Gateway MS2252 Support for Troubleshooting

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Gateway ms2252 Specifications

Gateway MS2252 Support Laptop comes at an affordable price. It has a pre-installed Windows operating system. Experience the Dual core processor which make the work easy and efficient. Connect the system to a wireless network. Extended 4GB memory allows you to save enough number of documents or photos in it. Work for hours with this lithium-ion battery.

  • 17” inch display screen
  • Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
  • Windows operating system
  • Wireless connection

Tech – Specifications


It comes with 3MB RAM and can be extended up to 4GB

intel processor

Intel Dual-core P8400 processor with 2.26GHZ speed increases the system performance


9-cell lithium-ion battery works up to 10 hours

lap display

17” inch display with 1440*900 resolution at an aspect ratio 16:10.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Support

We offer Gateway MS2252 Support and guidance in downloading and installing the drivers in the system. Most laptops come with pre-installed operating system. The Gateway laptop comes with Windows 8 OS. The drivers required for the operating system is provided in the shipment box. Place the CD into the disc drive. Wait for a while to list out the files in the CD. Click one by one . Wait for a while for the installation process to get completed. All compatible drivers are provided in the CD. If you have lost it, download the supported driver from this website. Select it based on the version of the operating system. Double-click it to start the process.

In certain cases, you can get the setup file in ZIP format. Uncompress it and start the installation by clicking on the respective setup file. Once the installation is completed, customize the settings. It is suggested to update the driver when available. Updating the driver should be done to avoid the system bugs and to maximize the system performance. You can update the driver manually or automatically. If you need any details regarding the download process, call our toll-free number.


Manual Support

A user manual is a guide which helps the users who are unaware of how to start and set up the system. It consists various sections from setting up the laptop to troubleshoot the issue occurring in it. The user manual for the Gateway MS2252 laptop is provided with the shipment box. Locate the manual and read the step by step instructions before starting any connection process with it. The soft copy of the manual is now available on this website. If you are unable to locate the manual, download it from our website. You can get two types of manual -quick guide and basic setup. Click the link based on your requirement.

Download starts once the link is clicked. Wait till the download process completes fully. Get the manual from the Downloads folder. Most manuals will be in PDF format. Make sure that the application is available in the system to open it. The manual contains Safety Precautions section. It handles the safety measures that are to be done while setting up the laptop. If there is any issue with the download process, connect with our Gateway MS2252 Support team. They will help to download the manual easily.

Gateway Ms2252 Laptop Top issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway Ms2252 Laptop

It is suggested to perform a factory reset when the system encounters hardware issues, crash in the operating system or when you forget your password. Create a backup of the data or information in the system before doing the factory reset process. To do it, move to the System and Security menu. Select the Restore to faulty settings option. Select the OK option to confirm the process. Wait for few hours till the reset process completes. After a while, the system restarts automatically.

how to factory reset gateway ms2252 laptop

Downgrade to windows 7

The downgrade is the process of bringing back the operating system version to its older version. To do it, select the Update and Security option under the Settings menu. Find the Recovery option and then press the Enter key. On the pop-up screen , a message appears to Go back to Windows 7/ Go back to Windows 8. Select the option based on your requirements. Touch Get Started and click the Yes option to confirm your choice. Wait till the process gets completed. Restart process starts automatically. For Gateway Ms2252 Support, call our Technical experts and get quick guidance.

Gateway Won’t Turn ON

Examine if the battery is drained. If yes, charge the battery using the charge cable provided while purchasing the system. Check the power supply and see if there is any physical damage to the charger cable. Remove the rear panel of the system to take the battery out of its slot. Check for any damage to the battery. If it is, replace it with a new one. Remove the front panel of the system. Search for the wire that connects the system and the motherboard. If it is damaged, it is suggested to replace it with a new one. Insert the battery into its slot. Place the panels and then turn on the system by pressing the Power button. Charge the battery fully to avoid the issue in future.

Windows Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your login password, use the Windows Password recovery to reset the password. If the reset disk is unavailable, re-formating the hard drive or re-installing the Windows system is solutions. Using the Windows Password recovery is one of the tools to reset it. Switch on the system. Wait till the system displays the Window screen. Turn off the system by pressing the power button. After a while, turn it on again. The system prompts for two options-run the start-up repair or start Windows normally. Choose the option based on your requirements. Create a backup the file and rename it for your identification. After performing this, restart process starts automatically. if the issue is not solved, call our Gateway Ms2252 Support team and get easy guidance.

Reset Windows Password

Resetting the password is done when you do not remember the password or any issue occurs when Windows operating system fails to boot up. To reset the password, start the system in the safe mode. Switch on the system by pressing the Power button. Press the F8 key when the system is booting up. At this time, view a Startup menu. This menu is necessary to enter the Safe mode. You can get the access if you are in Administrator. On the start menu, open the Control Panel. Choose the Account which is required to be reset by clicking the User account option. Enter the old and new password. After resetting, log in to the system using the new password. For more Gateway Ms2252 Support, reach our technical experts.

Gateway Laptop Black Screen Error

When the laptop is properly working, a black screen appears suddenly. After a while, rebooting of the system starts automatically. This issue may happen due to the virus in the system, RAM or other external devices in the system. Take the RAM out of its slot. Wipe the dust accumulated in it. Insert the RAM into its other slot if provided. Switch on the laptop. If the issue ends, start to work in the system. If it continues, connect an external monitor to the system using a VGA port. If the monitor works, the issue is with the screen. Replace it with a new one. Install a licensed antivirus software in the system to remove the virus from the system to solve the issue. If the issue is not resolved get quick Gateway Ms2252 Support from our laptop support team.

gateway ms2252 black screen issue

Gateway cmos Battery Replacement

The time and date in the system vary with the original time. It is due to the issue with the CMOS battery. Replacing the battery is necessary to solve the issue. Turn off the system and remove the back panel. Find the CMOS battery inside it. Examine if it is accessible and can be removed. If it is in coin shape, use the fingers to handle the edge of the battery and pull it out from its slot. Replace it with a new one. Install it into the secondary slot. After that, turn on the system and reset to its default settings.

Gateway Hard Drive Removal

A hard drive is one of the internal components of the system. The data in the system is stored in the hard drive. If you are removing the hard drive, create a backup for the data stored in it. Power off the system. Unplug all external devices connected to the system. Inside the rear panel, locate the hard drive. Remove the screws over it. Take it out from its position. In case you wish to replace it, insert it with a new one. Screw the sides of the hard disk cover and close the panel. For more Gateway Ms2252 Support Call our Technical Experts.

Upgrade to Windows 10

It is suggested to update to the latest version of the operating system. Avail all latest features of the OS after the update process. While updating, do not turn off the system and maintain a stable internet connection . You can download the updated file from this website. Double-click on the setup file to start the update process. Wait till the update process get completed. Rebooting of the system starts automatically after the update process.

gateway ms2252 laptop upgrade to windows10

 Gateway Laptop Not Booting

  1. The non-booting system indicates a severe issue with the operating system. The driver in the operating system also encounters the issue. With the help of the recovery discs , restore the system to factory settings. When the system is reset to its default settings, it is similar to working with new system.
  2. Place the recovery disc that shipped with the system on the computer’s disc drive. Reboot the system. Press the R key to start the recovery process. Choose the Non-Destructive option to restore. This creates a restore of the files in the system without removing the personal files.
  3. If the laptop does not start, try to solve the issue. To solve it, examine the BIOS. When the CMOS battery gets drained, the BIOS restores to its default settings. Turn on the system and press the F8 or F2 for a while to start the booting function.
  4. Fix all default settings. Save the changes made in the settings . Press the Exit icon to close the setup menu. Examine if the booting process starts. If it is not working, replace the old CMOS battery with a new one. If the issue still continues, call our Gateway Ms2252 Support team.

Unable to connect to WiFi or setting up a new WiFi connection

Examine if the issue is with the router. If it is , replace it with a new one. Type the network name and password properly. Mistakes in the credentials can cause the connection issue. Do not connect the system to a public network. It has various restrictions on the connection process.

Network Connection Issues

Connect the system to your network. Examine if it is connected to a different network. If yes, reconnect it. It is suggested to use a unique name to avoid the confusion with the surrounding network. Move the system close to the network to attain the maximum signal strength.

gateway ms2252 laptop connect to wifi

Installing and uninstalling Software programs

Download the necessary software from a trusted website. Get the setup file from the Downloads folder. Click on it to begin the process. Agree to the terms and conditions. Choose the Custom option to avoid the unnecessary downloads. Based on the on-screen instructions, complete the installation. Move to the Control panel of the system. On the Program menu, see the list of the installed program. Select the program you intend to uninstall. Click the Software removal or Uninstall option. Depending on the instructions mentioned on the screen, complete the uninstall process from the system with the guidance of our Gateway Ms2252 Support team.