Gateway Ms2370 Setup and Configuration

gateway ms2370 cofigure

Gateway ms2370 Specifications

The Gateway Ms2370 Setup Laptop that meets the expectation of home users and students. It comes with a built-in webcam which lets you take pictures and record videos. You might be able to use it to chat with your friends using video chat application. It offers HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity. It comes with an SD card slot. The one TB Hard disk space make sure that you will be able to save documents without worrying about space.

  • 15.6 inch screen
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Windows 8
  • 4 cell Lithium-ion battery

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

Four GB of Random Access Memory that makes sure that your everyday programs have enough resources to run.

intel processor

AMD E1 Processor clocked at 1.40 GHz makes sure that it is an efficient computer that meets your expectations


The 15.6 display makes sure that you are able to view your favorite movies the way that they are meant to be watched.

best laptop display

Four-cell lithium-ion battery with 2500 mah and 37Whr.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Support

To access the full functionality of the various features offered by the Gateway Ms2370, you need to install the appropriate Gateway laptop support driver. Ensure that the drivers are compatible with your Gateway Ms2370 Setup and are appropriate to the particular component. You can download the Gateway laptop support driver for Gateway Ms2370 from this website. The drivers act as interpreters between the hardware and the operating system. While your operating system might install drivers for most generic components, it might be necessary to install specific drivers for some components. For Windows, your driver will be in .exe format. Prior to starting your download, your browser might ask you to select Run, Open or Save.

Select Save. Your Download of Gateway laptop support drivers will begin. The estimated time for the download to conclude can be seen in the Downloads bar of the browser or the Downloads folder of your computer. Once the download concludes, launch the Gateway laptop support installer drivers will file from the Downloads bar of the browser of the Downloads folder of the computer. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


Manual Support

The Gateway laptop tech support guide offers basic information for the end-user to setup, operate and troubleshoot the device. You can download the user manual for Gateway Ms2370 from this website.

Gateway laptop tech support user guide’s structure and style are designed to help the user find information. Usually, a table of contents assists in finding information by grouping them into categories. An index (if available) helps you locate keywords and their occurrence in the user manual. The Gateway laptop support user guide uses clear and unambiguous language to communicate information. It might provide illustrated definitions of the various parts of the laptop and their function. This is helpful for the laptop users to identify the various components and their parts. Gateway laptop technical support user guide might include ports such as USB, Ethernet, and buttons such as function keys and power buttons. The Gateway Ms2370 Setup support user guide might also provide safety and cautionary advice and the best practices in operating the laptop. This helps prevent damage to the laptop and injuries and hazards to self. The Gateway laptop technical support user guide might also offer troubleshooting advice to resolve any issues that might occur during operation.

Gateway MS2370 Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway Ms2370 Laptop

Prior to completing a factory reset, take a backup of all data as the reset will erase any on your hard drive including software. Keep the Gateway Ms2370 plugged to a power source. Switch it on. When the Gateway or Acer logo shows up, immediately press the Alt + F10 keys. If required by the Windows boot menu, press the Enter key. Select Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults and approve the selection. Make a user account and start using your Gateway Ms2370 Setup.

gateway ms2370 windows 10

Downgrade to windows 7

Follow the steps given here to downgrade your Windows 10 operating system to the Windows 7 operating system. From Windows 10, Open Settings, access update, and security, choose Recovery. You will be able to downgrade only within a period of time after upgrading depending upon your Windows 10 version. If the option of reverting back to Windows 7 is not available, you might have to restore your PC to factory settings which reinstalls the Windows operating system version that was installed in your PC when it was shipped.

Gateway Ms2370 Won’t Turn ON

Switch on the Gateway Ms2370 Setup laptop with the battery and adapter fixed. If it powers up, remove the battery and try to turn it on. If it does not turn on, then the problem is with the adapter. Try using a new adapter and go through the steps once again. It is possible that both battery and adapter are damaged. If the laptop turns on, switch off the laptop and take the battery out. Attach the adapter and switch the laptop on. If the computer turns on, then it is possibly a battery problem.

Windows Password Recovery

Switch off your Gateway Ms2370. Once the “Starting Windows” displays, force shut down the Ms2370. After this, switch on your computer once again. You will be prompted to choose Startup repair or Start Windows Normally. Select Startup Repair. The computer will inform that Startup repair is unable to repair the computer. Click on view Problem details. Scroll down till you view detail report. Select the link for Microsoft offline privacy statement. From Notepad, access the file menu, choose the File menu and then click on Open Now. In the Open dialog box, alter the File of type option to All Files. Locate the Sticky keys application sethc.exe and the CMD.exe. Quit all dialog boxes and select Finish. The computer will restart. On reaching the Windows login screen, press the shift key all the time and the Command Prompt windows will pop open. Provide Command “net user” to modify the login credentials as you desire. Exit the command prompt. You must be able to login with your new credentials.

Reset Windows Password

To reset the password online, go to the reset password page. Select the reason for resetting the password, then choose Next. Provide the Microsoft account Email address you are trying to recover. Type the characters displayed on-screen, then choose Next. A one time code will be sent to the alternate mobile number or email address provided. After entering the code on the subsequent screen, you will be able to create a new password for Gateway Ms2370 Setup. To reset the password from the sign-in screen, select the Microsoft account name whose password has to be reset. Click I forgot my password. From the Recover your account screen, provide the characters shown in the box below Enter the characters shown, the choose Next. Choose the mode (by text or email) by which you can receive the security code. To receive by phone you need to enter the phone number’s last four digits. Choose Send Code. Provide the code you received and choose Next. Choose a new password, choose Next. Choose next to revert to the sign-in screen. Sign-in with your new password.

Gateway Ms2370 Laptop Black Screen

In case your recently updated your Windows 8.1 operating system on your Gateway Ms2370, it may cause the laptop to boot to black screen. To solve this issue, you need to boot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. This option can be enabled from the Advanced Boot Options. After booting in Safe Mode With Networking, Uninstall the video driver and download the correct driver and install it. Install it by right-clicking the video controller and choosing update driver software. Choose the browse option, select the downloaded Driver and choose Next to complete Gateway Ms2370 Setup process. Select Close and reboot your system to enter windows as usual.

gateway ms2370 cmos battery replacement

Gateway Ms2370 cmos Battery Replacement

The CMOS battery powers the Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor or CMOS. It stores the system date and time and other configurations of the laptop. If you have any personal BIOS setting that you have assigned, jot them down. The Bios will be reset to its factory default when the CMOS battery is detached. Ground yourself during this procedure. Remove the AC adapter from the Gateway laptop, and then the access panels to access the motherboard. Identity the CMOS battery on the motherboard if required refer the motherboard manual. Exert a gentle thrust to the retaining clip, and detach the battery with care. Load the replacement CMOS battery in in lieu of the old one. Ensure that the orientation is similar to the previously installed battery. Fix the power cord and rest of the cables you previously removed. Reattach the access panels. Once the system boots, you have to reset the values in your system Bios. Access the Gateway Ms2370 Setup BIOS menu by pushing F1 and F2 keys on the keyboard.

Gateway Ms2370 Hard Drive Removal

Certain Gateway laptop possesses access panels. This lets you detach them and replace the hard drive. In case your notebook does not provide an access panel, it is not recommended that you replace your own drive. Take the battery out. Take the hard drive access panel. Identify the hard drive and detach any screws holding it in position. Glide the hard drive away from the connectors. Raise the hard drive out of the bay. Detach the bracket from the hard drive. You might have to remove four screws. Take out the installed hard drive, and then glide in the replacement hard drive into the bracket and attach the four screws. Load the replacement hard drive and glide it back into place. The connectors should glide into place easily. Do not thrust the drive. Attach any screws that were keeping the hard drive in position to complete Gateway Ms2370 Setup process. Reinsert the back panel into its designated position, and then attach the screws and reload the battery.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Make sure that your device has enough space to upgrade to Windows 10. Run Windows update a few times. Make sure that third-party drivers are updated and download any updates. Detach any extra hardware. Examine the device manager for errors. Open Device manager. If any device has a yellow exclamation mark by its side. Right-click the device name and choose either Update Driver Software or Uninstall to rectify the errors.

gateway ms2370 windows upgrade

 Gateway Ms2370 Laptop Not Booting

  1. If your Gateway Ms2370 Setup starts booting in the windows operating system and functions for a while but after that it turns off automatically without providing any cause or warning and repeats the same behavior after rebooting the system, it’s most likely a heat related issue.
  2. Examine the cooling fan to ensure that it is functional. This behavior might also be caused due to a memory problem. You can attempt reseating the memory slot which involves removing it from its designated slot and loading it back in its position. Attempt loading the memory module into another slot (if present).
  3. In case the laptop has two memory modules installed, attempt detaching one of them and boot the laptop. If the boot is successful, try booting with the other module placed in each of the slots. If the boot fails, then the fault lies with the other module. Replace it.
  4. If the laptop boots successfully with both memory when load led in Slot A but will not boot when memory modules are installed in slot B, the slot is dysfunctional. You will have to replace the motherboard or utilize only one memory slot.

Unable to Connect to Wifi Connection

You may not be able to connect to WiFi if Airplane mode is enabled or the physical Wifi switch is turned on. Ensure that Airplane mode is disabled and the physical Wifi switch is turned on. If you have trouble still connecting to your wifi network, then restart your modem and router to finish Gateway Ms2370 Setup process.

Network Connection Issues

If you are unable to see your Wi-Fi network name, then ensure that your router is set to broadcast the network name. Access your web browser and provide the IP address for your wireless router. Sign in and then ensure that the option Enable SSID Broadcast, Wireless SSID broadcast or equivalent in switched on.

gateway ms2370 unable to connect to wifi

Installing and Uninstalling Software Programs

For Windows 10, you can install from CD or DVD, download and install from the Internet, or install from the Microsoft Store. To install from a CD you, place it into your PC, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the software installation process. You might be asked to provide an admin password.

For Windows 10, You can uninstall programs from Settings by opening Settings, choosing Apps and choose the program you need to uninstall and then choose Uninstall for Gateway Ms2370 Setup. Certain apps that are built into Windows operating system cannot be uninstalled.