Gateway NV55C49U Laptop Setup and Configuration

gateway nv55c49u configure

Gateway NV55C49U Specifications

The Gateway NV55C49U Laptop is a mid-series laptop that finds a place under the ‘Notebook’ category. The laptop delivers good performance at a reasonable price. The spacious keyboard helps with good typing speed without flaws. The weight of the laptop is comparatively low and makes it easily portable. The laptop is equipped with two USB ports, a DVD driver and a security lock at the right end.

  • 15.6”, 1366 * 768 HD display
  • Intel Pentium B960 with 2.2 GHz processor speed
  • 6 Cell 48 Wh Li – ion battery
  • 4GB RAM with 500GB HDD

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The laptop comes with 4GB DDR3 SD RAM that is extendable upto 8GB PROCESSOR.

intel processor

Intel Pentium B960 Dual-core processor with 2.2 GHz processor speed and Mobile Intel HM70 Express Chipset type.

laptop battery

The 6 Cell Lithium ion battery allows the user to work continuously for 5 hours.

best laptop display

15.6” 1366 * 768 HD LED display with Ultra bright screen.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Support

Every device require a driver to function known as device driver. The driver software contain the source code of the functionality of the device. Driver possession – Fetch the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop driver files equipped in the CD-ROM or DVD, that accompanied the printer. Or, download the latest version of the driver software with the currently installed Operating system from a trusted or official website. Driver Configuration – Using the ‘driver configuration utility’ software, configure and alter the driver’s default settings as per the requirements, before the installation process.

Install the driver software. If the device fails to function, download new drivers and install. Update the driver software frequently. This avoids malfunctioning of the drivers. In Windows 10, the Windows update process automatically update the drivers for all the devices. If you find any difficulties in downloading and installing the drivers, get Tech Support from our Experts.


Manual Support

In Manual Support, the initial description is about starting and setting up the laptop. Wireless connection – Turn On the wireless feature in the laptop. Connect with the available network. Registration – Register the laptop with the Gateway support. Software installation – The default software are automatically installed by the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop. Do not turn Off the laptop during this process. If any external application is to be installed, scan the device containing the application and insert the USB device.

Safety with ease – Turn Off the switch only after shutting down the laptop. Do not damage the laptop physically. Attach and Detach the cables carefully. Recovery – Create the recovery disks after the software installation is finished. The Gateway Recovery Management allows the user to create recovery drives and restore the applications. If you have doubts regarding the technical support, feel free to contact our customer support executive.

Gateway NV55C49U Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway NV55C49U Laptop

Backup your data. Log in as an administrator. Enter the administrator settings or Gateway laptop support menu. Click ‘Factory reset’ menu. Select the ‘Factory data reset’ or ‘Restore to factory settings’ option. Tap Confirm / Yes in the next screen. The system starts to restore the default settings. All the information will be deleted. This method is irreversible.

gateway wont turn on

Downgrade to Windows 7

Open the settings. Click ‘Update & Security’. Locate the ‘Recovery’ option and click. A pop up appears displaying ‘Go back to Windows 7’ / ‘Go back to Windows 8’. Select the first option. Tap ‘Get started button’. The downgrade process commences. Wait until the process gets completed. The system automatically restarts with Windows 7 Operating system. Contact the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop technical support for detailed instructions.

Gateway NV55C49U Laptop Won’t Turn ON

Detach the power cable. Check the AC adapter with a multimeter. Plug in the power cable. Connect the laptop to a working power supply. Turn on the laptop. If it fails to turn on, replace the DC charger board and the battery. Or, hot-wire the laptop. The power button connects to a small connector under the keyboard. Use an edge of a plastic card to wedge under the top side of the keyboard. It will unclip with a sound. Now, gently flip the keyboard upside and move it towards the mouse-pad. Using a small flat-head screwdriver carefully tap the two points on the other side of the connector. The laptop turns on.

Windows Password Recovery

Use the recovery CD accompanied with the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop. Or, access the System Recovery Option. Create a recovery disc. Start up the repair process. The best way to reset the Windows password is by using the Password Reset Disk option. Insert a USB flash drive in an accessible system. Enter the User Accounts panel. Click ‘Create a Password Reset Disk’ option. A prompt screen appears in the display. Follow the instructions. Create the User Account password. Insert the flash drive in the laptop and reset the password. You can re-install the Operating system if the above method fails.

Reset Windows Password

Turn On the laptop. Click the ‘Switch user’ button. Log in as an administrator from another user account. Open the command prompt and choose ‘Run as an administrator’. Type – net user along with the username and a new password. Press Enter. Log out and enter the new password in the locked account. If the problem is not resolved, re-install the Windows Operating system on your Gateway NV55C49U Laptop. This method resets the password. Install the OS in the same drive as before in order to prevent loss of data in the other drives.

Gateway NV55C49U Laptop Black Screen

When the Gateway laptop displays black screen frequently, establish a connection between the laptop and an external monitor with a VGA or HDMI cable. Connect the power source to both. Turn the power on. If the screen displays something on the monitor but not on the laptop, update the graphics driver or the CPU chip-set or the BIOS with the latest version. Check whether the display adapters are enabled and up-to-date. If the screen does not show up on both the devices, it is a start-up problem.

gateway nv55c49u hard drive removal

Gateway CMOS Battery Replacement

The CMOS battery must be replaced, if the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop automatically alters the time – date settings and and display CMOS Read error messages & CMOS Battery Failure. Open the laptop case and locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Remove the battery. If the battery is held by a metal clip, slide down the battery and remove it gently. Replace it with a new battery. Close the case and ensure that all the screws are locked. Turn on the laptop and check the status of the battery.

Gateway NV55C49U Hard Drive Removal

Before initiating the process, make sure to backup all the information. Turn Off the laptop. Disconnect all the cables. Turn over the laptop. Loosen the screws and remove the hard drive cover. Slide the hard drive to the left and gently remove it. If the hard drive is attached to any internal parts, detach them and secure them in a safe place. If you want to replace the hard drive, insert a new one. Close the cover. Tighten the screws.

 Upgrade to windows 10

Download the Windows 10 installation file with the license key from the Microsoft Official website. The Windows 7 & 8 users are eligible to directly upgrade to Windows 10 without downloading the installation file. Click the Upgrade option in the properties page of the currently installed Operating system. If not, copy the downloaded installation file in a USB flash drive. Turn Off the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop. Insert the flash drive in a USB port. Turn On the laptop and press the boot key continuously. Adjust the settings and click ‘Install’. Wait few hours. The Windows 10 upgrade is completed. The Gateway laptop support drivers are also updated with this upgrade.

upgrade to windows 10

Gateway NV55C49U laptop not Booting

  1. If there is an error in booting, perform the troubleshooting process. Examine the BIOS. The BIOS returns to the default settings, once the BIOS battery is drained. Turn On the laptop. Press and hold the booting function key in your laptop.
  2. Change the date and time settings. Apply the changes and exit the BIOS setup. Check if it boots now. If it fails, replace it with a new BIOS battery. If the battery is flat, gently alter its shape and reinsert the battery. Perform the booting process for Gateway NV55C49U Laptop.
  3. If the problem persist, disconnect the hard drive and force restart the laptop. The BIOS is automatically loaded. Reset the BIOS with the customized settings by referring the User Manual. Apply the settings and the laptop is booted.
  4. Or, you can resolve the booting problem by overloading the keyboard buffer. Press the Esc key rapidly for few minutes. The keyboard starts to buffer. As a result of buffering, the BIOS is forced to enter the setup screen.

Unable to connect to Wifi

Turn on the laptop. Enter the Device Manager menu and delete all the displayed network devices. Turn On the router. Now, scan the available network. Connect with the desired network. If the problem still persist, update the Gateway NV55C49U Laptop support drivers or change the router settings.

Network Connection Issues

Turn Off the WI-FI. Go to the official Gateway site. Download and save the latest version of the network driver software. Enter the Device Manager. Uninstall the previously installed network driver. Now, install and run the driver update software. Restart the laptop. Turn on the WI-FI. Scan the network providers. Select the network and connect.

gateway nv55c49u wifi connection

Installing and uninstalling Software programs

Install – Download the software you want to install. Enter the System & Security menu and unmark the ‘Permit installation of unknown sources’ option. Open and run the software. Enter the necessary fields. Click ‘Finish’. The software is installed in Gateway NV55C49U Laptop.

Uninstall – Go to the Control Panel home. Click the Programs menu. The list of installed software is displayed. Select the software you want to uninstall and right click the program. Tap ‘Uninstall’ and wait few seconds. The software is uninstalled.