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How To Connect Xbox Controller To Gaming Laptop?

Carry out these for how to Connect Xbox Controller to Gaming Laptop, follow the below-mentioned methods.

  1. You can connect your Xbox Controller in three modes of connection, such as wired, wireless, and Bluetooth.
  2. First, turn on both the Xbox Controller and gaming laptop.
  3. Close all the other running applications to avoid interruptions.
  4. If you wish to connect the laptop and the Xbox Controller through a wired setup, plug one end of the cable to the laptop port and the other end to the Xbox Controller.
  5. Using the wired setup, you can quickly control and transmit the commands.
  6. If you wish to connect wirelessly, purchase the Xbox Wireless adapter that suits your product and the laptop.
  7. After connecting the adapter to the laptop, you can use the Xbox Controller wirelessly to control the gaming functions.
  8. For Bluetooth connection, open your Windows gaming laptop and navigate to Settings.
  9. Select Devices and toggle on the Bluetooth button.
  10. Click the Add Bluetooth or other device option followed by Bluetooth.
  11. Now, turn on the Xbox Controller and press the Sync button available at the top.
  12. Wait until the laptop detects the nearby devices.
  13. If your laptop detects the Xbox Controller device, click the device name displayed on the Add a device screen.

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Gaming Laptop

  1. Click the Pair button to pair with the device.
  2. Click Close if the connection is established successfully.
  3. Open the live streaming or your desired game and press the Windows + G shortcut keys to open in Game mode and record your live play.
  4. If the User Access Control(UAC) dialogue box pops-up, click the Yes button to allow access.
  5. Configure the Xbox Controller settings if necessary.
  6. If you have difficulties in perform how to connect Xbox Controller to gaming laptop, contact our technical experts for remote assistance by clicking the Call button available on this screen.