Gateway NV73 Setup and Configuration

gateway nv73 laptop configure

Gateway NV73 Specifications

With its frameless touchscreen, the Gateway Nv73 laptop is designed in silky silver or metallic gray color with slim design. With this laptop, wipe through the web and easily power up your application. Keep your data everything secure with the M-Disc Ready drive and Gateway NV73 Setup Recovery Management. This is the best laptop for entertainment. Watch your favorite movies and videos with clear full HD on the 15.6” LED-backlit display.

  • Good performance at a attractive price
  • Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Battery capacity: 4400 mAh

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

Its memory speed is up to 667MHz with DDR2 SDRAM and its installed size is 4 GB.

intel processor

Dual-core processor with 667MHz data bus speed and cache is up to L2-1MB.

laptop battery

The laptop supports Wired and Wireless connectivity option.

best laptop display

The Gateway NV73 laptop keeps you in touch and productive anywhere.

Gateway NV73 Configuration Support

Driver Download

The Gateway NV73 drivers are programs that help your laptop hardware to communicate with your operating system software. It is advisable to maintain the updated Gateway NV 73 software to prevent crashes as well as to maximizes the device’s hardware and system performance. If you use an outdated or corrupt driver that might cause crashes and lead to the hardware failure. Installing the wrong Gateway drivers might cause these problems even worse.

Get the most updated Gateway Nv73 Setup and driver from this website. All you need to do is, search for the Driver option from this website and click on it. Download the suitable driver for your laptop. After downloading, follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver successfully on your device. We also provide you a remote access to download and install the driver on your laptop.


Manual Download

A manual is the best guide for all the users. Without any ones help, you can easily setup and repair your laptop on your own with the help of the user manual. You can avail all the information related to your laptops such as specification, setup tips, and troubleshooting guides. Search for the Manual download option from this website and select it to get the manual for your laptop. Download the manual for the laptop.

After downloading the manual, save it to your device for further reference. Follow the step by step instructions to easily setup and troubleshoot your laptop. You can also get the maintenance tips for your laptop. If you couldn’t download the user manual, consult our technical support team. Our technical experts will guide you to download the manual for the Gateway NV73 Setup.

Gateway NV73 Laptop Top Issues

How to Factory Reset Gateway NV73 Laptop

Initially, try a System Restore that will try to roll your laptop back to a time when it was working well. Try this method first, as you will not lose any of your data. If that method doesn’t work, make use of the Recovery Manager or a Windows installation disc to perform a factory reset of your Gateway. For any queries, get a gateway laptop tech support from our experts.

downgrade windows 7

Downgrade to Windows 7

Initially, you need to back up everything that is on your laptop. After the downgrade process, your programs and data will be gone and you need to restore it back to normal.There are two possibilities: Manual downgrade which means you can simply install a Windows 7 OS on your device. Another method- Navigate to the Start menu–> Settings–> Update and Security–> Recovery and finally select the Go back to Windows 7 option, and click on Get Started to start the Gateway NV73 setup process.

Gateway Won’t Turn ON

Initially, attempt to power on the laptop with the charger adapter off. If the laptop does not power on, connect the charger to the laptop. With the charger and the battery both attached to the laptop, attempt to switch on your laptop. If the system turns on, power off the computer and try to remove the battery. With the charger linked to the system, try to power on the system one more time. In case you are able to turn the system on with the charger plugged in, it is a battery issue. It is suggested to buy a new battery for your system.

Gateway NV73 Windows Password Recovery

Most of the cases, forgetting administrator password is a headache for all the users, in case you don’t have reset disk or another admin account, the only thing you can do is hard drive reformatting and re-installing the windows system. This leads to the loss of all data. Instead, use the Windows Password Recovery software to easily recover your password without re-installing the system. This tool is used to recover or reset lost user and administrator passwords that are used to log on to Windows operating system. For more Gateway NV73 Setup information, consult our technical support team and get an instant solution from our experts.

Gateway NV73 Reset Windows Password

Most of the people are used to set a sign in password on screen or startup to prevent the unauthorized access. One of the most frustrating things is that forgetting the login password. Download and install the Windows Password Recovery software on your Gateway NV73 Setup laptop. You can easily reset the forgotten password like admin password, and normal account password. You have to create a Bootable Password Recover Disk with USB Drive or CD/DVD. Now, plug-in the USB or insert the CD/DVD to the Password locked system and boot system from USB. Begin to reset Your password and then finally reboot your computer.

Gateway NV73 Black Screen

Initially, ensure that the laptop has been charged properly, disconnect your charger cord and then remove the battery from the device. Press and hold the laptop’s power button for 30 seconds and check whether the device is turned on. If the laptop is powered on, great, now, you have to connect back the power/charger cord. Insert the battery back in for Gateway NV73 Setup. Restart the device and check if the laptop works well. If you still find an issue, consult our technical team to get Gateway laptop support.

gateway hard drive removal

Gateway NV73 Cmos Battery Replacement

While removing the CMOS battery will reset the BIOS to its factory default values. unplug the AC power adapter from the laptop. Find the CMOS battery on the can find it in a circular plastic holder. Carefully remove the old battery from the holder. Position the replacement battery in place of the old one. Ensure that the orientation is same as the original battery. Re-link the cables that are previously unplugged. Once the laptop boots up, you will need to reset the values in your system BIOS.

Gateway NV73 Hard Drive Removal

If you have to remove your Gateway laptop’s hard drive for any reasons such as repairs, security, or to replace with an upgrade. It is quite simple process.Find the hard drive enclosure. Take off the two screws with a screwdriver. Ensure that you keep these screws in a safe place. Remove the enclosure out of the laptop to process Gateway NV73 Setup. Now, you can see that the drive itself is screwed into the enclosure. Remove only the drive from this accessory. Or else, your data can be threatened by a random shock or spark. Take off the holding screws to remove the drive itself. You need to keep these screws as well since some replacement hard drives do not come with extra screws.

Geteway NV73 Upgrade to Windows 10

When you are ready to upgrade to Windows 10, run the installer tool to get started. Choose the Upgrade this system now option to start the upgrade process, and click on the Next option. Windows 10 installation files start to download. After completing the download process, follow the prompts to install it. For any queries, get an instant solution for your queries regarding Gateway NV73 Setup process.

upgrade to windows 10

 Gateway NV73 Laptop Not Booting

  1. Remove the battery and AC adapter from the device. Power off the device by pressing its power button. Wait for at least 1 minute and then power on your laptop.
  2. Attach your device’s battery and AC adapter. Restart your laptop and check whether the laptop is turned on normally. If you still find an issue, ensure that you have installed the compatible driver.
  3. It is suggested to download and install the updated driver for your laptop. If not, download the gateway laptop support driver from this website.
  4. For any queries regarding Gateway NV73 Setup, feel free to contact our technical support team to get an instant solution from us.

Unable to Connect to Wifi Connection

Make sure that your laptop is compatible with the wireless network connection. Check whether you have enabled the Wi-Fi on your laptop. Restart your laptop and the router. To maintain the wireless signal strength, place the network connected devices within the range of the router. To get detailed information regarding the Gateway NV73 Setup for wireless connection, contact our technical team.

Network Connection Issues

Verify your network connection settings. In case you have recently updated your computer, in some cases, your network connection settings might be changed. To verify these settings, select Start–> Control Panel–>Network and Internet–>Network and Sharing Center and choose Manage Network Connections. Right-click on the connection option and then click Properties. When instructed, key in your administrator password.

network connection issues

Installing and Uninstalling Software Programs

It doesn’t matter what the device is, all devices require hardware and software setup. Without installing the compatible software, the device will not function well. It is better to install the updated software so that you can get all the latest features in your device.

If you find any difficulty while downloading and installing the driver, you can contact our technical support team for Gateway NV73 Setup. Our team will provide you a remote access to download and install the driver.