Go to the System & Security menu. Click the ‘Restore to factory default settings’ option. The system requests a confirmation message. Tap Yes. Wait few hours. The data will be deleted completely and the system restarts. The laptop will now function as a new device.

how to factory reset gateway ms2291

Downgrade to windows 7

Under the settings menu, click ‘Update & Security’. Locate the ‘Recovery’ option and press enter. A pop up displays ‘Go back to Windows 7’ / ‘Go back to Windows 8’. Select the option as per the requirement. Tap ‘Get started’ and Yes to confirm. The downgrade process begins. Wait until the process is completed. The system automatically restarts with Windows 7 Operating system. If not, manually restart the laptop. Contact our customer care executive to provide instructions for the Gateway ms2291 laptop support.

Gateway Wont Turn ON

Try the traditional method – remove the battery. Connect the laptop to the direct power supply. Turn On the laptop by pressing the power button for extra few seconds. Examine the power supply. Make sure that the charger is not physically damaged. Remove the front and rear panel of the laptop. The instructions to remove the panel are described in the User Manual. Locate the wire that acts as the bridge between the motherboard and the switchboard. Carefully, unplug the wire from both the connections. If it is damaged, replace with a new one. Or, reconnect the same wire. Remove and re-insert the batteries. Close the panels. Turn On the laptop.

Gateway Laptop Black Screen

If the laptop displays black screen, follow the steps provided. Remove the RAM chip from the slot. Blow air and clear the vents. Insert the chip in another slot – if available. Turn On the laptop. Continue to work if it works correctly. If the issue is not resolved, connect the laptop with an external monitor using a VGA cable. Power On the laptop. If the external monitor works perfectly, replace the inverter in the laptop. Refer the User Manual of Gateway ms2291 laptop support for the information on removing and replacing the inverter.

gateway ms2291 cmos battery replacement

gateway cmos battery replacement

The CMOS and BIOS are depended on each other. When the CMOS battery is removed, the BIOS is restored to its default settings. In order to prevent the confusion, note down the BIOS configurations from the system settings. Disconnect the power adapter from the laptop. Reveal the motherboard by removing the access panels. The CMOS battery will be attached to the motherboard with a metal clip. Remove the clip without damaging the motherboard. Replace it with a new battery. Reattach the access panels. Power On the laptop. Perform boot operation to reset the BIOS values noted previously. Finish the process. The battery is replaced and set.

gateway hard drive removal

Make sure to backup all the data from your hard drive. Power Off the laptop. Disconnect all the peripheral devices. In the rear panel of the laptop, locate the hard drive cover. Extricate the screws. After removing the cover, gently slide the hard drive and discard it. If you want to replace the hard drive, insert a new drive. Close the cover and clench the screws. For Gateway ms2291 laptop support instructions with pictures, refer the manual provided in this site.

 Upgrade to windows 10

Download the Windows 10 installation file. The Windows 8 users can easily upgrade to Windows 10 – Open the properties of the currently installed Operating system. Right click the OS and select ‘Update to Windows 10’. The upgrade process is initiated. Wait until the setup is complete. The system restarts with Windows 10 Operating system. The drivers are also updated to be compatible with the Windows 10. To Upgrade Windows 10 call us on Gateway ms2291 Laptop Support

gateway ms2291 upgrade to windows 10

Windows password recovery

Turn On the laptop. When the screen displays the start page, power off the laptop. Turn On again. This time, the system asks for two options – Launch the start-up repair & start windows normally. Select the first option. Tap the ‘View problem details’ in the upcoming screen. Go to the bottom of the display. Click the link provided. From the list displayed, select the sticky keys application and rename the file as the backup file. Also, rename the cmd.exe file. Click Finish. The laptop automatically restarts. After entering the log in screen, press the Shift key repeatedly until the Command Prompt pops up. Now, type ‘net user’. Replace the password with a new one and press Enter. Exit the menu. In the start page, enter your new password and log in.

Reset windows password

Reset the Windows password by accessing the Safe Mode. Turn On the laptop. Press the F8 function key simultaneously. From the displayed list, select the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu. Tap the ‘Safe Mode’ in the next screen and press Enter. Log in as an administrator. Open the Control Panel from the start menu. Under the ‘User accounts’ select the account need to be reset. The system prompts to replace the old password with a new one. Restart the laptop. Enter the new password and log in. For further assistance, feel free to contact our gateway ms2291 laptop support team.

Unable to connect to Wifi or setting up a new wifi connection

Power On the router. Switch On the laptop. Enter the Device Manager. Under the Networks menu, uninstall all the network drivers. Delete the source files. Turn On the WI-FI feature and scan for the available network. Once the network is found, select and connect with the network. Install the network drivers manually. Download the driver software from the ‘Driver Downloads’ tab and install. The network is installed and is ready to use.

laptop unable to connect to wifi

Network Connection Issues

Turn Off the router. Go to the site’s driver menu. Download the latest version of the network driver. Open the Device Manager. Uninstall and delete the previously installed network driver software. Now, install and run the update for the driver software. Restart the laptop. Turn On the WI-FI and scan the available network. Once the network is detected, connect with the network. If the connection is established with a LAN cable, replace the LAN cable. Ensure that LAN port is not damaged and the supply is uniform. Reach Us, for more Gateway ms2291 Laptop Support.

Installing and uninstalling Software programs

Install – Download and save the software file you want to install. Enter the System & Security menu. Un-check the ‘Permit installation of unknown sources’ option. Run the setup for the installation process to commence. Enter the required user credentials. Click Finish.

Uninstall – Visit the Control Panel home. Under the Programs menu, a list of the installed applications is displayed. Select the application you want to uninstall. Right click the app. From the drop-down menu, tap ‘Uninstall’ and wait few seconds. The software will be uninstalled.