How to Setup Two Step Verification in Outlook Account

The Two step verification in Outlook Account is also mentioned as two-factor authentication. It is an advancement of the security layer for the Microsoft Accounts. It is very difficult for the hackers to get access or control for the account. There are various methods to set up the two-step verification. Use the secondary email address, phone number or authentication app for this process. The other authentication step is to sign in from a new location or a new device. Choose the security code to prove your identity. If they manage to guess the account password without moving to the second authentication, it is not possible to crack your account. Use the steps below to set up the two-step verification for Microsoft Account.

  •    While trying to set up the two-setup Authentication with the help of email address or phone number, it is suggested to configure the authenticator app from the phone.
  •    One of the main advantages of using this app is that you will receive the security code even if the laptop or smartphone is not connected to a network
  •    Sign in to the Microsoft account. Select the option Set up two step verification in Outlook. Choose Next. Setting up an account from a mobile device does not require verification.
  •    Choose your device from the list of available devices and then select the Next option. Based on your device selection, follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  •    For a Windows phone, download and install the Authenticator app from the Microsoft Store.You will receive a code, type it in the last step and click the Next option.
  •    For an Android phone, the app is referred as Microsoft account app . While for a Mac user, it is mentioned as Azure Authenticator app. Use QR code to pair the devices.
  •    If your are trying to set up the two step verification in outlook using your phone number, ensure that the device is connected to a network. This is done to receive text or call to receive a code.
  •    Log into the Microsoft Account with the help of your credentials. If you forgot your Microsoft Account password , refer to the reset the password info on this site.
  •    On the Account settings, select the Set up Two-step verification option and choose the Next option. From the drop-down list, select phone number and provide details.
  •    Based on your requirements, get the security code either as text or call. Select Next. Type the code on the respective tab. Select the Next -> Finish option to complete.
  •    While setting up the two-step verification using an email address, follow the same procedures. But, from the drop-down list, select and alternate mail address.
  •    You will receive the requested code on the mentioned email address during creating an account. Select Next . Based on on-screen prompts, complete the process of Two Step Verification in Outlook.
  •    Other installed Windows app stops working with the old password after the process.They are incompatible with apps. Solve it by creating a new app for a password.

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