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Fixed: Gateway NV53A won’t Turn On Issue

If your Gateway NV53A won’t Turn On, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

  1. First, check whether you have charged your laptop.

  2. If not, connect it to the AC electrical outlet using the supplied power adapter and cable.

  3. Check whether the indicator light on the Gateway Nv53A laptop lights up.

  4. If the indicator light doesn’t glow in red or white, try to connect the power cable to a different wall outlet.

  5. If it does not work, unplug the power cord from the Gateway Nv53A laptop and remove the battery located at the backside.

  6. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery without damagingthe clips and panels.

  7. After removing the battery and the power cord, try to perform a hard reset on your laptop.

  8. Press the Power button available on the left side of the laptop and hold it for 20

  9. While performing a hard reset, check whether the laptop boots up as usual.

  10. If your laptop fails to boot, then remove and reconnect the Random-Access Memory (RAM) on your laptop.

  11. At the rearof the laptop, unscrew the top casing using the screw-driver or necessary tools.

  12. Make sure you have removed the Gateway Nv53A laptop’s battery before removing the back panel.

  13. After removing the back case, remove the RAM one by one without damaging the internal parts.

Gateway NV53A won't Turn On

  1. Check for any disconnected cable inside the laptop.

  2. If so, reconnect them and install the RAM back into the respective slots.

  3. If you are using a damaged RAM, then it may also be a reason for the laptop issue.

  4. Therefore, replace the damaged RAM to resolve the problem.

  5. If you find the problem with the power cord or AC adapter, get a new power cable.

  6. If you have difficulties in troubleshooting your Gateway NV53A won’t turn on issues, contact our technical experts.