How to Change Signature in Outlook

A signature is a set of text that is added at the end of a email text. It often contains the name of the sender, address, disclaimer, contact number and other contact information. In outlook, one or more personalized signatures can be created for your email messages. It can include electronic business cards, a logo, text, images, or even handwritten signatures. Follow the simple steps to know How to Change Signature in Outlook. When the outlook is set signatures can be added automatically to all outgoing messages or signatures can be added to messages on a case by case basis.

    how to change signature in outlook

  •   FOR OUTLOOK 2013,2016 : Keep your email signature updated whether it is a new job title or a change in phone number. Select the signature you want to edit and make the changes in the Edit Signature Box. When the editing is done, click Save then click OK.
  •   OUTLOOK 2016 FOR MAC : Follow the simple steps to know how to change signature in outlook 2016 for Mac. The default signature appended at the end of every email, can be changed. An existing email signature can also be updated. Click Preferences, on the Outlook menu. In Email, click Signatures. In Choose Default Signature, select the account.
  •   UPDATE THE SIGNATURE IN OUTLOOK 2016 FOR MAC : On the Outlook menu, select Preferences. Under Email, select Signatures. In Signature, name select the signature you need to change or update. Under Signature present the right panel, your signature can be updated.
  •   CHANGE THE EMAIL SIGNATURE IN TERMS OF FONT AND COLORS : The Keep Source Formatting must be chosen for pasting the signature using the paste control icon. Select the paste control icon to reveal the paste options. Select Keep Source Formatting to format all the original images.
  •   UPDATE EMAIL SIGNATURE IN OUTLOOK 2010 : To know how to change signature in outlook 2010, follow the below procedures. Select File and click Options on the left side of the menu. Click Mail from the list of options and Select Signatures. Replace the existing signature with the new desired signature to be sent.
  •   If there are no existing signatures click New and create a new one. On the top right corner, default signatures can be selected and whether to include signatures on automatic replies of your email messages. Click OK to save your changes.
  •   ADD SIGNATURE IN OUTLOOK 2007 USING RIBBON : Open Outlook 2007 and select New to compose a new message tap on Insert tab on the ribbon and click Signature. Select the New button on the Signatures and Stationary screen, type the name for your signature and click OK.
  •   In the Edit Signature Box compose your signature. The colors, fonts, etc can be changed. The Choose Default Signature can be used to choose a particular signature for different email accounts. The selected signature will appear.
  •   MODIFY EXISTING SIGN IN OUTLOOK 2007 : Open Microsoft Outlook. Tap File, then New and New Message. The dialog box appears. From Email Signature select Signature To Edit and click the signature you want to change and complete the process of how to change signature in Outlook 2007. The font size, color, style can also be modified.