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How to Disassemble Gateway nv53a Laptop?

Gateway NV53A is a laptop owned by Acer known for its compact design and digital features. You can dismantle the Gateway laptop to replace or fix any electronic parts present inside or to clean the internal components. Use the following procedure for how to disassemble Gateway nv53a laptop.

  1. Shut down the laptopand separate the battery from it.
  2. Get a screwdriver and unscrew the hard drive and memory unit cover at the bottom of the laptop.Take the cover
  3. See which screw is holding the hard drive and then unscrew it. Remove the hard drive by sliding away from the battery side and lifting.
  4. After that, separate the memory modules by moving it towards the hard drive section and lifting.
  5. Next, unscrew one screw that is securing the DVD drive and draw out the drive from the laptop.
  6. Look for the antenna cables connected to the Wi-Fi card and gently disconnect both of them.
  7. Unscrew one corner of the Wi-Fi card and remove it from the slot on the laptop.
  8. Three screws hold the media button board cover; unscrew all of them. Following that, turn to the front side of the laptop and slowly lift up the media button board.
  9. Make sure you do not pull the board, as it is connected to the motherboard.
  10. Place the media button board at a small distance away from the keyboard but do not separate it completely.
  11. Now, lift the keyboard and position it upside down on the laptop’s palm resting part. Check out the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.
  12. Disconnect the connector cable by lifting the tab securing the cable and separate the keyboard.
  13. After that, remove the media button board cable and take off the board cover from the Gateway nv53a laptop.

How to Disassemble Gateway nv53a

  1. Then, unscrew two screws at the bottom of the display hinge of the laptop and remove the LCD cable connector from the motherboard.
  2. Gently disconnect all the antenna cables and unscrew the display hinge at the top.
  3. After this, you can lift the whole display monitor and then place it aside.
  4. Next, turn the laptop and unscrew the retaining screws at the bottom.
  5. Again, move to the front side and disconnect the cables. Use a flat hard object like a guitar pick to open the top case of the laptop.
  6. The CMOS battery, motherboard, USB board cable, and the modem cable discloses, and then remove the motherboard by unscrewing.
  7. Following that, the cooling fan becomes accessible and then unscrew the four screws to separate the cooling fan.
  8. The how to disassemble Gateway nv53a laptop procedure successfully completed.