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Guide: Connect to Ubuntu from Windows

In some scenarios, you will have to connect to Ubuntu from Windows system.

Connect to Ubuntu from Windows

There might be various reasons for you to connect both your systems. The following are two of those reasons:

  1. You might be at work and you need to access your Ubuntu computer at home.
  2. Your Windows system could be in one of the rooms and you have placed the Ubuntu computer in another. Sometimes, you will have to access or update the files on the Ubuntu computer.

Whatever the reason, there are ways of connecting both your computers. Let us now see how to remotely access your Ubuntu 20.04 from a Windows 10 system:

Software Requirements to perform the remote desktop access:

You will need the following software for connect to Ubuntu from Windows system:

  1. A system on which Ubuntu 20.04 has been installed or a computer with upgraded Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa.
  2. Your Windows 10 system.
  3. You should have privileged access to your Linux system through the sudo command.

Executing the commands to access your Ubuntu from Windows:

  1. First, you have to install RDP (or Remote Desktop Protocol) server xrdp on your Ubuntu 20.04 desktop. To achieve this task, you need to open the Terminal on the Ubuntu desktop and enter the command given here:
    sudo apt install xrdp
  2. Next, you have to start the system after reboot and then run the remote desktop sharing server xrdp. To do the same, type in the following command:
    sudo systemctl enable –now xrdp
  3. Now, on the Ubuntu desktop, you need to open the firewall port 3389. So, please type in this command:
    sudo ufw allow from any to any port 3389 proto tcp
  4. Now, please go to your Windows system and type in remote in the Search box. From the displayed options, select Remote Desktop Connection.
  5. When the Remote Desktop Connection client displays on your screen, click on the Open button.
  6. Now, you have to enter Ubuntu’s remote desktop share IP address. If required, you can select the checkbox next to the Allow me to save credentials option.
  7. When you are prompted by a message, just click on the Yes button. The message will usually be the following:
    The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified.
  8. In the window that pops up next, please type the password for the remote Ubuntu user.
  9. After completing the above steps, you should get connected to your Ubuntu desktop remotely.

We have now discussed the procedure to connect to Ubuntu from Windows system.