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Proceed with the instruction given below on how to connect smart tv to laptop using WiFi

  1. The wireless televisions require the computer’s wireless high-speed internet connection to show online content.

  2. They contain a wireless adapter that lets you watch programs directly from the internet.

  3. The materials may include the viewing of movies, pictures, and other videos.

Here are the steps to connect your Smart TV to a windows laptop.

  1. The first step is to turn on your computer.
  2. Use the TV remote, navigate to the settings, and turn on the Wi-Fi interface.
  3. Now you may configure settings on your laptop,
  4. Launch your Windows laptop and make sure it is connected to the internet.
  5. Open the following options, Settings > System > Display.
  6. Under the tab Multiple Displays, you will see an option Connect to a Wireless Display.
  7. Now, you find a list of devices in your list that have the Wi-Fi interface on.
  8. You will see your TV in the list, click on it.
  9. Your TV will be connected to the Windows laptop.
  10. When the TV option on your laptop reads Connected, you can make some optimal changes like fitting the resolution properly.
  11. Click the option Change Projection Mode and set it to the Extend

Follow the directions given below on how to connect smart tv to laptop using WiFi.

How To Connect Smart Tv To Laptop Using WiFi?