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How To Connect 2 External Monitors To A Laptop Docking Station Laptop?

To know how to connect 2 external monitors to a laptop docking station, perform the step-by-step guidelines provided on this web page.

  1. First, check if your laptop supports multiple monitors.
  2. Make sure to turn on your laptop and also the laptop docking station.
  3. Ensure the laptop docking station has two ports for display so that you can connect your monitors.
  4. Connect the USB-C port of the laptop to the USB-C port of the docking station.
  5. If your laptop doesn’t have a USB-C port, then connect the USB-A port to the docking station using a USB-C to A adapter cable.
  6. Now, connect the external monitors to the HDMI or Display Port of the laptop docking station. If your external monitor does not support HDMI or Display Port, then choose the appropriate adapters to make the connection.

  1. Make sure to connect both the external monitors to the power source. When you make these connections, you should be able to view the desktop of your laptop on the external monitors.
  2. Now, set up the multiple display settings on your laptop. The steps for setting up the multiple displays on both the Windows and Mac computers are explained in the section below.


  1. Once done with the hardware connection, go to your Windows laptop and click the Start menu.
  2. Click the Settings or gear-shaped icon on the left panel and select the System option.
  3. Choose the Display tab on the left panel and navigate to the Multiple Displays field on the main panel.
  4. Select the display of the second external monitor, choose the Extend desktop to this display option from the Multiple Displays drop-down menu, and click the Apply option.
  5. Do the same for the first external monitor.
  6. Finally, select the OK option.
  7. You can rearrange the display of external monitors by dragging them.
  8. Also, the following settings can be changed as per your preferences.
  9. Size of items
  10. Display resolution
  11. Orientation


  1. Navigate to the Apple logo at the top-right corner and click the System Preferences option.
  2. Select the Displays option and click the Arrangement tab.
  3. Customize the settings as per your requirements.
  4. If you want to use the second external monitor as an extension of the laptop, remove the checkmark next to the Mirror displays option. If you need a remote assistance to connect 2 external monitors to a laptop docking station, click the call button.

Connect 2 External Monitors To A Laptop Docking Station