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How To Connect Zelotes Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Gaming is always fun and most of them prefer to use gaming controllers. However, using a gaming mouse will enhance your control over maneuvering. The most sought after gaming mouses are produced by Zelotes. Before proceeding to connect Zelotes wireless gaming mouse to your computer, let us have a look at its specifications and features.

System Specifications

  1. A compatible computer
  2. Windows: 2000/ME/XP(x64)/Vita/7/8
  3. Macintosh OS X later than V10.4
  4. Working USB port

The simple instructions to connect the Zelotes wireless gaming mouse to your computer are as follows:

  1. Unpack the mouse from the package.
  2. Inside the package, you will have the Zelotes wireless gaming mouse and the user’s guide.
  3. Install the batteries into the mouse. The slot to install batteries is located at the bottom of the mouse.
  4. After installing the batteries, turn the switch to the On position.
  5. Now, you should see the mouse lights turned on.
  6. Turn on your computer and connect the mouse to it.
  7. To connect the Zelotes gaming mouse download the driver from the official Zelotes site.
  8. Run the downloaded driver and follow the instructions to install it.
  9. Now, the gaming mouse will be connected to the computer.

Issues While Connecting Mouse To Pc

If you have an issue in connecting the Mouse to your computer,

  1. Check if the batteries are installed correctly.
  2. If you have a USB cable, then try to connect the mouse to the computer using it.
  3. Check if the power switch is in the ON position.
  4. Restart the computer and check if the issue is fixed. If you need remote assistance to connect Zelotes wireless gaming mouse, contact our technical experts.

Connect Zelotes Wireless Gaming Mouse