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  • Connect A Bamboo Pen To A Laptop


The Bamboo pen is a device that ensures comfort and precision. You can make use of the bamboo pen both at home and workplace. There are some simple, straightforward steps involved to connect your bamboo pen with your laptop. Let us see what those
steps are:

  1. First, check if your bamboo pen is compatible with your laptop.
  2. Certain devices need a driver update. On your laptop, download the driver, Bamboo Ink stylus.
  3. To install the battery on your bamboo pen, you first need to unlock it. To do the same, twist the top end of your bamboo pen.
  4. Then, open it to insert the battery.
  5. Close the top end of the pen and then twist it so that it gets locked.
  6. The bamboo pen supports two different compatibility modes. The mode has to match that of your Windows laptop. In case the bamboo pen does not function on your laptop, you have to switch the mode.

To switch between the modes, do the following:

  1. On your Bamboo pen, press and hold both the side buttonssimultaneously for 2 seconds. Perform the same step again to return to the previous mode.

Surface dock issues

To pair the bamboo pen with your laptop, follow these instructions:

  1. On your Windows laptop, go to
  2. Choose the Settings Then, select the Devicesoption.
  3. Now, select Bluetoothand then turn it on.
  4. Get hold of your bamboo pen. Then, hold down the pen’s top button for about 6 seconds. You can hold it until you see the LED flashing.
  5. You will see that a list of Bluetooth enabled devices appears on your screen. From this list of discovered devices, select your bamboo pen, and then choose the Pair

You have now successfully connected your bamboo pen to your laptop.