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How to charge HP Laptop without charger?

If you ask, “Is there is any way to charge an HP Laptop without using a charger?” The answer is, Yes, you can. On this web page, we will show how. If your laptop’s charger has been damaged or if you have forgotten to take it to your workplace, then the method given below might help you.

Simple three ways to charge HP Laptop without charger are listed below:

  1. Using a USB-C cable
  2. Using your car
  3. Using a power bank.

Now, let’s see all the three methods in detail.

Method 1: Using a USB-C Cable

  1. Your laptop should have a built-in USB-C port.
  2. Before you start, make sure that your USB-C cable has a plug adapter. 
  3. Now, connect one end of the USB-C cable into your wall outlet.
  4. Insert the other end of the cable into your HP laptop.
  5. Now, your HP laptop will start charging.

Method 2: Using your Car Charger

We all are aware that cars have electricity running. So, what about using it to charge your laptop?

  1. To perform this method, you need an AC Adapter (USB Type-A to USB-C adapter) and a USB car charger.
  2. Now, start your car engine.
  3. Locate the charging port of your car and connect the USB car charger into it.
  4. Now, plug the USB-C cable into your laptop.

Method 3: Using a Power Bank

This the easiest and simplest way to charge HP Laptop without charger. Basically, a power bank is a portable battery. All you have to do is just connect the power bank to your laptop, and the laptop will start charging. The main advantage of this method is, when the power bank is charging your laptop, it doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet.

Charge HP Laptop without charger