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How To Connect Gaming Mouse To PS4?

Gaming on the PS4 is always a joy and adding a gaming mouse to it enhances the gaming experience. A gaming mouse supports plug and play with a USB connection. It features the PMW 3360 optical gaming grade sensor with 8 preset DP settings. Read below to know how to connect Gaming Mouse to PS4.

Here we have listed the details of the button on the Nixeus Revel gaming mouse.

  1. CPI/DPI Adjustment button & LED color indication: On-the-Fly DPI adjustment
  2. Two side buttons: Forward button (page forward) and back button (page back)
  3. 24 step scroll wheel: Scroll up and down / scroll wheel button press
  4. Left click / right click button: Functions can be controlled in the game settings

Two side buttons and 24 step scroll wheel are also programmable in the game settings.

Connect Gaming Mouse to PS4

How to Connect a Gaming Mouse to PS4 using a Wired Connection?

Step 1

  1. Connect the USB cable from the gaming mouse to the USB port of your PS4 console.
  2. Note: If you want to connect both the keyboard and mouse to the PS4, you have to use the console’s front USB port for the gaming mouse connection.

Step 2

  1. The PS4 will recognize the gaming mouse automatically.
  2. Select the profile that you like to pair to the device.
  3. Note: If the PS4 does not recognize a particular mouse brand, it indicates that the PS4 does not support downloading and installing drivers.

How to Connect a Gaming Mouse to PS4 over a Wireless Connection?

Step 1

  1. Navigate to Settings on your PS4.

Step 2

  1. Select the Devices option followed by the Bluetooth Devices option.

Step 3

  1. Now, press the X button on the PS4 controller to choose your mouse if you see it on the list.
  2. If it is not listed, perform the device instructions and wait for it to appear on the list.

Step 4

  1. After selecting your mouse, press the X button to connect.
  2. If you see any prompt for code, enter it.
  3. If you find any difficulties in connect Gaming Mouse to PS4, contact our technical experts for assistance.